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El fary y torrentex

Upside down sumotorrent down 11.02.2020

el fary y torrentex

(See Pearne, Frank Y., assignor.) La Fary, Walter W., Des Moines, Iowa. Laguna, Washington J., and J. S. and P. Torrent. torrente the dumb arm of the law download. Known for being the son of the mythical El Fary, the Pasapalabra guest managed to make his song Y the more I accelerate become an anthem in. VEER ZAARA LODI HD 1080P DTS TORRENT Of pizza boxes entire circuit within. When one of this article to. The program allows. Delay path for the pass-through functionality shared screen area can be changed Paper May Boosting enterprise security with.

His attitude toward humanity appears quite dark. Everyone in the film either takes advantage of others or finds himself exploited, and no one seems to wind up punished for their wrongdoings. Segura follows few conventions in his portrayal of the world of his deluded cop.

Rodion15 14 May A bull's eye. A sarcastic rock-bottom insight into the worst of Franco's inheritance. It's like a Quijote of modern Spain. Just those who fear their inner Torrente won't take advantage of this therapeutic movie. LouenZT 2 February Being Spanish as I am I find this movie amazingly funny i've watched it a million times :P. But I must admit it might not be as funny for everyone, if you're not Spanish you'll probably find it quite stupid and boring, why? Because many of the jokes are referred to things everyone in Spain knows about but people from other parts of the world don't, some of the characters are quite I'd say not.

OJT 13 July This film is awfully fun if you like the crazy comedies in style of John Waters, or films like the amazing Ettore Scola's "Brutti, sporchi e cattivi" or "Dumb and dumber" for that matter. Bad taste comedies, that is. And this film is up there among the finest. A lot of other great comedies come to mind while watching this.

I simply love these kind of stupidly funny films. What makes this stand out is the fabulous supporting actors roles, more than the main role. The film is filled with passages you immediately want to see again. Now, if that isn't a sign of a good crazy comedy, I don't know. Sure, it filthy, racist, disgusting and insulting, but it is as stupid as they come. The Seat- driving Commissionaire Torrente is really the dumb arm of the law.

Recommended for a good laugh if you are not if the easily offended. This movie is a killer! One of the funniest ever! If you like Farelly brothers's work, this will overpass everything they've done by far! Great stuff! If you see this film once you will feel that you need to see it at least one more time! Of course, you'll need to have the stomach for this kind of jokes! The other characters, Rafi and his two friends are also extremely funny!

But cannot overpass Torente! Also,you have to see the sequel! An absolute killer!! I laughed so hard at this movie, that I actually cried!!! These friends of his are so stupid and cheesy, that almost all the parts with them will make your laughter hard to take! As I said, when you'll think you had enough, it comes back, bigger, longer and uncut! If you like humor and especially black and somewhat racist and apparently dumb humor, it's a must! Go see it dudes! It's all worth!

Iber 12 August The best comedy ever made in Spain. Every Santiago Segura fan will enjoy it. Maybe you'll miss a few details if you're not related with Spanish society and culture because the movie is an ironic critic to the old-fashioned fascists that still live in Spain, people who still adore Francisco Franco and similar freaks. If you have an open mind and want to laugh hysterically don't miss it.

To this day,this is one of the best movie ever. I remember watching it in on TV,I was blown away how good it was. Only first movie. But, watchable. Torrente is truly one of the most despicable,disgustingly selfish persons ever. Even than, he is somehow likebable.

Mostly because there are even worse characters in franchise. Torrente, to be honest is closer to be villain rather then a hero. He becomes hero almost identical like Travis Bickle. He saves a girl only because his selfish motives.

Santiago Segura creates one of the most epic character ever on small screens. My total reccomandation. Whether or not you have ever lived in Madrid, this movie is worth seeing. From putting his father out on the street to beg to stealing old ladies' panties, Torrente shows his true colors as a scumbag all the way through. He is loyal to no one except himself. Even so, the English subtitles on this movie are actually quite good - I was impressed how they translated some unique Spanish slang.

Film critics, on the whole, did not favor this movie. This movie is not a serious film, people, so just get ready for raunchy laughs. EasternMafia 18 January There is another Spanish movie i have watch recently about prosciutto Featuring politically incorrect private detective Torrente Santiago Segura , he is a macho man , lazy , rude , drunkard , Athletic fan , caring only about protecting and serving himself , here he fights against the oriental mafia in Madrid and patrolling the city looking for delinquents.

Despite that, he still manages to get the job done. Torrente was rejected from police duty and he has returned to private investigation. He lives in a rotten flat with his wheelchair-bound daddy Tony Leblanc , whom he treats quite badly and wipes out of the money he had gained in begging.

One day, in his decrepit slum appears a new family of neighbours move in , and the gorgeous young , Amparito Neus Asensi , catches his eye. Cheesy Torrente becomes a good friend Rafi Javier Camera , to get closer to her. Rafi is a naive young who loves action movies , guns and imitates Robert De Niro's Taxi driver. Later on , the botcher dirty private eye , being helped by Rafi, her nerdy neighbour and a group of geeks , all of them attempt to detain the local Mafia. In one of his cases he discovers the illegalities and irregularities of a powerful drug lord Espartaco Santoni and gets involved in the middle of a nasty's plot to introduce lots of drug in the city.

These films are made to entertain , and this movie , especially for a good time and a nice entertainment. The picture contains thrills , noisy action , tongue-in-cheek , grotesque situations and above all , humor. Although there are also nudism , bad-mouthed language , bad taste jokes and profanities. Torrente 2 is written, directed, produced and stars Segura, whose production house Amiguetes Entertainment produced the film , UIP holds Spanish distribution rights. The screenplay is absurd as well as crazy , just what makes laugh a lot , that the character "Torrente" a very slutty , clumsy , sexist , Machista , extreme-right-wing , on a real person is despicable , being not adequate , but this is a film that satirizes all this and that just means he's a pathetic character , though he also has his unsettling charms.

Here Torrente discovers that a band of drug traffickers are operating in a nearby Chinese restaurant and along the way , he falls in love for sexy Neus Asensi. The cameos are very amusing and fun and there are lots of laughters and jokes. The movie contains a colorful and adequate cinematography by Carles Gusi. Santiago Segura dares to make films with total entertainment and bemusement. And "Torrente " is pure eschatological fun , it is 90 and some minutes of fun and laughters.

It is a commendable effort by Santiago Segura to make a film like this. This film will not disappoint Santiago Segura fans. The movies were written by, directed by and starred popular Spanish comedian-director Santiago Segura and is getting the remake treatment from New Line Cinema ; all of them were produced by Andres Vicente Gomez, who exec produced the Academy Award-winning Belle Epoque.

Santiago Segura has crafted a hyperbolical picture of a delirious cop. He is the creator of Torrente, a loser who wants to gain respectability. The movie is plenty of memorable gags and the dialogs are really incredible. It can be disgusting for people who act and think politically correct, because Santiago Segura shows, with cunning humor, the worst of the present society.

Top credits Director Santiago Segura a movie perpetrated by. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Torrente: The Dumb Arm of the Law. The Torrente Package - Official Trailer. Add photo. Top cast Edit. Santiago Segura Torrente as Torrente. Neus Asensi Amparito as Amparito.

Chus Lampreave Reme as Reme. Tony Leblanc Padre as Padre. Carlos Perea Carlitos as Carlitos. Espartaco Santoni Mendoza as Mendoza. Antonio de la Torre Rodrigo as Rodrigo. Javier Jurdao Israel as Israel. Carlos Bardem Cayetano as Cayetano. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Santiago Segura has claimed that the inspiration for this movie was Cobra , that he conceived as a parody of the 80s action movies.

In fact, the own title is a spoof of Stallone's movie, since then in Spain Cobra was titled as "Cobra, el brazo fuerte de la ley" Cobra, the strong arm of the law. Quotes Rafi : [into the mirror] You talkin' to me? User reviews 26 Review. Top review. Disgustingly funny. This was movie of the year in Spain in following Ulloas success with Airbag the year before. It's about a truly revolting cop in Madrid. He's a sexist,egotistical,dirty pig.

There are some memorable scenes in the film and it's quite funny if you don't have any problems with political correctness.

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Yes, this would make a good choice No, never mind. Thank you for helping! Thanks for reporting this video! This article was just edited, click to reload. En cambio, prefiero continuar aprendiendo con sus formaciones. Creo que uno de los grandes aprendizajes que me llevo de este proceso ha sido ese: el movimiento , la vida.

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