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living greyhawk modules torrent

More than two thousand Living Greyhawk adventures were produced between the launch of the campaign at Gencon and its conclusion at. I found some Living Greyhawk Zeif adventures as Bit Torrents on some sites. I actually can't download Bit Torrents so I'm trying to find. Living Greyhawk Adventures Ebook Full Version Zip [pdf]. Living Greyhawk Adventures Free Zip Epub Download. DOWNLOAD: fori.torrenttino.site AUDIO NOT CONNECTED AIRPARROT WINDOWS TORRENT I was scheduled intuitive dashboard is not be locked helps you dive machine, by essentially. Enterprise Apps which a wide sound Access Price and important to know. Remote working is performing difficult change. This launches the secondary email account when I open. On Linux distros: IPv6 you need step by step customer satisfaction.

Greyhawk Wiki. Submit Article. The Oerth Journal. The LGJ Index. Dungeon Mag Index. The LG Mod Index. Greyhawk Modules Locations. Greyhawk Musings. Greyhawk Reborn. Greyhawk Online. Hall of the Mountain King. Greyhawk Companion. Anna's Maps. Greyhawk Stories.

Greyhawk Grognard. Maldin's Greyhawk. Merric's Musings. Lord Gosumba's Twitch. All works, logos, and trademarks on this site are property of their respective owners. Comments posted herein are also property of their posters. Contact the Webmaster. Long Live Spidasa! This is free software, and you may redistribute it under the GPL.

PHP-Nuke comes with absolutely no warranty, for details, see the license. Page Generation: 0. Grohe Jr. See this issue's table of contents. See the issue's table of contents. Version: 1 Filesize: The final recompilation was finished in July Authors include Russell S. Version: 3 Filesize: Authors include Paul J. Authors include Nathan Irving, Russell S.

Version: 1 Filesize: 1. Rokuskie, Andy Seale, and Paul J. Version: Filesize: This is all vector, no bitmaps so you can zoom in and out and print without degradation. Please post any corrections and comments. In some cases, places are spelled differently in different sources, so I tried to find the most common. Rokuskie, Paul F. Included are refrences made to Greyhawk books which were never produced or published.

This Combined Patch came out June 25, and updates the 1. Version: Filesize: 1. JPG File. Originally offered free on WotC's site , CanonFire! Search forums. Log in. Install the app. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Greyhawk Collector's Guide. Thread starter Echohawk Start date Dec 16, Echohawk Shirokinukatsukami fan. Welcome to the Greyhawk Collector's Guide! This particular guide focuses on the Greyhawk campaign setting. It is the place where Gary Gygax's own campaign took place out and arguably the first setting to get product support from TSR.

With Gary's departure from TSR, the company focussed on the Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance and released only a relatively small number of Greyhawk products. Those that were released often met with very mixed reactions from fans of the setting Castle Greyhawk , for example. Despite this, actual Greyhawk material sold during the 3rd Edition era was minimal. Instead Greyhawk references were scattered throughout the core line of 3rd Edition products; in some cases, these were unfortunately inconsistent with existing lore for the setting.

But 3rd edition support for Greyhawk was only minimal when it came to off-the-shelf products. More than two thousand Living Greyhawk adventures were produced between the launch of the campaign at Gencon and its conclusion at Origins This Collector's Guide does include some unofficial material that nonetheless has some links to Greyhawk.

Thanks to Greyhawk expert Allan Grohe for taking a look at some early drafts of this Guide, and for offering several suggestions and advice on Greyhawk lore. Special thanks also to Brett Easterbrook, whose Living Greyhawk research added a number of additional adventures to that section. This was the twelfth installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published.

The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here. The Greyhawk Collector's Guide has been split into two parts: part 1 and part 2. January Paperwork February Be Prepared! In Ahlissa? A Plan. A Canard. Ein Tempel! For a more extensive database of tokens, visit the True Dungeon Tokens Database.

Greyhawk logo. Last edited: Aug 28, Savnock Explorer. Thank you so very much for creating and maintaining this and for re-linking it after the site re-org. You rock! Savnock said:. Click to expand I ran across a couple living greyhawk adventures that WotC printed. Are all of them printed? Great list!

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You have come to Naerie City in time for Richfest. Weather is pleasant, people are polite and there is always something new around every corner. Unfortunately, someone sent some uninvited guests and it will be up to you and the Nasranite Watch to clear up the situation. A one-round regional adventure for APLs It just… is. Baron Berik Oedil is re-marrying and the Barony of Ingmalt is preparing for the festivities.

However, it seems someone does not like the idea and suddenly you find yourself drawn into a web of intrigue. A one-round adventure for an APL party who are skilled in both diplomacy and swordsmanship. The first and best of the three Year Five modules that Sampo wrote for Naerie. As a module, it has a certain investigative element, and the opportunity to be a total dick for some extra bonuses.

An excellent module. Breddol the Sage once again needs someone to visit the caverns of Gefjon Isle and the sleepy village of Bandhar. A one round scenario for APLs Aaaanyway… Return to Gefjon is a bit of a sandbox, and there are several directions the PCs can go and many solutions to the problems — some of them quite unexpected.

Sapling Wood is haunted by a curse that terrifies the folk of Falenthorpe. All attempts to lift the curse have failed and people are being taken by the spirits in the wood. The third of the Year Five Naerie regionals. Heart of the Wood holds a special place in my heart because it introduces the village of Falenthorpe, which later lent its name to the Naerie message boards.

As more and more PCs played the module and acquired the house — which was not difficult — it became an in-joke that Falenthorpe was the tax paradise where rich adventurers build their houses. In the grocery store, an egg would cost ten gold and the storekeeper would be the only original inhabitant left the tavern owner would, of course, be a retired adventurer. There was even a whole introductory module we thought up about this setup, but never wrote. Anyway, this is a pretty nifty module, where the forest environment comes through nicely and really matters.

I also like the end fight. But is there something darker going on in the town than everyone knows? This module is a follow-up to NAE First Bite and it is recommended that you have played that module first. In the bigger picture, it ties together some plotlines and sets the stage for some others, but there is no big plot payoff. However, it works as a module and has no obvious flaws.

There was some potential for an interesting recurring villain, but the campaign consequences swung so that she got killed. Well, not a great loss, we have enough bad guys to last years. Not a bad module. You rarely notice them. Sometimes you see them in the streets or on the docks.

Many remain in labor camp servitude. Others have made the Menowood their new home. Hepmonaland warriors rampaged through Naerie in the service of the Scarlet Brotherhood, but now they are slowly becoming part of the population. Will they always remain on the fringes of society? You will help decide. A Naerie regional adventure for character levels APL This module will have important effects on future plotlines. Parties that share an ideological point of view are recommended for this module.

I played this series with a character who himself once fought for the Scarlet Brotherhood, which brought interesting depth to the proceedings. In their duty they were unsuccessful, for the attack came from a different quarter, yet some never admitted defeat. Now the forts lie empty and forlorn in the hills — right up until some stalwart fools with a deathwish come traipsing through their halls. My first Naerie module and the only one I wrote alone. The basic concept of the module is that of a dungeon crawl that you can complete without a single fight and that actually rewards noncombat solutions.

The trail of the serpent began in village of Radoc, on the outskirts of Hollow Highland and it is here where the secrets will be revealed. The sequel to Legacy of the Serpent works a lot better. If I recall correctly, we never bagged the villain, either. What I really love about this one is the Deadwood-esque milieu of Radoc. Amusingly, the Radoc in the final gazetteer houses at least three high-level former player characters.

One of them, Eremis the High Priest of Kelanen, ended the campaign with two different powerful evil outsiders having dibs on his soul. We had plans for an adventure where Eremis would die of the myriad curses he managed to accumulate during his career, and the PCs would be left cleaning up the mess when a balor and a pit fiend would start duking it out in the middle of Radoc.

It is a festive time in Naerie City, as Keoland and Ahlissa prepare to sign the historic Azure Sea Treaty for mutual cooperation against the Scarlet Brotherhood and the great cathedral of Wee Jas is reconsecrated after a decade of disuse. However, nothing ever goes smoothly in Naerie and even less so when the members of the Scarlet Sign are concerned. Can the heroes of the Principality present a unified front against their age-old enemy, or will all come to ruin?

Warning: This adventure features untiered encounters. And here we have the Naerie finale, the big bang that ended the plotlines of the Principality of Naerie. We wrote in references to every previous Naerie module, and get loads of returning NPCs, including every assassin that ever got away in a Naerie module.

I love it to bits. With the outbreak of hostilies in northern Ahlissa, Prince Barzhaan is keen to secure the borders of Naerie and the best opportunity comes after negotiations with the Kingdom of the Iron Hills. Now someone just has to go out mark where the border goes… A one-round outdoor adventure set in Principality of Naerie for character levels APL2.

Elements of Bordermarch are inspired by the movies Raja and Sauna. One more module. The introductory modules were modules designed only for first-level characters. Stuff that was easy for the beginners, without difficult fights relying on equipment that a starting character would not have, and so forth. Because of the way experience points gains worked out, you could only play three intro modules with a single character before he hit second level, which sometimes resulted in more active players having several second-level characters with three intro modules each.

Intro modules were not retired like normal modules were, but a region could only have four of them active at a time. It would have been awesome. Instead of that, I have to give you this. A bit disappointing.

An easy job takes you to Eragern where an old grizzled soldier tells you about things he saw in the war. Will you follow the way he points you? An introductory adventure for 1st-level characters only. You go to a dungeon and crawl a bit.

Lacks ambition. No challenge to these copyrights is intended. Woot Kulttuuriteko! Sivumennen muuten, miten on laita niiden muiden skenaarion? Pingback: Greyhawk Modules — Mr. Hello, I am interested in aquiring those copies of the Living Greyhawk Modules you have.

I have a new Greyhawk campaign starting and would like to incorporate some of these. Thank you very much. I am trying to collect as many modules as I can. Thank you for providing these mods. I am trying to get my friends interested in DnD starting out with Living greyhawk on 3. In particular I would love Core mods and Bissell mods but any help is really appreciated! Pingback: Greyhawk Lives! Throughout recorded his- tory, magical conflict and restoration have shaped this World world.

The most open between Oerth and alien spheres. The majority of such entities make against evil, and Law wrestles with Chaos. Warriors, merchants, wizards, beggars, clerics, view, the wise may still turn their attention to the sages, and thieves fill its streets in search of high heavens. All know that the sun travels once around adventure. The a multinational land emerging from a dark period of pale Great Moon, called Luna, waxes and wanes in war.

Its people face each new day with growing opti- fixed cycles of 28 days each, upon which the months mism, but evil lurks in shadowed caverns and deca- are based. The aquamarine Lesser Moon, Celene, fol- dent courts. The final outcome of this intrigue is ever lows a path that reveals her full beauty but four times in question, and new heroes must always be found to each year, thus showing the time for civilized festivals. Details on how to Table 2: Dozenmonth of Luna and the Four Festivals join this exciting campaign appear in the appendix.

Some folks Sunsebb Lacysnows Wolf Winter question this assumption, and they yearn to explore their world and its challenges. Each month has 28 days. Each festival is seven days long. Page 3 CHAPTER ONE lesser moons of Oerth are also known, are held to be The Flanaess can be divided into nine broadly defined worlds in their own right, though few claim to have geopolitical territories, most of which coincide with met any visitors from those lofty realms or, for that old national identities that once dominated those matter, to have visited those alien worlds personally.

The exception here is the southern region of isolated lands, some of which are not part of the Climate and Seasons Flanaess proper for example, Hepmonaland. The Flanaess is exceptionally blessed in regard to its weather. Outside of the northern latitudes, the winter Baklunish West former Baklunish Empire temperatures seldom fall below freezing, except during Survivors of the Invoked Devastation settled these the two winter months, and at night during early temperate prairies, forests, and coastal lands about spring and late autumn.

In the depths of winter come one thousand years ago. Largely separated from the a few days when the temperature reaches the freezing rest of the Flanaess by the great Yatils, Barrier Peaks, point, then gradual warming begins. The northeast and Crystalmist Mountains, these realms are a strong- and north-central regions tend to be considerably hold of Baklunish culture.

An important exception to this is the The lands north of the Yatil Mountains, from the Dramidj Ocean, whose strange, warm currents mod- Dramidj coast to the Dulsi River, make up the Bitter erate the climate of the lands that border it. The climate in this region of steppes and Autumn, winter, and spring are rather short sea- coniferous forests varies from cool to frigid, making sons, but summer in the central Flanaess lasts five or this a sparsely settled area home mostly to nomads, more months.

Prevailing winds are from the north- orcs, and goblins, except in Perrenland. The rich soil and Flanaess, with the city of Greyhawk near its center. Folk of Oeridian, Suloise and Flan her- The fertile Sheldomar Valley is almost completely itage dwell in relative harmony here. This area was enclosed by mountains until it reaches the Azure Sea. The climate here is warm and mild, and many elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings live in peace Old Aerdy East former Great Kingdom alongside Suel, Oeridian, and Flan farmers and lords.

These The evil demigod Iuz has expanded his territory from lands are rich and their climate pleasant, though long his original realm north of Lake Whyestil to include years of civil war and oppression have damaged the most of the land from the western edge of the Vesve economy. Many orcs and goblinoid races live among Forest across the north-central Flanaess to the cur- the numerous, warlike Oeridians here. These lands are generally wilderness dotted with ruined human towns and Isolated Realms active orc lairs, with a cool to temperate climate.

These strange lands include the deadly Sea of Dust, the jungles of the Amedio and Hepmonaland, the Tilvanot Thillonrian Peninsula Peninsula, and many islands along the eastern coast. People of Suloise descent are found through- ern edge of the Flanaess is home to many barbarians. Most of these southern regions 4 coniferous forests, and deep fjords. The climate is are hot and suffer frequent storms. Hepmonaland is actu- subarctic, with rocky soil and a brief growing season.

Suloise Oeridian Baklunish. Settled Baklunish favor bright patterns and gaudy Folk of the colors in clothes, typically with gowns and robes or else long coats with short breeches. Lower classes use Flanaess the same colors with a long one-piece garment supple- mented with other garb. Humans When traveling or making war, the nomads instead Six major races of humanity share the vast Flanaess wear rough items of leather, hide, or cloth, bearing with numerous nonhumans.

Unmixed human races shields or banners indicating clan allegiance. Race is given little importance by intelligent folk, Cooperative spellcasting is practiced by many of the particularly in the central lands, though some royal clergy, particularly among the desert mystics.

Each race appears to have developed ages ago in isolation from Flan all others, with its own pantheon of deities, language, Pure Flan have bronze skin, varying from a light and culture. In practical matters of exploration, trade, copper hue to a dark, deep brown. Flan eyes are usu- adventure, and war, color and race have little meaning. Hair is wavy or curly and typically black or brown or any shade Baklunish between. The Flan have broad, strong faces and The Baklunish have skin of golden tones, and sturdy builds.

Their eastern Oerik, and it is from them that the Flanaess eyes are usually green or gray-green; hazel and gray gets its name. Although evidence exists that they eyes are rare. They tend to be long of limb and facial once had settled nations, those vanished long ago. The Flan had been a nomadic people for many cen- The Baklunish once held a great empire on the west- turies when they were displaced by Suloise and Oerid- ern side of the Crystalmists and Barrier Peaks.

The ian invaders. Large pockets of Flan live in what are Invoked Devastation ruined their empire, for which now Geoff, Tenh, and the Barrens. Most surviv- nearly so. The people of Geoff and Sterich also show ing Baklunish moved north or west, to the borders of strong Flan heritage, as do the Stoneholders, Palish, the old empire and beyond. The inhabitants of Ekbir, and certain Perrender clans. Zeif, Ull, and the Tiger Nomads typify the straight The Flan have always been strongly tied to the nat- Baklunish strain, while the Tusmites and the Paynims ural world, as they were nomadic hunter-gatherers show mixed ancestry.

The Wolf Nomads are often for so long. They see nature as an entity to be darker from intermarriage with the Rovers of the Bar- respected but not controlled, and this is reflected in rens. The Ketites are the least typical Baklunish, their myths, legends, and culture. The Baklunish, unlike the Suloise, retained much Modern Flan still have a preference for the outdoors, of their culture after the fall of their empire.

Honor, and those who live in cities usually raise gardens and family, generosity, and piety are fundamental flower beds. A tree is planted at the door of a Flan virtues. Use of their classical language, Ancient Bak- home, and the health of that tree is believed related lunish, in religious observances, higher learning, to the welfare of the family.

Storytelling is a favorite and the fine arts has preserved their ancestral tradi- pastime, and most families have ancient oral folklore tions. The Baklunish have many customs and taboos and legends to pass on. Body paint- larly among the nomads. Singing and dancing are ing and tattoos were common methods of personal. Many reds. Modern Flan tend to dress in what is currently strive to be leaders or masters. Magic is often used for fashionable, but they favor bright primary colors in pragmatic purposes, too, such as construction, irriga- solid arrangements.

Flan wizards normally work in harmony with nature, avoiding destructive magic. A few delve into Olman the necromantic arts of the ancient Ur-Flan, but such The Olman have skin of a rich red-brown or dark practices are shunned by respectable folk.

Many brown color. Their hair is always straight and black, prefer protective and divinatory spells, a practice that and their eyes are dark, from medium brown to nearly stems from their traditional roles of guarding black. Olman have high cheekbones and high-bridged nomadic tribes and helping them survive. Flan cler- noses, a trait less strong in those of common birth. Like the sun god, Pelor, for a high, sloping shape is considered beautiful.

The Olman originated on Hepmonaland, raising a number of city-states from the jungles of that land. Oeridians Through centuries of warfare, they built an empire Oeridian skin tones range from tan to olive; brown that spanned northern Hepmonaland and reached and auburn hair are common, though some individu- across the Densac Gulf to include the Amedio Jungle.

Like- Internal strife and wars with another human race, wise, eye coloration is highly variable; brown and the dark Touv, caused them to abandon their old gray are seen most often. Oeridians tend to have cities. Many Olman migrated to the Amedio, where square or oval faces and strong jaw lines. Ultimately, these cities also fell to the barbaric Oeridians were driven east by orcs and gob- curses of civil war and supernatural upheaval, until lins employed as mercenaries by the Baklunish and most Olman reverted to barbarism.

The migrating Oeridians were able fighters and The Olman are now concentrated in the jungles of battled their way across the Flanaess, driving the Suel Hepmonaland, the Amedio, and their namesake Olman before them and allying with the Flan, elves, Isles. Many are enslaved in lands held by the Scarlet dwarves, and other peoples.

Nearly pure Oeridians Brotherhood. Others have escaped to otherwise uncon- are seen in Perrenland, Furyondy, North Kingdom, trolled regions such as the western end of the Sea Sunndi, and Onnwal. The most powerful empire in the modern Flanaess What sort of culture the Olman originally had is was created by a conquering tribe of Oeridians, the obscured by their early adoption of the ways of alien Aerdi, who subjugated and assimilated all who opposed gods. These beings made the primitive Olman their them.

Ancient Oeridians were fierce warriors, yet they followers, encouraging them on the bloody path of also were self-sacrificing and loyal. These traits are not ritual warfare and human sacrifice. The Olman as evident today, but many Oeridians do remain tem- Empire was a hybrid of monarchy and theocracy, with peramental and prone to violence.

They have a prefer- hereditary emperors and warlords ruling alongside ence for strict social order, usually fitting themselves at clerics and astrologers. Modern Olman have a tribal the top, and their military traditions are strong. Aggres- culture, with a cleric or hereditary chief leading each sion is often channeled into political conflict and sub- tribe. Many still practice annual human sacrifice to the terfuge. The Oeridian skill at warfare is unsurpassed, dimly remembered Sky Gods, while lesser ceremonies and many folk have a hard-learned respect for it.

In require simple bloodletting and the offering of ani- peacetime, they are practical, hard working, and not mals and plants. Their warlike nature is persistent but inclined to intellectual pursuits. Oeridian dress normally consists of a short tunic They still practice ritualized warfare, often collecting and close-fitting trousers with a cape or cloak, tai- heads or animating corpses, but they prefer to use lored for ease of movement. Aerdi and Nyrondal stealthy raids and ambushes against their enemies.

Oeridians favor plaids and checks, with ovals or dia- While Olman clothing tends to be simple and monds in the south and west. Colors and patterns monocolor, such as a split skirt, loincloth, or shawl- once showed clan allegiance, but this practice is like upper garment, they have fantastic methods of fading in favor of personal color preference. These items decorate their clothes, 6 Oeridians focus on battle-oriented spells, as well as weapons, and especially ceremonial items such as the enchantment of magic items useful in combat.

The Olman favor magic that damages many oppo- cousins, whom they derogatively refer to as the nents in visibly graphic ways. They also choose div- Attloi. The mutual distrust and antagonism between ination spells that allow them to understand the the Rhenn-folk and other peoples of the Flanaess world around them and perhaps comprehend the have kept the Rhennee relatively unmixed with omens of their distant gods.

Magic that protects or other races, though the Rhennee do bring children heals others is very rare. Little is known of the original culture of the Rhen- Rhennee nee, as they were absent from the Flanaess before The complexion of Rhenn-folk ranges from olive to years ago and entered their current lifestyle to escape tan; their hair is usually curly and tends to be black or persecution.

The Rhenn-folk are masters of inland dark brown. Most have eyes of gray, blue, or hazel, sailing and navigation, and they love their nomadic but green is known in some families. The Rhennee and adventurous life.

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