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Torrentismo medellin map

Upside down sumotorrent down 29.03.2020

torrentismo medellin map

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Buying multiple tickets for several days use is also a great time-saving option as it will help you avoid unnecesary queues at the ticket office. If you have limited Spanish you can just hold up one or more fingers to indicate the number of tickets you need, the international language of body language works well here. The Metro Cable public transport system is a government funded and internationally recognized urban regeneration initiative. They were originally designed to allow the local residents to easily travel up and down the steep hills of Medellin - enabling easier access to jobs, medical care and generally making life a lot easier.

Although designed specifically for locals, the cable cars are now Medellin's no. When you arrive at Santo Domingo you can take an additional cable car that travels 15 minutes over the forest to the entrance to the Parque Arvi National Park. This cable car costs an additional 4, COP.

But you can also get cheaper prices using travel cards. The Medellin Metro is part of the transportation system of the city of Medellin located in the department of Antioquia. Until now, the Medellin metro with its first line inaugurated in , it is the only Metro System in Colombia since the capital Bogota has a Bus Rapid Transport System, but the project of construction has not been implemented yet.

The company started with the feasibility studies and routes to begin the construction of the project with a fifty-fifty percent participation between the administration of the department and the municipality on the works and ownership of the system. For the year , foreign contracts were made with companies from Germany and Spain for the construction of the first line. So, for the following year in , the first line began. This line went from Niquia to El Poblado north to south.

The Metro have two main lines: one blue and one orange. Both are elevated and with ground-level sections. There are other transportation options complementing the system such us metro cable and bus lines. It was the first line of the system inaugurated on November 30, It has an approximate capacity for 35, passengers per hour in each direction. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes with 3. Line B was inaugurated on February 28, It crosses the valley from east to west.

The length of the line is 5. It has capacity to transport passengers per hour in each direction. Travelling the whole line takes 10 minutes. Inaugurated in August , the cable car line helps communicate the north-eastern part of the city of Medellin. It has a length of 2. The tour lasts about 9 minutes. The tour lasts around 12 minutes. Inaugurated in February , the L cable car line connects the north-eastern part of the city of Medellin it is the second section of the K line.

It has a length of 4. It has a length of 1. The trip lasts about 5 minutes. The trip lasts around 4 minutes. The first tramway line of the new transport system of the city was inaugurated on March 31, It uses Translohr technology systems guided by a single lane.

Until now there is no direct connection to this metro system and passengers who go to the airport should take buses or taxis to get there. The Medellin Metro System divides its schedules into different zones depending on the area, the day and the influx of passengers.

In the rush hours when the user volume of passengers is higher, between 5 am and 7 am and between 3 pm and 7 pm, the metro service has planned some 'Express Routes' to speed up the mobility of users from Monday to Friday. Express train with green indicator: they do not stop at the Madera, Exposiciones, Aguacatala and Sabaneta stations. With the Civic card, that can be purchased at the major metro stations, you get the benefit of lower rates and security in case of loss.

The Civic card gives a particular discount with the integrated system of buses and metro cable car of the city. For the issuance of this card is necessary a document that accredits the person who requests it.

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