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Rise and fall of ecw torrent

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rise and fall of ecw torrent

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Independent wrestling promotions were once the norm all across the country. However, with the rise of World Wrestling Entertainment and the creation of World Championship Wrestling -- out of three Southern promotions -- the possibility of an independent succeeding grew fainter and fainter. As the nineties began, independents were looking for creative ways to survive.

In the East, several banded together to share cost and talent; they were known as Eastern Championship Wrestling. Based out of a warehouse in Philadelphia that stored parade floats and hosted bingo, this promotion seemed doomed to be just one more ninety-day wonder. He would come in, shake up a lot of the wrestlers, and then leave. But what Heyman did redefined professional wrestling in the nineties. What he created was a company that dared to push the boundaries of sports entertainment.

What he created became Extreme Championship Wrestling. As the person responsible for booking -- who was going to wrestle and who was going to win -- Heyman dared to break with tradition. Rather than relying on local talent and down-and-out veterans to draw in crowds, he created new characters and story lines that would appeal to the core wrestling fans: eighteen- to twenty-four- year-old men. Paul also realized that to persuade them to come, you had to get their interest and keep it.

You had to offer the fans more than just the match. ECW became known for the interview, the shoot. Heyman got to know each wrestler's style, and in their interviews he would encourage them to speak from their hearts. When it came to the matches, ECW broke even farther from the mainstream. Tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, and even frying pans were used with abandon. Wrestlers not wanting to be topped put their bodies on the line, taking ever greater risks, daring to jump, leap, and fall from places never tried before.

ECW matches became the stuff of legend. Pretty fun show, too. Monday Night persona as a result. Terry Funk won the World title from Raven 10 seconds before the power supply blew up to cap off the evening. My thoughts on the show are that it was good for the time, but doesn't hold up today and didn't pay off the promise that the promotion showed. That leads directly to Jerry Lawler showing up to invade ECW, which went on forever and went nowhere.

Bill Alfonso was almost on the chopping block too for talking with Terry Taylor, but actually saved his job by having a great match with Beulah. Very interesting stuff, especially Stevie doing the ECW hotline and making up a pseudonym for kayfabe purposes and Tommy personally doing t-shirt orders.

They also talk about having the creative freedom to do whatever they wanted. Paul spent a fortune buying up Styrofoam heads for the fans, thus creating one of the weirdest pushes in history. He also questions trying to create a national promotion out of something with hardcore content, and I have to agree with that too.

Vince never considered them a threat and denies taking the Attitude era from ECW. This leads to a series of clips showing all the stuff they obviously stole from ECW. There's a lot more open editorializing going on here than usual for one of these things. This leads him to invent the Fuck The World title to express his annoyance with Shane Douglas ducking him.

Eventually Tazz beat Shane to "unify" the titles. I wouldn't really call the flaming tables stuff worthy of mention. Sadly, we don't get a Joel Gertner introduction. Lance Storm talks about bounced cheques and having to confront Paul about it. That's why ECW wasn't the great wrestling promotion it's often claimed to be -- wrestling is about making money, and it never did thanks to Paul's lack of business acumen.

And lack of delegation skills, which led to things falling apart when he couldn't keep up anymore and no one else knew how to run things. By this time, however, the promotion had lived past its expiry date and was running on borrowed time, especially with Paul's weird ideas about who to push on top. Tazz felt like he had nothing left to prove and needed a new challenge. The Dudleyz, however, just saw the financial writing on the wall and decided to escape while they could.

And then they wonder why TNN never promoted them. And that was pretty much it for the promotion, as the PPV buys dried up and the fans stopped watching. Just because, you know. Vince apologizes here for that one. Tommy's "The only reason I won titles was because guys left" is kind of a sad and profound summing up of his career.

So Paul talks about trying to find a new network, but they couldn't because TNN wouldn't cancel them. And when they finally did, the ship had already sunk. The really sad thing is the roll call of guys who had no choice but to stay with the dying promotion because they were outcasts who couldn't get work elsewhere. Thankfully they don't try to blame anyone but Paul Heyman, who keeps beating the drum about surviving if they found another network.

I wholeheartedly disagree, as the promotion was dead before it even got onto TNN, and they just didn't know it. The Pitbulls. Scott Keith completists will already know my feelings about this one, but for the rest of you, this is a fairly famous match that is an answer to a trivia question about myself I once posed in a previous rant.

The stipulation here is that the Pitbulls have to split up should they lose. Wild spot there. Steviekick gets two. Raven and 2 bring another table in and it gets set up. Stevie gets superbombed through it for the pin at to even things up. Okay, that was all just the warmup session for the REAL fun.

Meanwhile, 2 and Raven head back in, where a third table gets involved and the ref gets bumped in the process. The Dudleyz run in to make it 4-on-2, and the heels pair off and superbomb both Pitbulls at once. However, since the law of heel-babyface relations says that a babyface having his own move done to him does not have to sell, they invoke it and pop right back up. DDTs for the heels, and the Dudleys get superbombed. They beat on Stevie, while Raven readies an ether-soaked rag to choke 2 out.

Raven puts him on two tables, legdrops him through the first one, and elbows him through the second one. In the ring, Stevie goes up and gets crotched, and 1 suplexes him through a table for two. Raven unhooks himself from the chain and makes the save. Tod Gordon gets all indignant and comes in to argue with Fonzie, and Big Dick sneaks in to use the currently-banned chokeslam on Dreamer. Whereas normally overbooking is done too often in the wrong place, this was exactly the right amount of excess done in the right match, with the right finish.

Of course, many also disagree, most notably Dave Meltzer albeit in a nice way. OK, proper match this time. From Oct. Rey sends Psi out of the ring quickly and follows with a springboard plancha into the first row. Another crazy dive, this one over the top, lands in the first row again. Dangerous area tonight. Back in, Rey snaps off a rana for the pin at Second fall, as Rey dodges Psi and gets a leg lariat to send him into the corner, but charges and hits the apron.

He recovers with a flying rana that sends Psi to the floor, and he follows with a rana from the apron now. Rey goes back in and Psi stops to recover. Back in, Psi gets an enzuigiri and whips Rey into the corner for a nice upside down bump.

Into the other corner off an inverted body vice, and he spears Rey, who is hung in the Tree of Woe. He adds a running boot to the face and a powerbomb for two. Into a Sharpshooter, but he releases. Rey bails, so Psi follows and sends him into the railing, and adds a chair to the knee for good measure.

Back in for a slingshot legdrop, but he misses a blind charge. Rey comes back with a handspring into another rana, but a quebrada is caught by Psi and turned into a tombstone for the pin at to tie it up. Third fall sees Psi powerbombing Rey through a table on the floor to start, and slamming him into the first row. Nice bump. Psi goes back in and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in, Psi misses a blind charge and takes another crazy bump, into the post, and Rey follows with a springboard plancha to the floor.

They throw chairs at each other and Rey chokes him out with one, then sends him into the post with a chair around his neck. Back in, Rey gets a flying rana from the top for two. A headscissors puts Psi on the floor, and he follows with a springboard cannonball. They fight on the floor and Rey gets put on a table, and Psi follows with a senton from the top to put him through it. Back in, Psi gets another powerbomb and goes up, moonsaulting onto a chair to finish Rey at That was a truly crazy and sick spotfest, and I loved it.

Maybe it's the recent toned-down attitude of the WWE, but this held up really well. Mikey Whipwreck. Sandman's music is tactfully edited out by the production guys, for what should be obvious reasons. So is Mikey's, since Beck costs as much as Metallica, I guess. The belt isn't hanging anywhere, it's just a match with a ladder involved.

Entrances alone burn 10 minutes of the 18 allotted to the chapter, by the way, including Steve Austin's saunter into the ring during the introductions and hilarious verbal attacks on both guys. Mikey hits Sandman with the ladder to start and they brawl outside, but Mikey gets dropped headfirst on the ladder as they head back in. Sandman does his somersault legdrop nearly slipping off the apron in the process and Mikey bails to recover. Sandman throws the ladder at him, and then puts it on the apron and suplexes Mikey onto it.

He follows with a legdrop that puts Mikey on the concrete. He finally gets some offense with a chairshot and a rana from the apron that allows Sandman to showcase his, ahem, awesome selling skills, and they fight into the crowd. Sandman jumps over the top, onto the ladder, hitting Mikey in the face with it as a result.

That actually came across as improvised instead of horribly contrived for once. Back in, Sandman misses another legdrop and Mikey comes back by hitting him with the ladder, a couple of times. That gets one. Mikey goes up and splashes Sandman under the ladder for the pin and the title at The pre-match promo was way better than the match. Sabu goes for the chair really quickly and takes Scorp out. Scorpio bails and Sabu follows with a chair-assisted tope con hilo.

Back in the ring, and Scorpio reverses a powerbomb into one of his own, then a legdrop off the second rope. He rams Sabu face- first into a chair. He tries it again, and Sabu reverses. Air Sabu and we're back on the floor again. Running somersault off the apron and back into the ring. Scorpio with a crescent kick to waylay Sabu and then he nails Sabu with a running chairshot. Scorpio on the offensive with a Stinger splash, but Sabu reverses an Ocean Cyclone Suplex attempt into a rollup for two.

A wrestling sequence leads to Sabu going to the rear chinlock, then a regular chinlock. C'mon guys, GST. Get your Shit Together. Scorpio punts Sabu in the boys to send him outside the ring, then suplexes him in for two. Sabu doesn't appreciate that and smacks him around, then hits a slingshot legdrop for two. Sabu works the armbar, but Scorpio escapes and misses a moonsault. Man, eh got so much hangtime he nearly overshot. Sabu the Arabian Facebuster for two, but he hurts his leg.

Scorpio takes advantage with a pancake and a standing moonsault for two. He crotches him on the bottom rope for good measure. Tumbleweed misses, and Sabu goes to the top, but get powerbombed off for two. Scorpio to the top, and Sabu with a victory roll from the top for two. Scorpio misses a dropkick and heads out, and Sabu follows with a top suicida. Back in and a slingshot clothesline gets two.

Sabu goes back to the armbar. Scorpio escapes and drops him on the mat face-first. He tries what looks like a TKO, but Sabu grabs the top rope and back out we go. Sabu moonsaults off the apron, almost breaking his knees on the railing in the process. He sets up a ridiculously intricate spot, putting Scorpio on the table in the front row, then setting up a chair in the ring. He jumps on the chair, onto the top rope, and dives onto the table, just as Scorpio moves, and goes through the table.

Pretty cool spot, but out of place. Joey: "I think he may be dead". Back in the ring and Scorpio gets a two out of all that. Scorpio with an ugly powerbomb, reversed to an uglier rana by Sabu. Either Sabu is a great actor or he's really messed up. Sabu with a moonsault for two. Another one misses badly, and Scorpio hits a powerbomb and Da Bomb for two.

Kind of a uranage thing sets Sabu up for a legdrop off the top with a chair across his face. It gets two. Back to the top, but Sabu smacks him with the chair and hits a rana for two. Double-KO spot with two minutes left. The fans smell the draw. He goes to the other corner and misses whatever by a mile. Sabu drops a couple of legs with a chair in the middle, but time runs out. Spotty, but pretty much the best Sabu match I've seen in a long time.

This is what was supposed to be the "final" match between them, although Raven's departure for WCW proved to be less final. Tommy and Raven immediately fight into the crowd and Tommy gets the best of that. This has commentary from Coach and Tommy on the secondary track, by the way.

Raven comes back with a piledriver on a table, which doesn't break, and Tommy offers a self-deprecating comment about it. Up to the stage, where Raven rams Tommy into the wall and sets up another table, but that backfires on him. Coach and Tommy taking shots at Raven is pretty funny. Back down to the floor, as they whip each other into the guardrail and Raven gets crotched on it.

Because it's not a Tommy Dreamer match unless someone's getting cracked in the nuts with a steel object. So back into the crowd with more funny comments from Dreamer and reminiscing about Heyman ripping him off. And as expected, Tommy takes a shot in the nuts.

Up to the top, but Tommy fights him off, only to get tossed onto a chair for two. He comes back with the hiptoss DDT, but the ref is bumped via a sign from the crowd. It turns out to be a road sign which Tommy takes credit for inventing , and Tommy piledrives Raven on it for two. Lucas the lackey gets involved and Beulah gets rid of him, but Raven rolls up Tommy for two. Tommy rolls up Raven for two. Chastity sprays him in the face with something and Raven gets two, and we've got a catfight as the overbooking kicks in something fierce.

Tommy gets a DDT onto the sign for two. Enough with the DDT. Then lights out and Sabu appears for more beatings. Dreamer comes back again, so lights out a third time and this time it's Jerry Lawler, and that was huge. It turns into a giant brawl with the heels just kicking the crap out of Dreamer and no one able to get into the ring and save. It would lead to Jerry Lawler v. Tommy Dreamer at the Hardcore Heaven PPV in a match was given rave reviews at the time, but pretty much sucks these days.

Much like this one, which was brawling and a million DDTs and nothing else. Great commentary, though. Bam Bam Bigelow. This is more famous for the finish than the match. Tazz takes him down with an armbar to start, but they quickly fight out and Tazz gets sent into the railing. Back in, Bammer gets a powerbomb for two. He sets up Tazz in the corner, but charges right into a lariat that looked pretty darn stiff.

Tazz tries a suplex, but Bam Bam falls on top for two. Bigelow charges and gets dumped on the ramp, and Tazz follows with an exploder that results in him knocking himself silly on the railing as he takes the landing wrong. Tazz is loopy and talks about it on the commentary, so Bam Bam clotheslines him back to the ringside concrete again.

Because that's the best medicine for concussions. Bammer grabs a table which proves to be pre-broken and can't really set it up, but Tazz fights out of a powerbomb and flapjacks Bam Bam through it. Cole claims that Bigelow was sandbagging him on that one, which is kind of weird coming from Michael Cole. Tazz gets two. They fight outside and exchange shoot punches over a piece of wood that didn't break right according to Tazz and it's back into the crowd.

BBB hammers on him, which only gets Tazz more fired up, and Bigelow slips and falls on his ass doing a low blow. Back in, Bigelow tries Greetings from Asbury Park, but Tazz reverses to the choke and Bigelow falls back…and the ring breaks, as they fall into a hole in the corner.

Tazz reveals that he's unconscious down there after hitting his head on the way down, and Bam Bam pulls him out and gets the pin and the title at Didn't like it back then, still don't like it, although the commentary reveals a lot of hidden entertainment value. Jerry Lynn. They trade wristlocks to start and take it to the mat, but it's a stalemate. Another reversal series and another stalemate follows. Rob does some stalling and talks about how Fonzie's whistle didn't actually bother him.

He's the only one. Another stalemate and Rob gets a mouse on his right eye, and it's more stalling. Lynn bails and Rob follows with a plancha, but misses. Lynn dropkicks him on the apron and follows with a guillotine legdrop for two. They head up and Jerry gets a nasty bulldog from the top for two. Back up for Lynn, but Fonzie crotches him and holds up the chair.

Lynn ducks tries a springboard dropkick, but Rob counters that and crotches him, then kicks him down to the floor, as Lynn takes the bump wrong and knocks himself out. That seems to be a theme for this disc. Rob picks up the dead weight JL literally, not like Kevin Nash and knocks him into the crowd again to buy some time.

Jerry finally recovers as they head into the ring, and comes back with a rollup out of the corner for two. Rob hits him with a piledriver counter and Rolling Thunder, but another try misses. Into the corner, as they counter each other's DDT attempt and Rob gets a bridge for two. Lynn powerbombs him out of the corner for two. Lynn heads out and sets up a table on the floor, but gets backdropped into the front row. Fonzie tosses a chair at Lynn, who stupidly catches it and eats a Van Daminator.

Lynn recovers and they fight on the apron, however, but now Lynn gets backdropped off the top and through a table on the other side.

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WWE Home Video - The Rise \u0026 Fall of ECW - Documentary Clips (2004)

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