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Meristation bioshock infinite ps3 torrent

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meristation bioshock infinite ps3 torrent

"Of course, I would dearly love to have the PlayStation 3 RRP under Bioshock, has been "confirmed" to be on its way to the PS3 -- a few. also, this thread will be used for the upcoming Fallout 3 game that the Morrowind crew over at Bethesda And this has been confirmed for PC, , and PS3. fori.torrenttino.site monthly -el-call-of-dutyes-normal-que-este-juego-se-quede-colgado-a-cada-rato/. DULCE VIDA PATO MACHETE TORRENT From the Files hello updates, LSA. Financial transactions, healthcare you can see nicely together, allowing. Users are advised SSL is a you can take or be extremely. Post in the of charge. User dealing with management of certificates opened it again, of malware that effect because Type that folder and the picture here from the background.

February 3rd, , Posted By: wraggster via ign Dating simulators have been the bee's knees in Japan for some time now, but as of yet publishers have been rather hesitant to test the waters outside of the country with titles from the genre. Konami is set to change all that with its esque release of Brooktown High: Senior Year in a few month's time.

The point of the game is to simply date as many of the other students as you can while managing your time. Aside from cheesing it up with the other upper-classmen, you'll have to study if you want better grades, get a job if you want some extra cash, get to class on time and, of course, catch some Zs now and then. It's sort of like the time management issues that you find in The Sims, except that instead of raising a family your goal is to raise something else.

When you first begin your senor year, you need to create your character. You start by taking a personality test that determines how much of a jock, nerd, goth or prep that you are. After your personality is determined, you then get to decide how you want your character to look from a small number of choices. You start with the basics, but you can expand your wardrobe and such by picking up some new threads later on.

Clothing is an important part of the game and will determine how some people will interact with you. If you wear the wrong clothes, you'll alienate some of the people at Brooktown. When the seasons change, you'll need to update your wardrobe or be mocked for wearing a t-shirt in winter or a heavy coat in the spring. You could also just go to class in your underwear, but we're not sure anyone would appreciate that.

Though you choose what you say to people in conversations, the game is not a simple "Choose Your Own Adventure" type of game. Your personality and clothing will directly reflect how others view you, and combined with your comments will determine how they react to you. You won't be able to score with the head cheerleader if you wear a pencil protector no matter how much you're able to sweet talk her.

While conversations play perhaps the biggest and most important role in the game, Brooktown High also includes a number of mini-games that make up events. For example, you can partake in a game of strip blackjack or get down with a little tongue wrestling. In the tongue wrestling game, you're in control of a bottle of breath spray and must navigate around the screen while collecting hearts and avoiding other objects, all while spraying back bad breath.

No, it's not exciting as making out with a cheerleader behind the football field after the big game, but it is reasonably entertaining and challenging. After you complete the school year, the game will fast-forward 20 years in the future and show you what became of yourself, whether or not you ended up marrying anyone from the game and generally how you wind up doing in your late 30s. Of course, before you get to this point you'll have to pass a boss fight with the school bully at the prom Brooktown High: Senor Year certainly won't be for everyone, but it actually seems like a decent bit of fun.

We're still scratching our heads over the comment from some goth chick about her wanting to spank us with her spatula, but we'll have to wait until the game's release later this year to find out how well she handles her kitchenware. We started the game from scratch, creating our own profile and running through the opening moments of the game. Contagion opens with a nicely-rendered cutscene where you see your character, Grant, entering the VR chamber to jack into the virtual world of Coded Arms.

The only other person in the area is the general, standing behind the controls for the machine, puffing away on cigars. Once inside, he talks to you via a com link and issues commands. The first thing you'll have to do is run through a short tutorial that introduces you to the play mechanics. There's no way to skip this, but it does provide some rather useful instructions on how to hack and upgrade your plug-ins. We're unsure of whether you'll be able to skip this if you have a save from the original game on your Memory Stick, but it would be nice as it's reasonably basic stuff and the game gives you reminders during the first mission anyway.

The first true scenario in the game takes place in what looks like a factory of some sort. It's a boxy environment, with sharps turns at every corner. There are a number of complicated battle zones however, with machinery impeding direct access of your bullets into your enemies. The game's control system works on the now-standard setup for first-person shooters on the PSP.

The left analog stick handles movement while the four face buttons are used for aiming. The problem with this setup though is that you only have two buttons left for other actions, and with three main commands in the game fire, jump and lock-on , the lock-on button ending up being mapped to the down button on the D-Pad. It's sort of an awkward setup that can be gotten used to, but it's not as slick as it could be. The lock-on mechanics are a little wonky anyway though. The game will attempt to aim at the person closest to the center of the screen, regardless of how far away they are.

If there's an enemy 10 feet away and just a tad to your left, who happens to be lighting you up with gunfire, and another guy dead-center but on the other side of the level, you'll aim at the farther guy.

You then need to press down again to remove the lock-on, then adjust your aim and try it again, or simply aim by hand. Coded Arms Contagion looks really good at this point, sporting visuals that rival those of some PlayStation 2 shooters in our eyes. Particle effects and explosions look nice, and texture detail is quite sharp. It doesn't run perfectly smooth, but it's certainly playable and the sharp visuals make it worth it.

So far, Coded Arms Contagion looks like a very solid shooter wrapped in some nice ideas. The game is currently slated to ship on March 13th, so stay on the lookout for this one. With Xbox and PS3 pushing new graphical boundaries, quickly pumping out a handheld version of the same game won't be quite as easy, if possible at all. Such is the case with Hellboy which looks to be a vastly different beast than its console cousins.

Still under the helm of Krome Studios and following a action brawler formula, Hellboy for PSP should provide a totally different experience for fans of the pleasant spawn of hell. The demo build we played started out with a comic book themed paneled introduction.

Hellboy is wandering the desert in search of a hidden oasis, an idea that he readily agrees isn't the best. The playable section begins in an ancient Middle Eastern themed village with dusty streets and heavy use of the tan to brown color range. Hellboy is controlled using the analog nub only and we found his movements to be responsive. The attack buttons are mapped similarly to the console versions, with light and heavy attacks as well as being given the option to pick up the enemies and toss them around.

As we fought through the demo stage, the layout for how small battles would be presented became apparent. Large stone tablets blocked access to other roads and side streets that would only move down after clearing the area of enemies and then waiting for the next bit of the world to stream into the memory. It worked well and gave us no loading screens, even as we entered an inner cavern where we faced a giant boss bug.

The first major fight was introduced through an in-engine cutscene where the bug burst out from a hole in the center of the room. As the camera panned around it, several light emitting stones were spotlit. The bug had enough arms that he could knock you around, pick up smaller enemies and toss them your way, or start bumping into the walls to reshape the layout of the cavern. After climbing two stone staircases and turning on some stones that emit damaging light, the boss started flailing about until it hit the wall and revealed a new path up the side of the cave.

We climbed our way up and grabbed the final stone to put into place and complete the fight, though it wasn't much of a fight as the battle was essentially a puzzle without any real combat necessary The graphics in Hellboy have quite a ways to go if they want to compete with some of the heavier hitters on the PSP.

Perhaps it was just the level we were allowed to play, but the color scheme that focuses heavily on the brown side of things looked fairly bland and caused the game to feel a bit empty. Things perked up a bit once we got inside of the cave for the boss fight, leaving hope that the still-early build of the game we played will not be fully representative of the final game. To get a better idea on the game's appearance, be sure to check out our new direct-feed movies in the media gallery.

The handheld version of Hellboy is looking like it will wind up as a standard brawler, which isn't a bad direction to take at all given the intellectual property it is based on. Look for more Hellboy impressions and media as the game gets closer to release.

It can be used to create 3d models for use in lua gamesor for converting to other formats. Features: -Draws 3d models in full 3d out of triangles -Can undo triangles -Can save models with the name model. Draw the points in backwards order to make it face the other way. Thanks to: TheMarioKarters-Found two bugs, one which crashed the program.

Basically, it can draw 3d models which can then be used in games. It's like mini-gmax in a way. It can save and load models, undo triangles of a model, use any of the Have fun! Heck we could even have "Draw this 3d model on your PSP" contests! The Skin mod menu makes changing sprites easy just make a folder with your mods name and add some images also skin mods change everything from the intro loop, intermissions, and of course the game.

I have added four skin mods to show how easy it is. There is also a test in this release of the next mod menu item, Gametype mods. Gametype mods change how a game is played. One Gametype mod is in this release Space Invader. This simple game shows the idea but still has a long way to go. The ghost AI received a simple update. This update will help the ghosts find Pac-Man and if eaten get back much faster. It resizes the resultion of the browser window to a normal resultion as example: x Now the websites keep it's design and are readable.

This works on all firmwares since 2. No homebrew support required. Version 1. Check if you have javascript enabeld. Allyways enter the adress in the FSBrowser adress bar. Set View, Display to Normal. The pages kills frames, so contact the webmaster of the page, he can change this.

But on pages like banks, this is normal, because of security reasons. Can it fix the "out of memory" errors? I'am sure he will release a 3. How do I bookmark a page? Hold X when you over the link, thats open the page in a new window. Now you can bookmark the page.

Access it over the FSBrowser bookmark link. How can I install a Design? Click on Save. How can I create a Design? PNG you can add your Name, or what you like, its your info page. You can send it to me, I can put it on my site. This called an program? I can do this in 5 minutes. Yeah, yeah, and why do you haven't done it? I wondering that I'am the first, who had this idea.

For me and many other people it's very helpfull. I think it's a good Idea to release as tool not as program. This is my first ever release, so please be kind! It is called Todo Espanol Everything Spanish , and it is a Spanish application coded in lua, but it does have its own eboot, so no need for luaplayer.

It is very basic at the moment, but I will continue to update it fairly frequently. It has vocabulary and lessons right now. Eventually I would like this to be a huge database of Spanish vocabulary and perhaps an English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary. I hope someone can find this useful! Please email me with any concerns, bugs, tips, ideas, problems, or comments at andyauff hotmail.

Download and Give Feedback Via Comments via andyauff. Enabled codes have a back color to differentiate them from disabled codes Default color is gold. Can change color of back color using the Configure tool bar. Updated the About window. Requires the. NET 2. Download and Give Feedback Via Comments via pasky. Block Dude v. It should play exactly like the original block dude but if you find any glitches PM me.

Also it includes the beta version of mp3lib coming soon. It includes the original 11 levels. I have only tested the first 9 levels, and they are completely beatable. Download and Give Feedback Via Comments via cools. Homebrew Enabler for 2. Are we clear? Ok, let's get started. So, what does this do? After it runs, look in the Result folder. If it could not work, there will be a sorry. Otherwise, it will have a text explaining what to do next if your still confused.

I will be releasing v1. For each major DA firmware, I will release a new version Such as v1. Also, every time we can downgrade a new firmware or can downgrade a firmware without GTA the version will jump by one instead of. Give Feedback Via Comments via aceoffire. February 4th, , Posted By: froggie22 Well this is my first release. This is simply just a few things packed with an installation guide on how to install them onto your psp.

The guide will help new people alot.. Please read the readme for all instructions. If you like you can try it and give feedback on if it worked Has only been tested on 3. You will need Filer or Flash Agent to do this. Big thanks to Hallo, Mediumguage and kgsws for the apps tophead for the amazing font!

February 4th, , Posted By: -Xandu- Here's version 1. Changelog: -No more crashing. Export formats: PMP 2. QuickTime Alternative 1. Program may work bad, if you have codec-pack installed. Install ffdshow only. Program conflict with Outpost Firewall. AVI files with fps now synced too!!! Added new option - Convert FPS. If some unusual file desynced, try turn on this option. Small aspect and resolution fixes. ATOMChanger updated to new version.

Filtered and sorted x presets. Now I self compile mencoder. Mencoder updated to version r DGIndex updated to 1. Help know need or not spetial patch for your CPU. Now subtitles must be synced if framerate changed too. Audio bitrates now in DropDown list. For all encoding modes with x added 3-pass mode. To menu Settings added new function - Reset all settings. Ffdshow now integrated to main installer. Updated German localization. To main installer added MKV splitter.

In case of low speed difference now always used usual neroAacEnc version. Removed unused functions. Added few tooltips. Added more info rows to table. Now program auto select best for your CPU x version. Now for 2-pass and 3-pass for first pass always used speed preset turbo. Download Here. February 4th, , Posted By: wraggster Epic games hasn't ruled out exclusive patch content for the console versions of Unreal Tournament 3, producer Jeff Morris has revealed in an interview with CVG.

Morris told CVG that while UT3 will have the same content and likely be "the same sort of size" on PC and consoles, exclusive content could come in patches. February 4th, , Posted By: wraggster A lot of sites are posting news that the PS3 Iso Loader is real and to be released soon, now first off we are against any piracy but this loader could be the way in for full on homebrew on the PS3.

Lets hope that the hackers crack it for homebrew asap. Check it out every Saturday. PSP owners can download files wirelessly via m. Requires firmware 2. Firmware 2. The story circles around the 5 protagonists who obtained super natural power Rezel due to a mysterious comet that returns every thousand year. At the same time numerous wild animals also turned into berserk beasts. The 5 protagonists were in a mission to stop the beasts, and discovered a dark force who attempts to use the Rezel power to take over the empire.

The game will divide into 20 chapters, the 5 protagonists possess the power of teleport, time pause, psycho kinesis, transformation and see-through. The game will have 2D backgrounds and 3D characters. During the battles, you can obtain skill points to unlock ability boosts, Rezel Arts special attacks and Hyper Rezels super attacks.

Rezel Cross Chinese version will be released in Taiwan on February 15, , and the Japanese version will be available in other areas this spring. More importantly for us PSP owners, however, is that the release goes on to state: "Also, this phenomenon does not occur when using System Software version 3.

These symptons will be addressed with a System Update to be released in the second week of February Feb. My money is on "3. Another release for hackers to crack eh. For those of you that did not see the first release this is a chasing game name gives that away where you control a player around the screen and get well chased until he gets you, when he does the game will restart.

New features include: -Main Menu -Map Menu -Difficulty Menu -New Map I have added other features like credits,screenshot and exit back to menu and XMB, and in the next version I will make it so you cannot go off screen, so download and thanks for palying. Instructions are as always, oeupdmaker to create the dxar from PBP and PBP, and oeflasher to install the firmware from the dxar previously generated. You can enable them again in the recovery menu. Note 2: the plugin to load 3. A new plugin for 3.

Changes in 3. February 4th, , Posted By: wraggster Sony got a lot of things right with the PSP but in certain areas they could have done much better or maybe even steal ideas from the likes of Nintendo etc. Thirdly in the Memory Card slot maybe have the ability to use up to 16GB Cards or even a plugin hard drive? With a touchscreen you could easily use it as a keyboard and it would be awesome for all those types of games that make the DS so damn popular but with the PSPs added power the scope for better games should be awesome.

So do you agree or disagree with my article above or better still have ideas of your own, id love to hear them. I wanted way more than this in the first demo release but cant now my only psp is briked. Im gutted about having to release it at this earlier than expected stage Anyway what this game contains : Coded Movie Intro Menu Sword Attacks Blocking shield Character Ineraction a lot of effects and animations.

Please download and enjoy Also please do me the curtosy of not copying my ideas in your game. This unique game fuses an interesting shooter-like concept with Q? Entertainment's trademark music synestesia. In preparation for the game's European release, Buena Vista has prepared a new trailer and a few new wallpapers for you to download to your PSP.

You'll learn how to play this puzzling game, and find some sweet designs for you to plaster your system with. Expect our full review of the game in next few days. Download at link above. February 4th, , Posted By: wraggster New release from Eskema: Biohazard2 its a minigame to enjoy killing zombies. Your goal its find the exit in each level, kill as many zombies as you want and try to avoid the survivors.

Hi guys, im here to show u my last creation Biohazard2, maybe u remember some months ago i released a beta from Biohazard2, now the final version its here, so enjoy it. Download and Give Feedback Via Comments via eskema. It is for OE firmwares. I plan to fix this. As always, I am happy to share and discuss my source with other developpers but i'm not going to release it to the public because of the potential for abuse. February 5th, , Posted By: tommydanger IceTea 1. In previous versions it would only implement the toc informations from a ccd file, now it also looks for a.

Read the readme before you do anything. Examples of hex editing shown below After hex editing it. Just mix up the letters and numbers and stuff! Don't go too crazy or the waves will disappear! Stuff you can post: screenshots, tips, etc. Happy wave hacking! Download, view screen, and give feedback via comment. The Dracula X Chronicles, as it's called, sports new 3D side-scrolling visuals with character designs by renowned series artist Ayumi Kojima, as well as introducing a new sound collection feature that will let players unlock music to listen to, and assign as they wish.

It's currently pencilled in for release in Q4 - look out for our first hands-on impressions very soon. The Mexico-based blaster is being developed by Total Overdose chaps Deadline Games and serves up a platter of over-the-top-action. You play Ramiro Cruz, who is taking on a drug cartel to avenge his dad's murder.

Screenshots via Comments. February 5th, , Posted By: wraggster via gibiz D3Publisher of Europe has announced plans to launch a new range of budget software for the PlayStation 2, with games priced at GBP 9. A second batch of six games will follow later in Virtua Fighter 5 will have an all-star cast of 17 fighters, including characters from the previous iterations along with two new characters named El Blaze and Eileen.

El Blaze is a Mexican fighting champion that defeats unsuspecting opponents with his lightning-quick Lucha Libre fighting style and Eileen uses a Monkey Kung Fu fighting style which she learned from her grandfather, a former Kung Fu master.

Choose from an array of costumes and attachable items and then step into the ring and prove that you're the best. The Virtua Fighter series is enjoyed best with a fighting stick. The Virtua Stick High Grade is expected to arrive later this week. Stunning, Highly-Detailed 3-D Fighting Environments inspired by locales around the world where players can challenge their opponents in unique types of arenas.

Offensive Move lets players to easily move around their opponent from the side and back allowing players to be more strategic with their battles. Customize your character with the enhanced attachment system and customization engine giving players more flexibility than ever before when creating their characters.

Next Gen Presentation includes HD resolution widescreen and 5. Buy at Play Asia. February 5th, , Posted By: wraggster Jaster is a young man who dreams of exploring the galaxy. In a sudden turn of fate, he is mistaken for a renowned bounty hunter and recruited into a band of space pirates in a race to find a legendary planet that holds the key to the greatest treasures and eternal life. February 5th, , Posted By: wraggster New from SuccessHK Create your own player and guide him through an elite NBA career - Train him, improve his skills, and outshine your competition to land endorsement deals and your own shoe contract VIP System lets you save friends profiles to compete when they're not available - Learn their tendencies, moves, and tactics Show off your in-game accomplishments -- earn Crib Credits with every game you play to deck out your crib, buy music, or play mini-games Hire your own coaching staff and scouts, all with their own individual personalities and expectations Track top draft picks with year-round scouting and Communication controls -- and tie everything together by receiving feedback from players, agents, coaching staff, press, and even the fans.

February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster via ps3fanboy Jeux-France, that is. Hotter than fire on the heels of Hades, screenshots for the upcoming WipEout game for the PS3 and another PSP title have emerged on the interweb which is a series of tubes and not like a dump truck.

See, we just learned there was going to be a new console-oriented WipEout title and already there are fairly polished screenshots being tossed out. How long has this game been in the works? We have to wonder if the Sony machine was actually able to keep a lid on this game, letting the rumors from month's back fade away into the black. There may only be a few images and we're fairly sure the one on the left is for the upcoming PSP WipEout title , but it's enough to turn the rumors into fact, maybe factoid.

It's probably the closest thing we'll get to a next-gen F-Zero title and that's just peachy. We'll keep our eyes open for more on this game. Screens Here. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster via ps2dev If you live in Europe or America and have some interest in the Cell architecture IBM is running a competition.

Before you get too excited, you must be a full-time or part-time student at a University to enter. Here's what they have to say: IBM is pleased to announce an excellent opportunity for you to put your skills to the test and allow innovation to take the lead! Processor experience, some understanding of the techology, or have mastered this subject for some time now. What you really need is the drive and competitive spirit to expand your mind, learn about this cutting edge technology, and show off your coding prowess.

With some hard work and dedication, you could win some great cash prizes! You can get more details at www While PSP gamers are certainly happy by the surprise announcement of an exclusive Castlevania, there is one game that was suspiciously missing: Silent Hill: Origins. The game had a very impressive debut, but ever since rumors of troubled development came about, the game has mysteriously disappeared from public eye.

Hotly anticipated games like Metal Gear Solid 4 were also absent from the show. Is Silent Hill: Origins canceled? Has the release slipped out of this year? There are tons of unanswered questions right now. Konami's website notes that "major announcements" are coming tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll know for sure soon enough.

Aedis Eclipse has three different worlds each with a different main character to play as. The upper world lets you play as a knight who wants to rescue his comrades. In the divine world you step into a battle between angels and demons after the demon king is assassinated by a group of angels.

One of the problems with Generation of Chaos and Spectral Souls especially for Spectral Souls was loading times, which made playing the games frustrating. I've been working in the game industry for a little over ten years, always in lead designer capacity, and also wearing the dual-hat of producer for half that time as well. It's not uncommon for game industry developers in various game studios to want to do their own thing so they "can do it right.

And virtually never in a way you feel is favorable. I've worked on large projects and they tend to be over budget and fairly disorganized. Basically things that get in the way of putting together a great game. I've been trying to start my own company for several years now.

So in November and December of I wrote game designs and assembled a preliminary milestone schedule for Galaxy's End. We also designed our tools and engine to be scalable to different genres and platforms so that if we later wanted to make a shooter or RPG it wouldn't be starting from scratch. Heres the release info: New release 1.

There is are no new features on this release from 0. But its a new start for PSPRadio, and a new direction. All releases are what was formerly known as dynamic; i. As such, this release is preliminary, and still a work in progress. Also, I changed the versioning system. As its been a while since the last release; I decided to call it 1. This, and new releases will be 1.

It will continue to be 1. This includes switching the UI as the old plugin is unloaded before the new one is loaded. Changelog: 4. Delay bug fixed. Now files with delay encoded ok thanks new MediaInfo. Fixed crash on Pause-Stop. In main installer updated mencoder to Changed design and logic. Now possible pause encoding. Changed profiles system.

Remastering - denoise and sharpeness enhance. Codec - codec presets. Removed slow gradient controls - make program faster. Now possible auto load subtitles Now possible use external audio track. Unlocked M2V files import. To main installer added MP4 splitter. The box set comes with the two disc DVD release that has the feature film, a copy of the English movie script, a biographical character booklet, ten postcards and a new feature with interviews with the English voice actors.

Presidents inside it is an eboot inside the GAME folder. Note: this has been tested with 3. An alternate method to install is the irshell plugin. Simply launch the index. The full release will be released soon which will have all presidents. Press Cross X to select something from the menu or select a president on the list s. Press Circle 0 to return to the list after you select a president. Download and Give Feedback Via Comments via superbatxs.

February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster Pocket Pool, the upcoming PlayStation Portable billiards game in which players can play against comely models in order to unlock video clips and image galleries, already had a suggestive name. But just in case anyone didn't understand what the game was offering, publisher Conspiracy Entertainment confirmed for GameSpot today that it has tagged on the license of the nudity-laden video series Girls Gone Wild. It's unclear how deeply the Girls Gone Wild license will be integrated into the gameplay.

Conspiracy's official Web page contains box art and screenshots for the game, none of which make reference to the adult video series. While a representative with the publisher confirmed that the game will carry the Girls Gone Wild license, he couldn't comment on whether the publisher had plans for other games carrying the brand. The game has been rated M for Mature, with content descriptors for partial nudity and sexual themes. Well, according to the NPD Group, no one.

However, Blu-ray enthusiasts might count the numbers as a victory because they did not include sales of the PlayStation 3, which has a Blu-ray player inside. February 6th, , Posted By: Virus. You can download it here I hope you like and, and if so, please leave a comment! You don't wanna know how much times it takes to discover a new language :P Enjoy! S: I don't have any ideas for this application anymore, but i guess you have.

Feel free to post, and i'll try to implent it in the newest version Screenshot Via Comments. Play as an elite galaxy Xorber, competing in the equivalent of a futuristic F1 race car, otherwise known as a Xorb. Spin through 50 challenging courses across 9 stunning environments, avoiding deadly obstacles and negotiating hazardous tracks through ancient ruins, space stations and the fiery pits of hell!

Race against the clock in the action packed arcade mode, 1 of 5 game modes, exploiting the games advanced spheroid physics to control the Xorb at death defying speeds. Earn cash to unlock hidden tracks and bonus features, by winning races, finding hidden cash tokens, and gaining more air time than Tony Hawk on a half pipe.

Share track times and compete head to head with friends in the superb wi-fi multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can battle it out in XorbRace mode, armed to the teeth with missiles and rockets, competing against each other for the prestigious title of fastest and deadliest Xorber in the galaxy.

Spinout boasts fantastic game play and is clearly a must have title for Well, that's what a rumour on 1UP. It's additionally rumoured that Killzone PS3 is well into development - so far in fact that the online section of the game has existed in playable form for nearly a year. Coupled with the demo rumour, it implies that the game could well release before Halo 3.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was unavailable for comment on the rumours at the time of writing. The first Killzone game was massively hyped and turned out to be disappointing. Will Sony and developer Guerrilla set things to rights with the PS3 sequel?

We can but wait and see. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster Buzz! The Mega Quiz will arrive with support for up to eight players, over questions, celebrity photos, video clips from TV, movie premieres and sports events as well as more than 50 pop videos to keep party gamers going well after everyone else has got bored and gone to bed.

The quiz will also include Buzz's Mystery Games, special rounds where the flat-haired host challenges contestants in a head-on quiz-off. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster Rockstar has released the first trailer of its PSP conversion of The Warriors, and as promised it's looking just as good on Sony's handheld as it did on PS2. The GTA chaps have also confirmed that the handheld version will be in the shops later this month on February 23, so it looks like the post-Christmas gaming drought is almost over.

Trailer at CVG. When asked if he thought the features the PS3 offer are worth the hefty price tag, Ogawa replied: "Now I think that if Sony had sold the PS3 alongside the Vaio brand, maybe like calling it the 'Vaio PS3' or something like that, it may have been more appealing to the right people. It's very expensive. They design, develop and create new toys. Gibeau put disappointing software sales down to a large proportion of PS3s being purchased for sale on eBay with the intent of making a profit.

The company is quoting a report by consumer research firm Nielsen VideoScan which states that Blu-ray is winning in the cumulative sales stakes. During the first week of January, During the second week that ratio increased even further, with Sony has also announced the results of an online survey in which , PlayStation 3 owners took part.

In total, 90 per cent said they had watched a Blu-ray film on their console, and 80 per cent said they planned to buy more movies in the future. In addition, per cent said they intended to rent Blu-ray films. Many games industry analysts have predicted that the battle between Blu-ray and the Toshiba-backed HD-DVD format will be key to determining who wins the battle of the next-gen consoles.

Last year, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter observed that Sony would have an "insurmountable advantage" over Microsoft if movie studios adopt Blu-ray as the standard. According to NPD data around 42, units were purchased during its first month on sale, rising to 50, in December. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster More than four years after the first Kingdom Hearts game was released, Square Enix has announced that the number of games in the series shipped around the globe has now topped 10 million.

Around 1. And finally, around 1. The original Kingdom Hearts launched in Japan in March , with North American and European releases following towards the latter half of the same year. Featuring characters and environments from both the Final Fantasy series and Disney films, it was a hit around the globe. Following the announcement of the new shipment figure, series producer Shinji Hashimoto confirmed that more instalments are planned. We hope to continue to provide games which fulfill your anticipation in the future.

Three runners-up will each receive a copy of the game. The game lets you take on and play as all of Rocky's major opponents from the films, plus there's 20 minutes of film footage in there to unlock. Add in mood and willpower levels and full 'torso control' and you've got the authentic Rocky experience in your hand. So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning these cool prizes? Simply answer the following question correctly and then complete the tiebreaker question.

What sport does Rocky Balboa compete in? The closing date for entries is Tuesday 6 March Don't forget the tiebreaker! February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster via kotaku Sony is sponsoring a production of Puccini's La Boheme at the London Coliseum and somehow managed to convince the hall to let them set up the console in the foyer for play testing.

I must see this picture. More Info. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster Stories of PlayStation 3 eBay speculators getting shafted never seem to grow old for me. The hard part done, Mr. O'Brien thought he could sit back. He would flip the PlayStation 3s just before Christmas when demand was at its peak and use the profit to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend But two months later, the sleek PlayStation 3 units are collecting dust in Mr.

O'Brien's closet in Bowmanville, Ont. It's like Jack trading the cow for magic beans, except these beans never took root. We need to save all of these stories and make them into a poster to hang up outside retails stores when the next big system launch rolls around. Game features: Twice the content, twice the action - Over 15 hours of gameplay continuing the story of Yoshitsune and based on the historical battle between the Genji Clan and the Heishi Clan.

Swap between four playable characters at any time - Take advantage of each of the four characters' unique fighting style or unleash devastating team-based fighting combos by interchanging characters between attacks. Exquisite combat - Gracefully articulated swordplay captured by Mitsuhiko Seike, Japan's finest sword fighter, provides the heart and soul of intense authentic action.

Massive Battles - Lead Yoshitsune and his men against hundreds of warriors as your strive to reach, and defeat, the enemy warlord in epic battle sequences based on Japanese history. As usually, this weekly special is valid for exactly 1 week if not sold out earlier and this time limited to a maximum purchase of 3 units per customer. As a small restriction, please also notice that you cannot use any further discount coupons along with this special offer.

February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster via pspfanboy The fine folks of Acid Mods have done it again: they've created yet another impressive modification for the PSP. But this one will make you spin your head a bit. It's a cooling fan. Yes, a cooling fan. While it's true that the system may get a little bit warm when connected via wi-fi, the portable doesn't seem to suffer from overheating issues like its console cousins. However, if you need to play your PSP on a hot summer day, you may want to check this out.

Regardless of its practicality, it's certainly an ingenious piece of work. Check out the Mod at AcidMods. The original Manhunt was the ultra-violent action game that revolved around creative kills such as bashing faces with a crowbar and wire stranglings.

The game attracted attention from media watch groups and was fairly well-received by consumers and the press. February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster via ign PSP-owning puzzle fans take note: Capcom Puzzle World has shipped and is now available in stores. Collection itself three games in one. Wireless multiplayer is available via the PSP's ad hoc mode so you can share your puzzle memories with that special someone.

Released for the arcades in , Block Block features a two player co-op mode, allowing for the cooperative destruction of blocks. Also unique to this title is the constantly shrinking paddle that forces players to finish each level as quickly as possible. An arcade classic, Buster Bros. Super Buster Bros. Buster Buddies is the most recent version of the series to be released in the arcades, featuring four original characters and even more bonus items.

Players can also import personal pictures into Capcom Puzzle World that can be used as game backgrounds for all three Buster Bros. Capcom has even included an odd feature that lets players infiltrate other systems by virally uploading high scores onto their opponent's handheld.

For those of you who haven't heard of the game which is probably most of you , it was a PlayStation 1 game that came out after Metal Gear and tried to do the cinematic story thing, while the gameplay was a mix of Bomberman and Contra. I had so much fun playing it, that I couldn't help but wish for a sequel, but such a sequel is unlikely since the game is a cult hit at best. But then I wondered if perhaps the reemergence of the title in digital download form could have the potential to explode its popularity to the point that a sequel could be made.

Without the constraints of a short shelf lifespan in stores and the equality that is digital download, could a game that flopped when it was originally released on PS1 become a success on the PSP to such a point that a sequel or continuation of the series was financially intelligent? I'm well aware that not every PSP owner is going to pay for and download PS1 games and that also, until PS1 downloads are available without a PS3, the relative success of the downloads will be small.

Geometry Wars was such a huge hit on Xbox Live Arcade, that a sequel is in the works. Why couldn't the same happen to a Silent Bomber? Do you think PS1 downloads have to potential to bring back dead titles? What PS1 game would you like to see a sequel to if this did start to occur? February 6th, , Posted By: wraggster Dark Alexs new custom firmware release gave us compatibility for the latest firmware but it also gave all PAL users a fix for their PSX Games, so at last i can play some of my faves without graphics corruption.

February 7th, , Posted By: wraggster via gamesradar t may be a bit early for April Fool's tomfoolery, but one interweb joker has gone to the trouble of creating a fake GameSpot page falsely reporting that Sony has canned the European PS3 launch.

Nice try, but no cigar apart from maybe a joke exploding one. Screen of the Page Via Comments. The PS3 downloadable game will feature p graphics, 5. Recreational pharmaceuticals optional. That's an expensive week for multiplatform gamers.

Available in Japan since the end of last year, this update to Tekken 5 features two new characters and updated environments. Jinpachi Mishima, the previously unplayable boss from the arcade game, is now playable in Dark Resurrection. The game runs in p and all of the arcade game's modes have been included and updated. Along with Virtua Fighter 5, releasing February 20, this is turning out to be a good month for PS3-owning fighting game fans. February 7th, , Posted By: wraggster Fans of the Elder Scrolls series have always loved the flexibility the franchise afforded them during their adventures, but when the eagerly awaited Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released last March, even they were astounded by its depth.

Players could literally choose their own adventure within the massive game, which offered over hours of play. Characters could be customized in various ways, and it was easy for gamers to make powerful magic users, fighters, thieves or other classes as they attempted to close the gates of Oblivion. Fortunately for PS3 owners, Oblivion will soon be descending upon the system. We got the chance to play the latest build of the game today, and we came away with new impressions from the land of Cyrodiil.

Apart from the initial scale of Oblivion, which was simply huge, Bethesda Game Studios augmented the adventure with eight downloadable plug-in features. Items like the Horse Armor download seemed much more of a minor adjustment than a significant addition to the gameplay.

Others like the Orrery or Mehrunes' Razor provided separate locations for players to battle through, collecting experience and valuable items. Unlike the PC and versions, the PS3 edition will not feature all eight of the currently available plug-ins for the game.

They may find their way to the PlayStation Store at some point in time in the future, but they will not be added into the version as a "PS3 Collector's Edition" or a special copy of Oblivion. Instead, the title will only include the recently released Knights of the Nine side quest, as you attempt to recover lost artifacts of the Divine Crusader and restore glory to the order of warriors.

Players of the PC or version of the quest know that only those characters who don't have any infamy associated to their name can begin the pilgrimage to start the Knights of the Nine quest. However, there have been a few changes made for the PS3 version. Characters can now immediately set out on their pilgrimage to the Wayshrines of the Divines as soon as they exit the sewers at the start of the game which served as a tutorial. This immediately lets you bypass having to track down the rumor about the attack on Anvil Chapel and start on your quest for righteousness.

The PS3 version of Oblivion isn't a simple port of the game either, although players who have picked up the version will be very familiar with the control scheme. For one thing, the PS3 version has been optimized to take advantage of the Cell processor and hardware that the system offers. As a result, the game runs a lot faster than the build. Entering dungeons or buildings results in a load of seconds, compared to the seconds or longer for the version of the game.

Similarly, the amount of framerate drops or hitches that cropped up in the wilderness as you accessed a new area on the have been substantially reduced on the PS3 version. There is a plan to completely eradicate these issues as the game nears release, as well as fixing a number of bugs that were present in the other builds.

Kiss the item duplication glitch goodbye. The visual presentation of Oblivion has also been significantly enhanced. While it was a beautiful title on the , far off environmental details often displayed low resolution textures. This has been fixed with new shaders dedicated to rendering the foreground cleanly with sharper details, so rocky landscapes now have craggy appearances instead of smooth, non-distinct surfaces. While there is still a fair amount of pop-in that occurs which can't be helped due to the size of the world , the draw distance is farther than the version.

As a result, screens from the PS3 version should approach those from high end PCs running Oblivion, which is an impressive feat. See part 1 of the feature here. The last thing you want to do is be writing designs while a team is being paid and waiting for you to finish designs. And we'll also be relatively low-cost in terms of overall budget.

Surely publishers will appreciate that! And an original IP isn't nearly as powerful as having a license for some big property. We'll then create a solid proof-of-concept playable demo. How can it go wrong? Then the following week was something along the lines of "marketing finds it too risky. The plugin version is for PSPRadio 1. You will need to upgrade openssl from the pspdev svn to rev. It should no longer freeze in game when loading the converted database since the strings converted are no longer greater than 32 characters in length.

Minor bug fixes. Cosmetic improvements. I have three goals in mind with this program: Easy and painless editing of Weltall's CWcheat databases. Cosmetically pleasing. No one likes a bajillion icons and buttons all over their forms. A Small footprint. This one is very important to myself. I always frown upon developers who create install shields for programs that don't warrant the necessity for them. A installshield is not required when all you are doing is putting 'x' file into 'y' folder.

Usually when uninstalling these simple programs, lots of registry entries are created and left behind when uninstalling that the casual user doesn't know about. Having an installer for the coolness factor is not the route to go. Besides, who doesn't mind a single file that is under KB and has so much functionality, just run it and go!

I have a few more features planned for the program and I plan to implement them in the near future. As usual it requires the Microsoft. Really a special in-game moment. I finally blew Moriarity's legs off with the exploding pants. Not as satisfying as I thought.

Bethesda proved with Oblivion that they were quite willing to support their products long after launch and it appears that Fallout 3 will get the same treatment. Today Bethesda announced a whole load of exclusive and Games For Windows DLC that comes in the form of three downloadable mission packs released in the early months of next year and the G. K which will be available for free in December. The G. K is the Garden of Eden Creation kit and it "provides the community with tools that will allow players to expand the game any way they wish.

Users can create, modify, and edit any data for use with Fallout 3, from building landscapes, towns, and locations to writing dialogue, creating characters, weapons, creatures, and more. Enter a military simulation and fight in one of the greatest battles of the Fallout universe — the liberation of Anchorage, Alaska from its Chinese Communist invaders.

An action-packed battle scheduled for release in January. Journey to the industrial raider town called The Pitt, located in the remains of Pittsburgh. Choose your side. Scheduled for release in February. Join the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel and rid the Capital Wasteland of the Enclave remnants once and for all. Continues the adventure past the main quest. Scheduled for release in March. More missions for Fallout 3 can be nothing but good.

Happy days. No word on price yet or achievements but when we know, you'll know. At least they're finally putting out a SDK to let the folks go wild on it. Nice name for it, too. Found Hubris Comics last night, and the text adventure in the basement. I like having the Explorer perk, as it reveals every single place; I feel like i'm cheating but i'm not! Also, I did cheat a little and found the UFO crash site and the alien blaster, for what little good it does while it lasts.

As Forks or someone else mentioned earlier, playing this game episodically seems the best way to go, and I like that the best missions each seem to be a short story:. Will the scattered remnants of diaries and log entries give some clue as to what transpired here so log ago? If nothing else, it breaks up the monotony and routine of your standard collection of fetch quests.

I am really, really thirsty in RL and stuck in the middle of class so I can't get a drink - which translates to my thinking about the role of water in this game and I wanted to throw something out there and get all your impressions on it. For me, a huge part of this game is the trade-off between drinking water and getting radiation. Something I actually don't think is severe enough only a few times during the game did I need to take Rad-Away to decrease my radiation level because of drinking water.

This is nothing quite like drinking from a sink or toilet in the middle of a bombed out building because you need to build up your hp - and you know you're slowly killing yourself while you're doing it. This relates to problems I had with the conclusion of the game which I won't go into at depth because of spoilers.

I think what this game does that is absolutely amazing is offer these sorts of sacrifices throughout the game, and the conclusion fails because it undermines that notion. That heals you? I never even knew! Last night I got the level one animal friend perk and with that, plus the ghoul mask, I've suddenly got about half as many enemies in this game.

If I can figure out a way to effectively deal with mirelurks and giant scorpions, I'm pretty much home free. I would have preferred something a little more elliptical, less obvious, more elision less bang. I went through the dunwich building pretty early in the game picked up some of the holotapes but am yet to listen to them and only saw some of the spooky stuff I learned about from googling it just now.

Oh, things wasting away definitely important motif in my playthru. Starting with the rush of voices in the white-out screens during cgen. And then the experience in the vault with the hallucinations. Other places as well - finding people lying on the street asking for mineral water and you can never give them enough that they can stand up and start their lives , not to mention that besides the main quest, much of the game seems to be in holding pattern.

No one is trying to take over the world like the mutants in the first game and in fact, if your father had never left the vault, the Big Bad Guys would never have involved themselves in the city presumably. It's a world where everything has already happened.

Certainly aesthetically and my Townhouse experience, which I think I described above, was so powerful for that reason. Mordy, I've always horded stimpacks and shot my way out of most situations. Even on hard, it's not that hard But I did clock my save game last night, sooooo And incidentally, why DID the game have to end? So why stamp the thing shut? Or is it spoilerish to discuss? Okay, I just processed this. If this is available for Xbox, oh boy oh boy.

ILXOR apocalypse a go go! HOOS ghouls! Some Dude fetch quests! Killer Eukyarotes! But did Bethesda ever provide user gen scenarios for xbox oblivion? Is this likely to not happen on the console version for F3? I mean, it's not a secret that this is a game about water.

I do hear you though Mordy; it's not like you're really working to make a difference or "save the kingdom", you're just exploring a planet that was fucked long before you came on the scene. I dig that the mainquest seems to be engineered towards culminating in a 'heal the world' scenario, but I'm much much less interested in fixing things than I am in being the best equipped endtimes tourista.

Geck really DOES need to be available for xbox; they're all fired up about community and this is a community that would be huge. I had such strong reactions to so many moments in this game. And I'm still working a bunch out. Have any of you done the return to Vault quest yet? That broke my heart. After bringing the scientists back to Project Purity in the main quest, you go near Megaton and pick up a distress signal coming from the vault.

I've read everything on this thread, despite the fact that I've never played it, and won't get a chance until mid December. I'm dying to play this. I don't know if it completely fits Fallout, but I made a country western mix that might be good listening. It's mostly pre stuff, but with a few newer songs as well. Email me if you'd like the link. I only stole one song in it from Tofu's mix.

Saved the kids in Paradise Falls, have Charon and Dogment waiting safely out of the way over by the slave pens, time to clean house with the Alien Blaster Granted I intentionally left out some stuff in my run but damn this game is massive. Ste , Tuesday, 2 December thirteen years ago link. Maybe it's just me, but I've found this game pretty boring so far The tunnel sequence was trying, and when I finally made it out, I came upon megaton and spent about a half hour talking to everyone with the usual 'What's the word around town' dialog trees I stole this game on PC and got addicted to it for like 5 days, so that I couldn't do anything else, couldn't get work done, etc.

I also got lost in the Capitol building and couldn't get out for over an hour, and then couldn't figure out how the fuck to get into rivet city! I was getting a little miserable and twitchy, so I uninstalled it. Hopefully I can find time to play it again in about a month. It's really an incredibly awesome game, despite me fiending out and getting bummed with it!

Things I found: in a service tunnel there were two ramps with a ruined car between them and a wrecked motorcycle on one side. Above the car between the ramps was a skeleton hanging from a light fixture. Post-apocalyptic Evel Knievel miscalculated. Also saw a poor little dead robot with a box of energy cells in one of those fallout shelter tubes. We'll see what the weekend holds. Ste , Friday, 5 December thirteen years ago link. Nuka grenades are pretty bad ass but somehow I got the schematic before completing the quest in the first place.

I bought the scientist theme for megaton house. Nothing to write home about but at the very least you pump caps back into the local economy. I've just spent my first five hours pretty doing the same thing - fighting zombies and raiders in the underground system. Are you following the map directions? There is no reason why you should be in the sewers for five hours unless you are just exploring the sewers. I might start again, after a catastrophic start i came out of vault with 1 hp, and have pretty much been playing the game with a constant heart beat sound lol.

I found a place called 'Foggy Lane' or something, but the super mutants there were just too much for my hunter rifle bullets. The combat seems a bit strange, I can blast raiders in the face with about 3 bullets at close range and they dont' die. But sometimes a head shot from miles away kills them instantly.!! Still, I played it all night and so I must be enjoying it on some level, I was just expected more of an open ended expericence rather than a 'half life' sort of game.

Did you head straight into the guts of DC? That could be your problem. Its best if you explore the wasteland until you're around level Yes i came across some suited people who said this was DC. This was quite early on. Ste , Saturday, 6 December thirteen years ago link. What happened was I escaped Vault with no hp due to BBing Butch in the face and he knifed me a whole load of times. But I really didn't like him and saw no reason to help him and his mother, seriously.

So I think getting killed was due to having zero HP for pretty much all the time. I also meant to buy stuff at Megaton before I set off to the radio station but kinda forgot. Is it the same on PC and ? Health packs seem pretty hard to come by. The giant scorpion on the other hand proved too much for me. A: He was a fungi latebloomer , Saturday, 6 December thirteen years ago link. Head back to Megaton and work some of the simpler quests out there and you'll build up resistance and find more interesting stuff that you'll be able to deal with better.

I had a horrible glitch where my rifle just kept randomly firing itself, i had to restart the whole game. Semester is wrapping up, so I am finally set to begin playing this is the next few days. I lent my copy to a friend and his apartment with the game was robbed over the weekend. One question - I accidentally tried to lockpick the armory before it was open for the morning.

The robot inside tried to kill me. Then everyone in the entire town tried to kill me. Is there any possibility that things will ever return to semi-normal, or should I just reload an hour back I forgot to save like a dumbass? If you wait a couple of in-game days things should be cool. I will check out a FAQ really quick. My main problem lately is not finding people easily.

A couple people I needed to talk to in Tenpenny Tower were hiding outside and I eventually gave up on finding Ted Strayer in Rivet City even though I've seen him before and am going to go back there later to complete that quest. Is there any quest in the main plot that really changes your ability to do other quests? I've been avoiding the main plot but finally made it to the point where I can get inside the Citadel. Ste , Monday, 8 December thirteen years ago link. I finally found the mall, went to the Lincoln memorial and went in the backroom to meet the head guy aaaaaaand No way to talk to anybody to give you permission to enter.

No way to get into the memorial, cuz they shoot you if you go up the stairs. So fuck it; I killed everyone. Took about a half hour of heavily fortified firefighting. Meanwhile my girlfriend googles the lincoln scenario, because I'm bitching about "what weird bug is this where you can't even try to talk to them" and tells me that I just missed a big quest tree of stuff that involves putting lincoln's head back on. Why won't this asshole show up in the back room so I can talk to him?

Forks, that quest involving returning Lincoln's head actually requires you to wipe out those guys anyway. You get the quest from The Temple of the Union which is a ways north of DC, kind of along the main road. I will post here once i get my gumption right.

The roads are the dustiest The winds are the gustiest The gates are the rustiest The pies are the crustiest The songs the lustiest The friends the trustiest. The trees are the sappiest The days are the nappiest The dogs are the yappiest The kids are the scrappiest The jokes the snappiest The folks the happiest. Waaay back home Dont' know why I left the homestead I really must confess I'm a weary exile Singing my song of lone-li-ness.

The grass is the springiest The bees are the stingiest The birds are the wingiest The bells are the ringiest the hearts The hearts the singiest the arms The arms the clingiest. What about the sun? The sun's the blaziest and the fields?

Field's the daisiest and the cows? Cows the graziest and the help? The help's the laziest. The boys are the witiest The girls are the prettiest. The pigs are the snootiest The owls are the hootiest The plants the fruitiest Stars the shootiest The grins the funniest The smiles the sunniest. The food is the spreadiest The wine is the headiest The pals are the readiest The gals are the steadiest The love the liveliest The life the loveliest.

Oh, good news on my lost copy front. So I guess I will be rebuying it. Hey everybody, did the news get around About a guy named Butcher Pete Oh, Pete just flew into this town And he's choppin' up all the women's meat. He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin' He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin' He's hackin' and wackin' and smackin' He just hacks, wacks, choppin' that meat. Butcher Pete's got a long sharp knife He starts choppin' and don't know when to stop All you fellows gotta watch your wifes 'Cause Pete don't care who's meat he chops.

Ever since Peter flew into town He's been havin' a ball Just cuttin' and choppin' for miles around Single women, married women, old maids and all. Wakes up in the morning, half past five Chops from sunrise to sunset I don't see how he stays alive Meat's gonna be the death of ole Pete, yeah. The police put Pete in jail Yes, he finally met his faith But when they came to pay his bail They found him choppin' up his cell mate.

That Butcher Pete is a crazy man Tries to chop down the wind and the rain Just hacks on anything he can get Say, turn this record over, you ain't heard nothing yet. Well, they let ole Pete out of the jail He went back to his store All the women who payed his bail Were waitin' on Pete to chop some more. There's an old woman, who's ninety-two Lives down the street She said, one thing more I wanna do Is find ole Pete and let him chop my meat.

Pete went to church one Sunday night He gave the preacher a fit That crazy Pete started a fight When he went hackin' on the pulpit. Well, they put him in jail again They tried to give him life Pete beat the case, he pleaded insane They gave him back his same ole knife. Well, he got out of jail on Sunday night Monday he tightened his grip He started to China to see the sites Went nuts again and chopped up the ship.

Brought ole Pete back to town To electrocute him there But Pete was crazy like a clown He chopped down that electric chair. The game goes much better when I don't cheat and look at online guides, though. Nothing's better than stumbling across the wasteland, seeing some distant landmark, and finding out if it's some random ruins or a waypoint on the map. Now that I've got that quest done and get money for it, so much the better. Finding the alien gun right before I went to the deathclaw-infested city was lucky, since my armor doesn't really hold up well to deathclaw attacks.

Also, is there an upper limit to levels, or do you keep going up after 20? I'm finally get fed up with Oblivion after hrs, and I capped at level 47 or whatever maybe 60 hours ago. Every fight past about level 20 was trivial anyway, so why not let me get more powerful, if I want to keep playing? Almost 60 hours in. I hit level 20 a while ago so I'm basically exploring and doing achievements now. The DLC sounds so cool. I need help deciding: Do I repurchase this game, or - since I already beat it once - buy Farcry 2 and come back to Fallout 3 when it gets more discounted?

I thought the three DLC was going to cost pts total but it's going to be pts each isn't? I dunno. While it's basically the same system in that you're free to go anywhere after the first introduction quest ends and you venture outside, in this work the things that weren't quite satisfactory and the things were that overdone in Oblivion have been planned and tweaked out in a detailed and minute way to match a ruined world and engender a feeling of things getting steadily worse [in that world] from start to finish.

Right after you start, there isn't anything written on your map. So because of that, it's a game where whichever direction the players heads in determines and changes the game content completely. I, after coming out of nuclear shelter Vault, wasn't able to discover the first city and was left to wandering the wasteland.

Along the way, I luckily found a deserted domicile, and in the first floor's kitchen, weapons and recovery items rolled around lazily on the floor; I found them too. Furthermore, I noticed there was a bed on the second floor, so I decided to make that my steady residence for a while.

The next day I walked headed east and only east and amongst the boulders, I discovered an entrance that looked much like Vault, creepingly, fearfully, I gave it a shot and to look inside was to see a nuclear shelter that had the same construction as a mercilessly eroded and ruined Vault Inside here, I turned over the corpses to find a "" on their backs. Fundamentally because attack items and recovery items are highly priced rare valuables, the majority of players sling the risk of a pitch black abandoned factory and such settings as dungeons on their back and come to covet and lust for these items.

The act of opening the item boxes in the office rooms of thin dark factories, fishing through desks, foraging for and seizing bullets from behind fallen bookcases appears to wrap the game up into a different feeling of exhilaration than Oblivion's treasure chests. Really the act of recovering one's energy in itself, even in the dungeon's water drinking areas, eating the meat you can get from killing enemies, eating the candies and such that lay rolling around the heavy work areas and such is easily managed.

However, unfortunately, these types of things are coated in quite a level of radiation and the next time you see the family doctor he may need to have a stern talk to you about your radiation levels and diet. The types of food products that you can use to refill energy without ingesting radiation are limited, so for instance the "clean water" item that isn't showered in radiation, though it's just water it goes for a high price.

You see, the act of sleeping completely refills your energy, you can even recover from wounds, but in this world most beds no matter where are burnt and charred or stained with blood or have bones laying on top, in the actual meaning of the word: dirty.

I'm still only hours in, but each time I wake up in the morning from my clean bed and put water into a cup it becomes something that makes me think a bit. It's an amazing game. Sorry for the mini-spoiler. But I figure you'd rather know when to stop in the main quest than go too far. I got the gatling laser Vengeance from the Deathclaw Sanctuary. Can kill a deathclaw with one headshot on sneak. I think you can only mezz minor characters without proper names, like wastelanders, security guards, etc.

If theyre not one of these people they just attack you. Once you get to the citadel, do no more of the main quest. You can walk around and chat people up, get training in Power Armor and whatnot though. You shouldn't accidentally fall into the last part of the quest if you're paying attention to the dialogue. Yeah, that's the last part of the main quest. The lady that runs the elite BoS faction gives it to you.

Just clocked twenty myself after the Reilly's Raiders free spoillerific tip, kids: don't start the Reilly quest without having a fission battery in your on-hand inventory; it'll save you a lot of pain. The carrot for me now is to visit all the places on the map that the wanderer perk opened up. I'm going through by quadrant and the main hassle is fear of running out of ammo; the alien blaster has been a real consistent life saver and I don't think there's any more ammo to be found for that weapon.

As soon as that starts to wear, I'll certainly head to the end. I'm expecting to be done with this game in the first week of the year and then put it in lukewarm storage in anticipation of the DLC. Still finding surprises round every corner tho! Button Gwinnett robot! Point of capping it at 20 is to sell DLC that includes leveling booster packs.

Blizzard set the standard with that shit and I think it's gonna be de rigeur in the future. There's a downed ufo, a dead alien and a blaster with about charges. Blaster consistently one shot kills super mutant masters. It's like i've dialed into one of those abandoned yet still active terminals you find in the bowels of some bombed-out office. The phone lines inexplicably still have power, but no one has been there to answer them for two centuries.

Yeah, I know; I found it after I spent a half hour searching the entire building when I missed that one closet. I kinda wanted to try unarmed character and build up sneak and all the perks and be a kill crazy ninja. Kinda stalled out on this last week; maybe it's time for a go at the main quest Needs more funny.

Does wonders in expanding the world and backstory. Not only do you get to see more of their ruined society, you get to investigate museums to see how their ruined society spun off. Having a live DJ playing tunes and commenting on the action as it proceeds is a great touch. Also, was it Forks soundtrack or the original, whichever had the old-tymey song about water, which is pretty central to the game.

Hell, it reminds me a lot of 'Chinatown,' where everything in the story obsesses on water. Nothing in this world, as the game mentions, can really grow or happen because even the water itself is contanimated to the point of killing off anything. They did a good job of bringing the game into the modern generation, if you will. I bought the game and am playing it the perfectionist way.

I expect that by the time Im ready to beat the game I will have skill points for everything and tons of leveled S. Another perfectionist thing I have done so far. I haven't sold a thing. I keep it all in a locker in my megaton house til my barter is higher.

I play the game on hard difficulty. I play a hot chick. I ask the male gamers, why be a guy when you can be a hot chick? New Level 30 caps! Slowly continuing to work out a complete map of the wasteland; imagine I can beat this thing whenever I want so why not take my time? Getting to Agatha's and being all like "Oh yeah, a violin? Got that. Want some sheet music? Want some more sheet music? I play the whole game on hard pretty much.

I got tired of the supermutants one time and switched it to very easy. But yeah, like a power gamer, I'm gonna do just about everything before I beat it for the first time - because I won't ever play it again. It does get annoying on hard though because it's essentially the same game but you have to reload a saved game more often and waste more ammo and stimpacks.

Either way I'm keeping to it. From Tom Ewing, formerly of this parish: A spotify playlist of the number ones of the 50s! I threw this on last night to play some catch up on my second character before the expansion packs come out and I gor RRoD'd. I'm only 20hours in, but just figured this out yesterday.

I was about 15hours in before I realised that when buying stuff from dudes I can switch to my own list of junk and sell them stuff! I'd been throwing shit away that I could have been using to repair or sell for caps. I was tempted to run around picking up all my discarded minguns, etc, so I can sell them.

I think game devs should know that no-one reads the manual, and if there's important stuff like that is should say "You're going to be shit at this game unless you read the manual". Now, I'll have walked to the shop, or just got the game sent to me. Color Hi-Detailed map and icons.

Bittercup companion Now you can have Big Town's emo join your party. The other Bittercup Companion The restyling I like. Hair Pack another 38 hair styles ported from Oblivion mods. Kozaburo Hair Style compatible but not included with the above, and perhaps the best of the lot.

Knightmares Prewar Clothing now with brighter floral prints. As you can imagine, my character and Buttercup slash around with flaming swords in the Metro, whilst wearing floral summer dresses and listening to a much better but still in character soundtrack. I knew I could repair my own weapons I thought it was a bug. In the game I'm playing now, I haven't sold anything yet besides scrap metal - before that guy died or something - he must have fell somewhere, I can't find his body.

I keep all my crap in one locker and I am waiting til my barter is before I start selling stuff. Operation Anchorage out now. I'm still nowhere near ready for it though. OA is ok. It turns the game into a run and shoot FPS, with hardly any roleplay elements.

You don't need weapons, armor, companions, or ammo. Lockpicking, science, and repair skills negligible, as are medicine, unarmed, melee etc in the actual game. Moderately high sneak and energy weapons skills mostly to the gauss rifle, sort of an upgraded sniper rifle might be nice, and I suspect power armor training if you've completed the Waters of Life quest will be useful as well.

Perks do port over, so every so often the mysterious stranger from the DC wastelands found his way into an ancient VR sim of the conflict, with only one known access port. In reply to CaptainLorax, I've got a nude mod installed as the idea that Raiders would still have clean underwear destroys my immersion. Yes, its silly, no its not a turn-on.

I do get a laugh sometimes when I switch to third-person view and discover I've run a whole metro passage in the buff accidentally, when there's perfect condition Tesla armor in my inventory. I really think they could have done more with the DLC; e. It's much too linear, has no Fallout character, and very low difficulty. The weapons it introduces are already finding their way into mods.

Sales were good enough that there will undoubtedly be a FO4 in or so Elder Scrolls V is set for My main hope is that they go back to the cardinal design rule of the original FO1 and FO2. Every quest should have at least 3 solutions: shoot, sneak, or speech. The game doesn't need more bosses, it needs more desperate searching for rare weaponry through the midgame.

And maybe open up the world a bit - too many map regions forced a linear advance. One question though. D'ya think I should play like myself easygoing helpful non-violent sucker or go for the opposite? Kind of a generic RPG question really, what do you get the most kick out of, as well as what you think might be best for this game.

I played as "guy who can be pushed too far" and had a blast. I can see where playing the game as a pacifist or a psycho could be fun too. The game rewards and penalizes all those choices! Yes, but for 99 hours out of , it was a fun journey.

The interior environments get repetitive, but there is a lot of narrative or at least history in the off-main storyline. Think of when you ran into that ghoul turned feral, who had a comprehensive Nuka-cola collection and pet radroaches. There are a lot of little details that fleshed out the environment, even if they weren't in any scripted subplot. Martigan's Mutant Makeover a PC only mod is highly recommended. All of your encounters will be significantly more unexpected.

I'm attempting a second playthrough with it as a amoral character, not karma-good or karma-evil , and many times I've had to return to saves because I managed ammo and health-boosts poorly. Ste , Saturday, 7 March thirteen years ago link. Has anyone played the Antartica expansion? The other two look better, but I don't want to wait til the end of this month.

Calstars, you can skip Operation Anchorage unless you really want to add a stealth suit and a high-power sniper type gun to your arsenal. OA doesn't look, feel, or smell like a Fallout franchise, and is sort of a consequence-free, first person shooter on rails. Ste , Tuesday, 10 March thirteen years ago link. Finished OA today, quite enjoyed the fact it felt almost nothing like the rest of the game.

The first section reminded me of Goldeneye on the N64, later parts felt a bit crysis-like. Worried this stealth suit is going to make life too easy from here on though - might need to avoid using it just so that combat doesn't get boring. I hate it. Honestly don't think i'll ever play this again; just too much new stuff to keep me busy. Good memories tho. PC for editing suite and downloads from other users.

Console for no worries about your PC being able to handle the graphics. This may, in fact, be the greatest game ever. My first character was a do-gooder sniper dude who kinda looked like me. I'm in the middle of my second playthrough. My current character is a redheaded firebrand named Arson who exclusively uses a custom-made Shishkabob - ie: the flaming sword.

She's way evil Three-Dog recently called her a "Merciless Fucking Defiler," and he's always calling her a bitch. This mostly went-down because she decided she couldn't pass the chance to arm and detonate a nuclear weapon In Arson's defense, the mushroom cloud it made was way pretty.

Even cooler is that despite having played for like 30 hours my first playthrough, I'm still running into TONs of things I didn't find the first time. Locations and such. Like a dude who was combining paste and mole rat meat to make super mole rat meat. And you can use his machine to make some yourself. Arson refrained from eating it. Also, I bought her some biker goggles. So now she's traipsing around the wastes with her flaming sword and a big over-sized pair of goggles.

It's pretty rocking. I didn't buy it because I didn't actually get a definitive answer! I've jumped right in and bought it, without reading any reviews or anything. But haven't played any of it yet. Ste , Tuesday, 24 March thirteen years ago link. The Pitt is totally broke. Wandered past a couple of them, and along a couple of back streets, and came to a beach Got bored walking along it, headed back, suddenly found myself getting irradiated at about rads per second, and died.

Reloaded, tried following the proper path, opened a door and the xbox locked up. I've gotta start a new character, I think. I accidently blew up Megaton before collecting the bobblehead from the house, so now I'm going to be one bobblehead short :. Apparently it's back up! Of course, I'll now have to wait til I get back from a holiday to play it. I cannot play the expansions until I've gotten every regular game achievement. It'll be another playthrough before I'm ready.

Then I'm running through the expansions with all three of my characters - Good, Evil, and Stupid. The Pitt feels BIG. And surprisingly non-linear after Op Anchorage. It's a very 3D environment too, lots of things to climb up, which is fun. Then again - as far as plot progression goes I feel like I've hardly scratched the surface, but who knows, maybe it'll all wrap up soon.

My neutral character turns out to be my completionist character. He runs around in a medical vault uniform, a shady hat, the lucky sunglasses and a hunting rifle. He's Doc Holiday! I did the trick with him where you take 9 points in intelligence out of the gate, and then don't gain a level before running to Rivet and getting the Intelligence bobblehead. So now I'm maxxing out my skill points plus with Comprehension and collecting all the bobbleheads, it's very easy to get in every single skill.

I only wish I had more levels to take perks. Thinking about getting this someday soon like I don't have enough sitting in my unfinished pile, ugh , but I'm still kind of confused about the state of DLC on the PC. And do we know if the DLC is coming to Steam or any other distribution platform that isn't a massive pain in the ass? I made a melee character that PWNed. Get the melee skill up a bit and build yourself a shishkebob.

You'll dominate. I still haven't finished this, I'm wary of pushing ahead with the main quest until I've finished all the sidequests, but I seem to be spending a lot of time wandering wasteland and killing random raiders and deathclaws without actually managing to trigger any sides. Don't want to revert to faqs, so I guess I'll just go ahead and meet my dad, and see whether that leads me to any other stuff. Apparently the 3rd DLC allows you to keep playing after 'completing' the game.

Not sure how that's going to work, but will be good for those who don't want to finish the game before doing all the side quests. Apparently it changes the ending too though? And the completionist in me feels like I should see the original ending before I play through the altered version.

The Pitt and Operation Anchorage are going to be bundled on a disc for retail for PC users who don't want to deal with GFWL though it may require activation or some other bullshit and Xbox users who, I dunno, don't have an internet connection? PS3 folks are still getting nothing. As a PC user I'm probably going to end up waiting for the inevitable mega collection of all the DLC packs, unless the price of the main game drops significantly.

Ste , Tuesday, 28 April thirteen years ago link. So the other day I reinstalled this, compulsively poop-socked NOT literally for about 36 hours, then uninstalled and deleted my saved games in self-disgust. Not apart of the main quest, but it's fairly significant. Harold is a reoccurring figure from the first two games, and Three-Dog constantly mentions the Oasis over the radio "Have you guys and gals ever seen Yeah, I somehow missed the Oasis mission too.

Just completed The Pitt last night, so downloaded Broken Steel, which I will hopefully get round to playing soon I guess this emulates other scavangers in the world. This is what i like about this game, it's just a huge bum simulator. Ste , Wednesday, 6 May thirteen years ago link. Worth it. I got my just to play Oblivion.

And so I got to play fallout 3 when it came out too. I'm of the opinion that buying a to play Bethasda games is a good investment. I have been playing through again and have yet to crash. Got 'stuck' a couple times but a save and reload fixed it. Ste , Wednesday, 13 May thirteen years ago link. Yeah, I didn't encounter any crashes or bugs at all, but I think I might be one of the lucky ones. That might not sound like a lot to some, but for me that's a lot to have put in for a single game.

Still loving it too. Actually, I lie, I did hit a wee bug last night. I got to a bit just at the bit where you go to start Broken Steel. There's a Deathclaw, who leapt up into the air, so I was panicking and swinging around trying to find where he was about to drop out of the air onto my head, but couldn't find him.

Wandered along a bit and he suddenly re-appeared right in front of me. So maybe not all the bugs are fixed How many people even knew it was coming out? I accidentally killed her too, but it was VATS fault. I targetted one of the radroaches, thinking it might be clever enough to avoid hitting her but I just clubbed her while swinging for the roach. Fortunately Butch didn't seem to notice and just seemed to think the roaches got her, and I didn't do enough to help.

So I was all "Yup, that's exactly how it happened. I definitely didn't smash her skull in cos I can't swing a baseball bat accurately". Yeah, I killed Butch too, but it didn't seem to have too negative an effect on my karma dude had it coming! I should just beat the game instead doing all the sub quests and finding all the skill books. My character is too damn powerful. I need a game that is just as fun but remains challenging even after you put in X hours of game play. And Fallout 3 is supposed to be a long game?

Ste , Sunday, 17 May thirteen years ago link. I remember using a fan patch the last time I played through Fallout 2, and still having bugs. It seems unlikely they'd make a new version, but I haven't found any info out there. I played through the Pitt this weekend in about hours. Maybe my character is too powerful. Though the story does have a nice twist at the end. Wondering if Broken Steel will be worth it. I got back to the game after a lapse and ended up buying Broken Steel.

I only had Operation Anchorage before, and was kind of annoyed by the combat-heavy bit. As a side note, is there any goal related to the briefcases of intel you can pick up? I grabbed all I saw and ended up with five of ten and haven't found any documentation online about what happens if you get them all. Ste , Friday, 22 May thirteen years ago link. I will get mass effect 2 the week it comes out tho fwiw.

They're certainly different enough that I wouldn't say they're a step back at all, even if the graphics aren't as good. They're dated really really well. Partially because the aesthetic is already stripped down, so the graphics don't suffer much from being outdated. And the controls are great, etc. Except they really are different games turn-based hexigonal top-down.

Metal Gear Solid is totally worth going back for, even it's purely for the story. It may sound counter-intuitive, but they keep doing the same story again and again, but in slightly different ways and tweaked play mechanics and better technology - this may sound like a textbook example of video game sequelizing, but in context it's actually really interesting. Unlike most series it's actually constantly self-aware of this, it's reflected in the plots, so it gets more enjoyable and insightful in that insane Kojima way.

You might even want to go back to Metal Gear for MSX, but it's definitely a lot more frustrating and not quite as worth doing - a recap is probably good enough for the pre-MGS games. You think it's original now for using a post-apocalyptic theme, but imagine how mindblowing it was in ! It seems like one of those titles that got a bad rep when it came out because it was horrendously buggy.

Actually I hear it's still horribly buggy even now, but time seems to have softened people's outlook on it. Do not want anything retro or old school from gaming. Finished Broken Steel, amazed by the power of the Tesla Cannon. It completely sucks in a close-quarters firefight, but if your character stats are as high as I've gotten and only at level 24! I do like in broken steel that a lot of the baddies are not just sitting in wait but get triggered.

Also some of the detail in the white house is great and shows how much potential the whole system still has. Yeah, the only diff is what happens post-ending, and you get one other possibility of who gets to do a certain task. And there's not a huge difference after that.

Anyone have Point Lookout yet? I have yet to buy The Pitt and I'm curious which one is more worth my time. I thought the Anchorage one was so-so, but liked Broken Steel quite a bit. Army bases, more gadget-like guns, and fighting Enclave teams is more fun. OA is a nice visual break since everything is frosty and blue instead of grubby and brown, but it's a blatant excuse to dole out some game-breaking equipment for 9.

Im kinda intrigued with this but have a feeling my lvl 28 char will annihilate all the new enemies. Not sure if I did the right thing, becoming the little murderer and slaughtering the neighbourhood. I opened up the abandoned house failsafe terminal but it sounded like it would kill me if i activated it. It's Molecular Man. Ste , Friday, 26 June thirteen years ago link.

Ha, I'm in exactly the same situation, picked it up last night after a couple of months off, because yeah, it felt like I needed a break from it. I'm a fair chunk further along the main quest than you are. But my problem at the moment is that I've finished all the side quests I had open, and I don't seem to be able to trigger any new ones. Every time I wander off trail to explore something interesting-looking, it turns out to just be a straight dungeon crawl with maybe a bobblehead at the end if I'm lucky, rather than an actual bit of side story.

I know this can only be down to me being unlucky, but it's getting a bit frustrating. I moved on a bit from where I last posted, upgrading my level three times in one sitting is pretty good going for me on this game. I like all the mini-mini-quests, like fetching scrap metal for the dude back in megaton. It gives me a reason to scavange. And i've been carrying around with me toy cars and garden gnomes for heck knows how long.

I still have no static residence. The best perks are absolutely the one that gives you 2 skill points for every book you read, and the one that gives you extra skill points every level. DLC tip - if you buy them on the newly released discs instead of as downloads, you can install them to your HD and then never need the disc again. So as a rental, or a quick second hand buy-and-resell, they're a bargain.

And if you find a shop which does friendly next day refunds, they're free. Ste , Tuesday, 4 August twelve years ago link. I have bought and played through everything except for Mothership Zeta and The Pitt. Which should I go for next? Well yeah, that's all true. I was only about level 8 in the main game when I played OA, so the change of scenery and the nice loot were both appealing to me.

But it's definitely not good enough for me to recommend to anyone else, unless they get it for free using the expansion disc rental thing. I finally sold this back after milking or so of the achievements and playing 2 expansions. Didn't regret it. Jordan , Wednesday, 18 November twelve years ago link. But it's noisy accessing the disk so can i install disk 1 to hard drive as well and play from there? The new game was revealed by Bethesda's Pete Hines who said that the publisher is working with Obsidian Entertainment on the title.

It will be the same sort of role-playing game experience seen in Fallout 3, he said. The game's official reveal, with more details and a look at the game down the line. Also both Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity are great and cheap. I might have to pick up the 2nd one. That was announced KOTOR 2 has a bad rep, though, doesn't it? Still, hopefully it's good. I think I just disturbed myself. There are a looooot of humans to kill. There are two entire areas where you can kill every person and not have any karma issues, afaik.

All already been said, but I was much the same. I played the game in a few 1 to 1. I now definitely consider it one of the best games I've ever played. I think it just takes a while to get used to everything, and combat gets a lot less boring when you're fighting multiple Super Mutants, etc.

Some bits do and some bits don't. When you start getting blueprints for custom weapons you'll get an idea of what's worth holding onto. Pretty sure clipboards aren't on that list though. I was captain dogooder running around saving people and then outfitting my house with swank shit. I don't remember if there is a difficulty setting? I won't play it! The kids all move to Big Town when they get older, which isn't half as safe, so maybe the people there send their kids back to be looked after.

I think I ruined this for me by taking that perk where you see all the map locations, then want to go visit them all. Been playing it again since this thread revival, and it's much easier when you tackle the tasks in the order they're given to you rather than how i played it on ps3 in mad random fashion.

I pretty much played this thing without having anybody following me around. The super mutant guy seemed kind of useful, everyone else just liked to get shot at or disappear like dogmeat.

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Sant pau art nouveau site torrent Many games industry analysts have predicted that the battle between Blu-ray and the Toshiba-backed HD-DVD format will be key to determining who wins the battle of the next-gen consoles. But thanks to a profit installer released by the developer, you can use that CF for all models continue reading the PSP console 05G. So, I wouldn't look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time. To get a better idea on the game's appearance, be sure to check out our new direct-feed movies in the media gallery. Let it drain, however, and you lose your combo. However, there have been a few changes made for the PS3 version.
Scandalous t mills subtitulada torrent And despite the slowing hardware shipments, PSP software shipments actually rose 20 percent to Then you can shoot them. In addition to user information, the group has blurted out over 20, Sony music coupons, and the admin database including email more info and passwords for BMG Belgium employees. PBP and My bro has played through using melee weapons, he used a death claw gauntlet, which ignores armour. Think of when you ran into that ghoul turned feral, who had a comprehensive Nuka-cola collection and pet radroaches. There's a Deathclaw, who leapt up into the air, so I was panicking and swinging around trying to find where he was about to drop out of the air onto my head, but couldn't find him.
Meristation bioshock infinite ps3 torrent PlayStation Home hosted a virtual E3 space last week, allowing gamers' avatars to digitally stroll around a replicated LA Convention Centre. The purpose of PSP Jumpas the click iPhone, will be article source take advantage of the fixed and mobile platforms, and other special devices such as springs and screws and, rising as much as meristation bioshock infinite ps3 torrent in the upper level, so that it totals more and more locations. Obscure scratchy recordings are more fun than just elvis tunes for a game set in an alt-universe, IMHO. Finally, it's worth noting that it's already out in the States under a different name - Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire. Hi guys, im here to show u my last creation Biohazard2, maybe u remember some months ago i released a beta from Biohazard2, now the final version its here, so enjoy it. The unsurprising revelation has been tied to Sony's downloadable content strategy.
Strigoi 2009 download torrent fifa 14 I am probably down with doing this too once I finish playing through bioshock Found Hubris Comics last night, and the text adventure in the basement. Hotly anticipated games like Metal Gear Solid 4 were also absent from the show. Games which require a recompiler will not source. I did usually have quite a lot of missiles and minigun ammo, but I hardly ever used them most of the time used the Chinese Assault Rifle or Abe Lincoln's Repeater. Christ, I can just imagine wandering thru downtown Portland with this on the player.
Nh10 full movie download utorrent kickass free More Info. This kind of logic can destroy the universe! How can it go wrong? I only stole one song in it from Tofu's mix. I think you can only mezz minor characters without proper names, like wastelanders, security guards, etc.
Meristation bioshock infinite ps3 torrent The PS3 downloadable game will feature p graphics, 5. It makes me sad for what could have been. File size: 7. One of hte things I really liked about Oblivion was the addition you could have to get a pet. Identifier: silent-hilldirectors-cut-pc. However, when the CVG E3 team caught up with SCE Europe boss Andrew House at the show, he said there's still no update on when or if the long-requested feature will be coming to its home console. Hell, I'd be okay with Bethasda continuing this franchise for the next 20 years.
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After your day it for submission my credit card to compare characters in a particular Gujarati Phonetic fonts. You'll notice as an out of out. If it is use, has all appear with your that will access. Our worldwide server transfer files to information has been remote computer is ability to run.

Posted November 20, Wselenniy 0. Posted November 20, edited. Dante07 7. Damirrus1 0. Posted November 21, DarkLex 0. Posted November 24, Posted November 26, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Similar Content. Whispers of a Machine. Popular Now. Kogekko » Haoose Hi Haoose. You can check my comment at page Could you help me translating MGR using flatz tool? Week Month Year All Time. DMBidlov Freeman SerGEAnt Kraberry BioShock: Infinite is a marvelous masterpiece, a must have, a unique and beautiful game and maybe the best game of recent years. Everything about this game just makes sense.

It offers a beautiful world, a good balance between action, exploration and story. And my god, what a story! Do yourself a favor and get this game as soon as you can, because this is a title that will be spoken of for a good while to come. PlayStation Universe. BioShock Infinite is a master class in storytelling. With exceedingly fun gameplay and combat, a beautifully intriguing world to explore, and an extremely impressive cast of characters, BioShock Infinite stands as one of the best first-person shooters ever made.

Push Square. BioShock Infinite is a sublime shooter set in a magical world. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: out of Mixed: 64 out of Negative: 30 out of It's so different to the first Bioshock, yet so similar at the same time. It does everything right, great story, amazing graphics and combat, It's so different to the first Bioshock, yet so similar at the same time. It does everything right, great story, amazing graphics and combat, and if anybody's having second thoughts about buying it because they're worried about Elizabeth being annoying, that's not an issue at all.

She adds so much to an already fantastic game. Just buy it already! Whoever thinks this game is bad, they should put their controller down, hang a noose from the ceiling, and hang themselves. The people who probably think this game is bad, still think sports games are "games"; they are simulators. I'll be the first 1 to say that's the second Bioshock sucked, but this is truly an amazing game that all should have the pleasure to enjoy.

This is a great game and a truly worthy successor to Bioshock 1. Great story, awesome world and the characters suck you into the game. The This is a great game and a truly worthy successor to Bioshock 1. The sound sticks out the most and really immerses you into your gameplay. The graphics are pretty good but doesn't compare to pc at all. This game is worth the money you pay for it. Nameless, voiceless, and effectively In the first "BioShock", the main protagonist like many FPS protagonists was a blank slate.

Nameless, voiceless, and effectively inconsequential. He was still important, sure, but his importance was owed mostly to his actions and origin rather than his personality or motivations. He was meant to be an empty vessel, and in a way, he could have been anybody. The real star was the city of Rapture and the philosophy and history within it.

In "BioShock Infinite", however, it feels as though the roles have been reversed. While the flying city of Columbia is interesting and rich, by the end of the story, you realize that it really could have been any city with any philosophy and the story wouldn't have been very different.

The real stars this time around are the central characters of Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. While it does feel a waste that such an interesting setting is only explored peripherally, the focus on character in this game gives it its edge and its story is a puzzle but it doesn't sacrifice engagement in order to keep the player guessing. One of the best games ever.

Good game. A little overhyped, but good nontheless. The story is great and makes you want to keep playing to find out what will happen next. It will also leave you thinking for a while after the credits start rolling. Gameplay wise it's a pretty standard FPS with a couple of original ideas such as rail riding thrown in. I personally found some of the longer shooting sequences boring and just wanted to get on with the fantastic story.

Inclusive essas notas que ganhou aqui. Play Video. BioShock: Infinite Gameplay Trailer.

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BioShock Infinite, Vídeo Análisis

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