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Pwtorrents down 2012 presidential election

Upside down sumotorrent down 18.11.2019

pwtorrents down 2012 presidential election

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Euro League: Estonia secure win against Bulgaria 14th September Beach Volleyball. Sourav Kothari lashes out at administrators 14th June Rahul Tewatia 1st January Jaipal Singh 28th July Dingko Singh 11th June VVS Laxman 11th August Bobsleigh and Skeleton. World Bowling seeks inputs for change in specifications… 31st May Tokyo Indian Team in Boxing 15th July Maharashtra Chess: Nivaan, new kid on the block! Hachioji Japan set to shine on home… 29th May Cue Sports.

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Shiva Keshavan: End of an era but start… 12th February Luge World Cup: Calgary all set for the… 5th December Motor sport. INF outlines four-year strategic plan, Netball 22nd December Tokyo Indian Team in Swimming 22nd July Tokyo Indian Team in Sailing 20th July One Day Cricket. Other Leagues.

Other Sports. Para Alpine Skiing. Para Athletics. World Para Athletics open bidding process for … 7th December Para Dance Sport. Para Nordic Skiing. Prince George Ukraine win 27 Medals at… 21st February Para Swimming. Paralympic Shooting.

Shooting Para Sport: Vision impaired events included in… 7th February Fazza Top Powerlifters eyeing Big at the… 7th February Press Release. Pro Boxing. Roll Ball. Hard work is my only Godfather- Anurag Mazumdar,… 16th May Rowing: Olena Buryak wins gold at the … 26th February He had a match with Manabu Nakanishi that only last 5 minutes but what an action packed 5 minutes it was, Brock was pretty much shooting on Nakanishi at a few points, he ruthlessly shoulder charged Nakanishi in the corner and sandbagged a few of Nakanishi's grapple attempts to do his own moves.

His match with Giant Bernard was very average, they had better matches on Smackdown in And his match with Angle didn't hold a candle to their matches in WWE. I name dropped Brock in the hope of getting a convo going like this one. The question posed about Dynamite Who was more over with the WWF crowds? I have to say they were probably about equal.

Davey was the hot tag though so he likely did get stronger reactions from the fans. If his body wasn't ruined by the 's, then he could have become big in WWF though too. But, oh well. As far as his anger toward Davey Boy I mean he did have a right to be upset, but no doubt that Tom took it too far. Everything about Dynamite lived up to that word. His passion for the business was intense, his style was intense, his hatred for anyone that crossed him It's hard to play "what ifs" but I think all can agree he could have been a major star in the U.

About Mil Mascaras He was the ambassador of Lucha to globe in his era. He was another complicated type of guy. It really takes quite a combination of arrogance and balls to try to sandbag guys like Brody in the ring. Speaking of Brody, that was unbelievably awful how that trial went down and yeah If there was ever an argument to try and not preserve kayfabe too far, I guess that is it.

I would hope nobody in that court room actually bought that garbage The Destroyer rocks Dude was just awesome and really a well liked character. He wasn't the foreign monster or the exotic curiosity or novelty American bodybuilder or anything like that. He was straight up an American Puro star. Yeah Brock did have some issues around that time. You're right about the Angle Brock match quality too.

As for the rest of your post, I'm only gonna dignify it by saying again what I said in the first post I made in this thread. Did I say he's as good a Hansen or Brody? Did I say he has the standing even now of a Giant Bernard? Not that he is , but that he can. I can go into a similarly long diatribe of why I think this, but that's not the topic under discussion here. If you wish to run around the block, go right ahead I much prefer staying to and getting to the point.

Simply stated, you can think what you want to think Anything and everything else formulated about my previous "opinions" don't have anything to do with that. And with that, I've spoken my mind and at least in this instance will hold my peace. Maybe next time, you'll read things face value before you try to jump down someone's throat. Jimmy Snuka was another guy that acquitted himself well in Japan. We can't forget the Road Warriors either It sucks living here in Australia because it's so hard to get a hold of rare wrestling.

Our dvd stores only have WWE releases from the last 5 years. All the old video stores are gone. I only download shit I simply can't find anywhere else and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Anywho, I've heard for a while now how good Brody was, he was apparently a one of a kind with a aura and presence about him that's un-matched.

I hope that murdering scumbag lives a miserable life. I just tracked down a atch with Antonio Inoki from which was a solid match. And I've just found a best of Bruiser Brody in Japan torrent which is downloading as I type this, looking foward to it! Dynamite Kid You are percent correct on the Tiger Mask matches. I complained on the message board that no-one was leeching anything I was seeding so my ratio wasn't going up and they saw that as grounds to ban me. I hope to download a Brody torrent pack off pwtorrents as soon as I I've uploaded 20 gig as he rules on that site for downloading big packs is that you upload at-least 20 gig first.

In the meantime I've downloaded 4 Brody matches off filecrop: Brody vs Inoki from which was a great match, 2 matches against Ric Flair that I haven't watched yet and a match where Brody teams with Stan Hansen against Tery and Dory Funk jr from Japan that I also haven't watched yet.

Based just on the match with Inoki that I watched, Brody was a hell of a worker. Everything he did in the ring just commanded the crowd's attention. I also love the way he bumps around the ring, he was very animated. I look forward to watching those other matches and I'll make sure to track some more matches down until I can download that pack of pwtorrents. I'd also like to clarify again that the list of Gaijins I made isn't and wasn't meant to be the definitive and most comprehensive list.

When I first made the topic I just name dropped the first guys that I could think of and have added a few more when people have mentioned them like Stan Hansen who I somehow forgot. I'll go back and edit the list again to add some more. One name in particular I forgot to initially mention was Andre The Giant who was a hell of a worker back in the mid 70s to early 80s. I recently watched a match he had with Inoki from and it was a great technical match. Andre could sell realy well and had excellent psychology in the ring.

I've also seen Andre in a couple of hard hitting wars with Stan Hansen. All these guys were around lbs so maybe WWF could've had a light heavy-weight title back then with all these guys in the mix plus Owen Hart, Kid, Hakushi, Chris Candido and others. Either way it's such a damn shame that Dynamite was such a physical wreck by and could't go on wrestling. At-least we can still go back and watch Dynamite wrestling Tiger Mask and Rollerball Rocco, those matches will always stand the test of time.

How did it effect wrestlers in the U. Were alot of wrestlers upset about it? S go back over to peurto-rico to wrestle after the Brody incident? I've read stories from guys like Ric Flair who said it was really dangerous wrestling over there because of how serious people over there took wrestling.

Brock had already fought Min Soo Kim at this point though right? He probably wasn't focused or concerned with wrestling at all at this point and was just in it for the big pay day. I would love to see what would've happened if Brock's career in Japan had worked out and he wasn't being hassled and bullied around by WWE's legal team.

His head wasn't in the game and he was heavily into washing down dozens of vicodin with Vodka at this stage. Inoki should't have put so much stock in him in the first place though, they were really relying on Brock changin the land-scape and being their biggest name and draw before he even signed the deal with them.

Wasn't Brock getting an enormous pay day for each match aswell? The Inoki's mishandled the situation and it came back to bite them in the ass. What a HELL of a match! Kobashi gave Williams a 5 star beatdown for the first 20 mins of the match, Kobashi was hitting the Doc with some of his stiffest offense ever, I could feel every chop through the screen.

The Doc's big come back was incredible and that first backdrop driver he gave him was just unbelievable, I had to re-watch it in slo-mo about 10 times. This is just about the best match from Japan I've ever seen. What an awesome spot and awesome match! I was really into the 90's jr weights. Giant Benard is the current heavy standout imo. I believe it is the only major puroresu championship not to have a gaijin champion. Mil Mascaras was, the man that put Lucha Libre on the map.

His matches against the likes of El Santo and the Blue Demon were incredible. He was already a big star in Mexico but when he took it all over to Japan, he took it to a whole new level. He's the reason we have moves like the plancha and suicide dive in wrestling today.

And I believe he was the first wrestler to legally wrestle at the MSG with his mask on. A real legend IMO. Pushed an entirely new style of wrestling in that part of the world. I'm not the biggest fan of it really, but still quite amazing what he did, and the many doors he opened for guys that weren't the greatest in the ring, but liked to bleed.

He's probably in more japanese wrestling games than any other gaijin. I remember looking at this topic a couple of months ago, and seeing some of the comments made me check out some of the wrestlers mentioned. So I watched The Destroyer vs. Mil Mascaras from , which is a complete change of pace to the stuff I normally watch. It was fantastic, intelligent mat work, beautiful sequences and great storytelling that still holds up some 38 years later.

I also looked at some Vader, I always liked him but it had been a long time since I'd watched him wrestle. God, he's fun to watch, even if its just him smashing people round the face. But a match I want to point out is his against Mutoh in , its a bit like his matches with Sting in that Mutoh is clearly fighting an uphill battle, but the crowd is electric and are willing the underdog on against the Gaijin monster. It is a great match with an awesome finish, a personal favourite of mine.

Someone else I'd to mention is Volk Han. I'll admit I haven't seen much of his work but what I have seen is epic. To put it simply I didn't see the appeal of Shoot-style until I watched Volk Han, he was just that good. Now, since I do not like Vader very much though, my vote would go to Eddie, not only because he was great in the ring but also because the Black Tiger Gimmick had the right atmosphere to be interested it it.

There's so many good things to say about Vader's gaijin career than being in the WWF, but you guys pretty nailed all of it. In terms of passion, Terry Funk and Stan Hansen. Those guys loved what they are doing, and they love the environment that they were wrestling.

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