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Lastly, Typing this write up though, it makes me wonder what all three kinds of voters think Mikasa has been up to. I would have really liked to see what Mikasa was doing aka what her role is now I mean outside of Eren, she is allowed to grieve but it would've been nice for her to mention what she's doing on Paradis and matters she's involved with. I like that she still is thinking about him, it is normal in the circumstances of visiting the alliance.

With her connection to Hizuru and the huge role she played in the ending it would've been the perfect time to have her character go through some development for the audience to see, like have her properly express her true thoughts and emotions, or see her accept her role in the Azumabito clan. It feels like wasted opportunity. Armin and the others should have been the Survey Corps of the world, exploring the world and try to understand it!

I love how they just casually brushed through Paradis becoming a Fascist state. I love how Isayama shows that there are people on Paradis who will most likely support the ambassadors. First, there's Hitch. We know she sympathizes with Annie. Furthermore, I don't think she supports the Yeagerists.

She only cheered for them in that one panel out of formality since she's a senior MP officer. Second, there's the Blouse family. They will support the Alliance since they are Sasha's comrades, and they are smart enough not to give in to the Yeagerist ideology. Third, there's Flegel and the two journalists, Roy and Peaure.

Hange had a great influence on them, so they might as well listen to their subordinates' perspectives. Lastly, there's Surma and his comrades. They were the ones who beat up Shadis and treated his wounds afterwards. Shadis did tell them to support the Yeagerists, but not to the extent of losing themselves.

I like to think that they remain open-minded because of that. The graph speaks for itself. Imagine reading the Marley arc and knowing this is where it all ends. This your Helos? A lot of shit was out of the blue and completely unnecessary, sniffing handwriting was the worst thing to happen to Reiner.

I hope Reiner was just joking with the letter sniffing, it would be a waste of his character arc if not. I'm sorry, I didn't know his character arc was going from Horny 17 year old to not horny 21 year old. Yeah, him being horny as a 24 year old ruined his progression!

Keep dooming yeagercucks. I cried like 7 times cuz of Reiner he's finally happy he dosen't have to be someone he isn't anymore. Reiner sniffing Historia's declaration of war on the world like a complete weirdo is cringe as fuck, but considering his previous actions this chapter it's expected.

I'm happy with the ending, Reiner sniffing the letter is one of the best scenes of all aot and i hope the others can see this manga in a cool way again. I don't think people need to read into Reiner sniffing that letter so much.

Yes it's creepy, but the time skip is more of an epilogue than anything. I would have rather had Reiner die too but it's just a dumb bit at the end. It's not character ruining lol. Reiner sniffing letters is the smallest part of the problems. The fact that he teared up and was moved by Ereh The guy who only postponed his best friend's death to be a revival token and power up for the Mong which is worse than if Bertholdt was eaten by Dina , and basically used him as a tool….

Bird theory for the win! Eren becoming a bird does have meaning, birds have always been symbolic of freedom since the beginning. Eren may be dead but he's free, that's what it means. People need to look at subtext and not take everything in the most literal way possible.

Eren isn't actually a fucking bird, it's just rather on-the-nose symbolism implying he's watching over her, and may have found freedom, because birds and flying imagery are often associated with being free. He wasn't actually reincarnated. I don't understand the whole bird thing. Like I really don't want to believe eren became dove crying. As dumb as it was, the fucking dove meme ending made me the happiest I've been in months.

I can't hate the ending or the franchise for making me smile in the end. The most common wish was that she was shown doing anything other than thinking about Eren Trade offer! Everyone receives: living out the rest of their lives relatively happy; Mikasa receives: feeding birdren. I cried myself silly, ngl. It was very emotional for me because in the midst of her grief, she still found beauty. If only other people could be more accepting of her as well.

The amount of hate she's received for so many years is just nauseating and way out of line. Mikasa was always very important to the plot, by being a very strong, prideful, loyal to herself and to those she loves. She was always essential, and I truly think that she deserved a happier ending after enduring all she endured and sacrificed.

The last panel was beautiful, because somehow Eren fulfilled the promise, but very tragic and sad. I hoped to see her happier, she deserved that. I also wished to see more about the Hizuru plot, it would be very interesting. I love Mikasa and she is definitely one of my favorite characters. I feel incredibly sad for Mikasa. Girl deserves a lot better. Give the girl a personality not based on Eren already, we were so fucking close too, damnit. I am baffled at the message being sent here as to why Mikasa is still in love after mass genocide, not phased at all.

At least show her show some anger or mixed feelings towards Eren. Mikasa didn't deserve that kind of ending. The war may have been over but at what cost? Mikasa only cared about eren from the very beginning. She did all to protect him from danger so that one day she'll finally be able to be with him after all this ends. But what she wanted the most couldn't happen. She was left all alone. It is very heart breaking to see mikasa like that, And I'm saying this when I am not even a mikasa fan.

Although I'm satisfied with her character overall, I kinda wish she said something other than her wanting to meet Eren again. I get that she misses him and was mourning for him on his death anniversary, but I wish we got something more with her to properly complete her character. Im very happy with her ending, she got a peaceful relaxed life she had always wanted although I wish she was spending it with Eren.

The fact that her "choice" didn't actually result in her freeing herself from Eren and the fact that this is supposed to be seen as ROMANTIC shows that any semblance of an actual story arc never existed. Pandering to shippers is the death knell of creativity. I think it was perfect, save that I think she ought to have found another guy.

She deserves to move on romantically, without it being seen as a betrayal of her feelings for Eren. I think it fits thematically with her character arc as well. Otherwise, I love what was included. I think its misogynistic but thats just me. I think her character was concluded well. But what followed after felt like killing of her character.

Maybe show her with the others, advocating for peace. Hell, show her tending to her garden idk. Eren did not say that he loved her, just that he wanted her to love him forever. Abusive AF! And there she is, still a slave to him. This is SO fucking bad. How can I be satisfied when one of my favourite characters lost love of her life? The most liked moments of these fandom-splitting narrative choices were: The conflict between Paradis and the rest of the world being left ambiguous, The final scene being Mikasa still thinking about Eren, and in a squeaker, The titanizations form the last chapter being undone.

In fact, these were the only moments voted more liked than disliked…. While almost all story elements received a majority dislike response, please note that the purpose of the question was to look at the differences in opinion between elements that were already observed to be controversial, rather than to see which aspects of the chapter were received positively and negatively.

Full of problems, but I could have overlooked some if the setup for these events was good. Sadly, it wasn't. Isayama was well known for his insanely good use of foreshadowing, and I feel like a lot of the new info we learned in the last chapter wasn't foreshadowed at all or at least not done well. Additionally, it felt rushed. I don't think revealing all new info for the last chapter is a good idea, should have been another chapter or two longer.

Eren being able to control mindless Titans makes the death of every cadet feel Crqp since he could have straight up commanded every Titan to not attack the walls About Ymir's love, when reading it I didn't mind it as much because I rationalized it as just another way to explain Ymir's previous behaviour. But the more I think of it the more fucked up it is. The thing that the war hasn't ended is wonderful, it shows how human will never change.

The sheer amount of people talking about Stockholm syndrome as though it is a good plot point this late in the game, effectively turning into a love story, is disheartening. With better wording and with reveals such as "Eren having anything to do with his mothers death" or "Ymir loved Fritz" being removed it would be much better ending, they served no good purpose and only degraded the whole story.

If this was the case I would probably rate it higher. Funniest shit I've read in a while. Ymir loving Fritz was absolutely hilarious. Honestly, I really don't get it. It's beyond me how the final arc became like this. How could Isayama have written the Warriors the way he did, time and time again painting them as the victims of their awful circumstances yet never shedding their responsibility for their terrible actions, and always moving forward, trying to do the best they can. The complete foils to the th who time and time again threw away their humanity for the sake of Paradis, while the Warriors couldn't throw away theirs, no matter how much they tried.

That was why Annie was caught, why Bertholdt died, why Porco sacrificed himself, the reason behind Reiner's complete mental breakdown. And in the end, the very final arc, all they were was props to help the th stop the rumbling, and then they finally settled into their role as simps for the th.

Without any thought or closure for the Warriors who died… Isayama why? But Historia suffered the most honestly. How can this person become someone who not only supports but is complicit in genocide? At first, I thought the conclusion was very fitting for Attack on Titan, but at happened so quickly I was left unsatisfied.

But writing this poll, I realized that I actually like almost every aspect that happend in this chapter, but because it was all in one chapter it was hard for me to consume it at first and thought if the information had been more spread out and more clear, it would've been a perfect end for Attack on Titan.

I hate the Ymir revel I wish they added more on maybe why she loved Fritz like maybe Fritz was actually protecting her from what his subjects would do to her like in the court scene is season one, he only looked like he was hurting her like how Levi kicked Eren but really her was giving her a new life in a higher position, Queen in the scouts.

I hate what they did at the end with Eren's fellings towards Mikasa, It just does not make any sense at all. I'm fine with the warriors talking positively about Eren because i assume Eren didn't reveal to them that he would have committed to the rumbling regardless of destiny. The thing that really fell flat to me was the pure titans all being back to human and okay. It felt like it really shat on the previous chapter that way and it felt like really poor writing.

If they wanted everyone to be okay there they should've turned them into pure titans several chapters earlier to make it feel like a reward rather than a cheap cop-out. It definitely could have had work, but I think some things, such as Mikasa still grieving are natural. The warriors jointing the others makes sense, neither side is perfect, and at the end of the day, they both committed tragedies. If neither was capable of moving on, I think that would have left a poor impression.

Ymir was done dirty. He completely fucked up everything in regards to her. She is not a slave trapped in agony for years like chapter led us to believe, but a love struck masochist? Miss me with that shit. Like get that shit outta here. LMAO and the fact that the titanization was immediately reversed, I remember taking last month's survey, thinking even Isayama wouldn't be that fucking spineless and yet! Here we are!!

As for you poll creator why do you always simp for historia, she's a side character, she did not even appear for the most part. She's a side character! As of a few weeks post-ending, Sadly, On the other hand, Attack on Titan is still Attack on Titan. What made it great will probably stick in my head, regardless of the ending. How it is now is something no one can undo.

It could have been greater but at the very least, the journey itself Isolated from the ending was fantastic. Good job ruining a series in a single chapter. I can't look the same way at cool Eren moments now, thinking it all concluded to basically almost nothing.

I don't think I can reread this series without a bad taste in my mouth knowing Eren got his mom killed, and then gaslights Reiner about it. Time travel was a mistake in the series because it opens up so many flaws and paradoxes. There could have been so many better decisions that could have been made, like letting Dina eat bertholdt and now they have both the colossal and a person with royal blood.

The final chapter should be wrapping up the story, not introduce more plot holes. The only way to have this series in the heart is to think that this chapter never happened. It's as they say 'Journey is more beautiful than Destination', in this case, this line makes perfect sense. The journey of the manga is the one that will remain in my heart and for that only, I would like to thank Mr.

There are good things although the bad things were more prominent. Or not really bad things, but the sudden theme change. It felt rushed. This had definitely changed my perspective of the whole show, but regardless of the ending, AoT will still remain as one of my top favorites. The realistic war drama turned out to be a love story. A toxic love, which started the titan story and a stupid love, which ended it. A lot of plot holes weren't closed, a lot of questions weren't answered.

The main character turned out to be a virgin-clown, some really interesting characters like Yelena or Hisu were ignored for Mikasa's sake. Armin behaved stupid, the Worm disappeared just like he appeared and we didn't see almost anything about the world after a big genocide, but we saw Mikasa mourning Eren. I'm disappointed in my favourite manga and I can't say if I will be able to read or watch it after this like I used to.

To the people calling AoT completely ruined because of the ending: Appreciate the journey it took to get to the final chapter. AoT may not have ended perfectly, but it ended beautifully. If I see another "It's about the journey and not the destination" one more time I'm going to go fucking insane. I literally can't enjoy any other snk content anymore cos all I can think about is this disappointing ending. Of course if you hate the ending a lot, there is always, always fanfiction to make it better.

Mikasa still in love with Eren at the end. Armin thanking Eren for murder. Eren possibly being a slave to fate the whole time. It cheapens all the character development we've gotten thus far. Lack of closure in countless ways for character's arcs and world details. Last shot we get of Reiner, one of the most complex and tragic characters in the story, is him sniffing Historia's letter. Give me a break. I don't think Isayama did his by his own wishes, if he did, it's kinda dissapointing.

If isayama got more time for ending this series it would be more clear. Most people couldn't understand the meaning behind this chapter. I don't think Isayama intended to cause so much division over this ending. There was always going to be a divide because people never fully agreed on what the aim of the story was, but the amount of disappointment that has come from this chapter has been higher than I expected. Personally, I just thought it was a bad ending.

It was rushed, there were elements that really did not need to be included and Eren's character was completely diminished. And of course the addition of a romance that was unnecessary and poorly developed. Overall, Isayama could have done a much better job if he spread the ending over multiple chapters and didn't confirm to formulaic endings. If people like it, then that's fine. I have no problem with that. But for me it was not a satisfying conclusion.

At least Levi's ending was pretty good. That would be validating as a critic and minority in the fan base. I cannot believe an author of Isayama's caliber seemingly just phoned it in for the finale of what is essentially his life's work and probable magnum opus.

I cannot stop thinking about all the different ways the ending could have been written. Like betraying people or hurting people. According to the clear majority Many of us wanted pain, but did we truly know what we were asking for? There was lack of mature emotional moments in the final chapter besides Levi's sendoff.

If he wanted to 'hurt' us or make us cry out of empathy, there wouldn't have been so much comedic moments. Hurt implies emotional investment; I didn't feel anything. Kinda cringed a bit. Did he really say that? Damn, what an ass. Well I am not hurt but disappointed but I guess that counts as a sort of pain.

The ending left with a bitter aftertaste like the ending of Season 8 of Game of Thrones. No, it was a cute ending. It was hurting but in good meaning. And it was really good chapter the ones who don't understand intentions of Eren can be not all just i found a few of people like this haters most are not mentally prepared for this manga.

Yes we were hurt by the terrible writing, even if he meant a tragedy he failed miserably. There were frankly signs of poor writing and characterization throughout, such as Armin's genius plans of basic logic.

I don't know. Maybe he did intend to hurt his readers by lowering the quality of the narrative towards the end. He did. I was never hurt more than nearly any other story I Know. The Rumbling arc was perfection itself. The pain caused by it through the start of the rumbling to the end was phenomenal. I enjoyed being hurt. This is Attack on Titan.

And Isayama delivered. So Yes. But simply saying Yes was not enough to describe how much he succeeded. Since this month once again smashed records for poll responses, it was interesting to see what words were most commonly used to describe the final chapter of the manga.

Like for example, the 1st place option on this question had nearly three times as many votes as the entire question itself had last month! And speaking of the first place option, it was Reddit, with over two-thirds of respondents using it to discuss the series.

Discord takes fourth place, with over votes. Youtube is fifth, with To see our theories, our inside jokes, and our heartfelt reactions to events long since past for us, even now, but that may be very new to you.

So To You, Years From Now, reading these results, we hope you enjoyed this ride as much as we all did. Momtaku: I started this poll in chapter 91, and hosted it on my tumblr blog until chapter This poll is the result of 15 individuals who have actively contributed over the last 5 years. Heidi: First I want to thank momtaku for bringing me onto the polls in the earlier days, and it has been such a pleasure working on them.

They even inspired me to start running an anime poll throughout season 3 and the final season. This poll also led to the birth of the podcast YouHearBigGirls, which I co-host and still very much enjoy doing. Obviously the manga is now over; and there are certainly a lot of mixed feelings about how it ended, which is perhaps inevitable when you have two endings; both of which were controversial in their own ways.

There have been ups and downs for us all, but one thing I am always certain of is that I will come away happy that I made lots of wonderful friends and had such a great time discussing things with all of you, even when we disagreed here and there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here with me. Puppet: Oh man, I was a big fan of the polls for a while before I joined the team. The month to month wait naturally leads to a lot of in depth speculation and theories that anime-onlies and binge readers often miss out on. My Discord history tells me I started working with the poll team during the Chapter poll. I want to thank Momtaku specifically for inviting me to the team to begin with, but I also want to extend my thanks to everyone who made this project possible, both the respondents and the rest of the poll team.

Thank you! As the manga neared its end I realised I wanted to contribute more somehow, and I was very fortunate to be invited to the poll team at chapter by the fabulous Momtaku. Kevin: I joined around chapter Even though I joined the poll team recently it has been such a fun and exciting emotional ride.

I want to especially thank Momtaku for posting the link to help out. I want to thank everyone at the poll team for being so welcoming to me and helping me out with any questions I had. To you readers thank you for taking these polls and giving us your opinions. It has always been very insightful to see what you all thought about the series. No matter how we think of how the series end I and I hope the rest of you are as grateful as I am for the community we have formed and the friends we have made.

I hope that you as well as I keep moving forward with whatever we do after this experience and cherish the experience we had. Thank you all. But I would rather just thank you for making these polls. Thank you for your efforts over the years. Cannot believe it's all done! Six years of following the story leaves me so many lessons and experience. Thank you for all your hard work Attack on Titan Wiki and whoever made this poll.

And I'm really grateful to everyone on the poll team! And the anime ones too!! I've been trying to process this chapter because while I love it, I'm fully aware that not everyone does and some people really, really don't like it. To be honest, it made me a little sad because this story brought together so many people and made us all really happy and I feel disappointed that not everyone can feel the same satisfaction that I do.

They're free to feel however they feel and I know that we can't convince ourselves to feel something that we don't really feel, but I just hope that people don't take their frustration over the ending and try to make it seem like this story was bad or disappointing as a whole. There is so much that is utterly great about this series and future stories should take notes on how Attack on Titan handled world building, character development, planning out plot points over long periods of time, and engaging narratives that kept people glued to even the smallest leaks every single month.

I love Attack on Titan more than any other story I've ever consumed and I'm sad to see it end, but I'm happy that it happened. This was a hell of a ride. Also thank you to the person who made this poll. It's very well designed and helped sort my feelings about the chapter! I wonder if Isayama even read his own manga with all the plot holes and inconsistencies showed in this chapter. Eren has been upset about his mom dying and is known to not be able to hide his emotions Sasha death, historia hand, all of season 1.

The talk with historia was referenced so many times but now seems like a waste of time, Mikasa being an Ackerman but being able to be influenced by paths, no yelena, no eren pov. This chapter wants you to believe that Tatakae eren was just acting the entire time, but its obvious Isayama genuinly wrote him to be like that.

Always thought there was something beautiful in Mikasa and Eren having a familial love in some ways the love between family can be just as strong if not more potent than romantic. This final arc was badly written in so many ways and even ruined entire characterizations.

But I fell in love with the series long before that. I fell in love with the series ever since I saw the first episode, and it became so good I had to pick-up the manga. I fell in love with the interesting and mysterious world Isayama created and the complex and beautiful characters he lovingly crafted.

I will take what I loved in this series and carry it with me for the rest of my life. You folks are amazing! I am so very sorry for this. This chapter gave me some pain, even though I liked enough of it to view it positively, because when I read it I interpreted it differently to a lot of readers it would seem. Thus, they would have stopped him either way but he took those memories of him visiting them just so that they would have no issues when it came to fighting him.

I think it was just poorly worded once again and that it came out completely wrong, but that is just my interpretation and why I still liked the characters regardless. Incoming second paragraph, still sorry but less sorry. To top it off he also ended up being the hero he always wanted to be and it was of his own accord. He chose to protect others.

Finally, when it comes to Historia and Reiner. Thank you once again too, if anyone actually made it this far through some nobodies rant! The chapter did was Yams said it would do - fuck us up basically. So I guess he used some pretty weird words to appease Eren when Eren was already pretty fucked up over knowing the future..

It affected he entire story for me which brings down the chapter itself even more. I am truly glad everyone is able to live peacefully without titans or the curse. I'm happy that Reiner can grow old with Connie and Jean and drink together like they said they would. I'm content with Levi living in peace after all those years of living in misery from the amount of loss during the war.

I definitely expected Armin in the end to make a history book, just never knew how he had Eren's side of the story. I'm not happy that Eren had to die in the end of this all but I know it was for the plot, as a way to end this show with a big bang.

Overall I appreciate the hard work put into this, even if this was the ending he may or not have intended on giving us. Why the fuck were the Galliard's forgotten, they both died for Reiner and didn't even got to say goodbye like the Survey Corps. Why was this the ending??? I feel especially bad for Mikasa and wish she would just burn that stupid scarf.

I enjoyed it for what it was. I'm glad Eren is dead, fuck that bitch. I wish the warriors were given a better ending. I was upset they didn't get any recognition in the end and Reiner and Pieck didn't get to give their final good bye to them in the fog, the warriors deserved to be more than just plot devices.

I enjoyed the chapter overall and find it really weird that people really wanted Eren to commit full on genocide. He does not know how to write romance omfg, the only exception being chad Ymir and Historia who should have had more time together.

I feel like a major theme of the series is people not being who we expect them to be. Maybe that's what Eren was supposed to be. I'll never truly understand his plan though. I feel like Eren could've maybe lived somehow. Maybe it's unrealistic but him dying only made him a martyr for Jeagerists in my mind. Plus I just wanted him to be happy with Mikasa.

Absolutely hated all of it. This doesn't even feel like Attack on Titan. Every single moral and message that the series has championed like no other since the start was completely massacred. Mikasa's storyline of breaking away from Eren was massacred. Eren's character was massacred. Reiner was massacred wasn't he confirmed to be gay?

The only good thing about this is Levi. Also, hell, idc if they're adopted, Mikasa and Eren are siblings. Every guidebook has put Eren and Mikasa in a family box together. Isayama himself said that rather than a lover, Eren viewed Mikasa as a mother figure. On top of the themes of this final arc revolving around family and sibling ties, the final twist of them being secretly in love is disgusting.

On top of that, Eren has been nothing more than verbally abusive to Mikasa. ON TOP of their relationship in general being paralleled to the pedophilic, abusive relationship with stockholm syndrome between Ymir and the King. Everyone forgiving Eren is a bad look too. Sure, the winner's write history, but Eren isn't part of some fascist regime that lasts years.

He fucking died. No one has to support him. He mercilessly killed a population that was the equivalent of the great dying extinction events of earth's history. Attack on Titan already stands on controversial ground with its holoucaust-like imagery, Paradis's lore being similar to Japan's, and the implications and commentary it makes on real life history and politics in spite of being a fictional show.

I feel sorry for people that followed this manga over many years, only for them to receive such a bad ending. I believe Grisha Jaeger's monologue from chapter 85 "Who was in the wrong? Or this world? It was probably both. I was foolish and ignorant And the world was unfair and mad" encapsulates perfectly the theme the final chapter depicted, and perhaps even Shingeki no Kyojin as a whole.

The things that really pissed me off like Historia's treatment were things I gave up on years ago. I was just pleasantly surprised with how happy the ending was and I'm here for Levi's perfect ending. I hate how happy Armin's ending is in comparison to Eren and Mikasa.

At first I was sad that Ymir Jaw died before season 4 but now I'm glad her character couldn't get ruined lol. At the end of the day, it is still a really great series although the ending was something left to be desired. I really wished it could be longer, but if that's how Isayama decides to end it then so be it. It's weird seeing the warriors and the scouts working together as ambassadors, feels kinda awkward. Kinda sad seeing Eren and Mikasa's bitter end even though there's no other way it could end.

I dont know why but I thought Levi would die since he's always the one that's left and seeing all his friends and limbs gone just makes me feel even worse for him. Overall happier ending than I had expected. Thankful for it. I hate seeing so many misconceptions. Attack on Titan to me has achieved more than almost any other fictional story with its intertwining storylines.

Enough can be said by Isayama's dream of knowing how the story would end in the beginning. To transform a story from fighting 'monsters' to all we have witnessed is nothing short of a pleasure and I have been lucky enough to experience it. These characters, these people, embody all that humanity has to offer across its shared history. From its successes against overwhelming odds, to its cruelty and beauty. Regardless of how it ended, Attack on Titan and its people will stay with me and I look forward to sharing this wonderful tale to those in the future.

Shinzou o Sasageyo. Attack on Titan was dated to be garbage upon becoming mainstream. Prolly more Ymir shenanigans there as well, who knows? Only Ymir knows. Attack on Titan was series that prided itself on how much it invested in its payoffs from an early point. I remember how much the basement reveal impressed me with how it managed to satisfy and keep up the intrigue despite the carrot at the end of the stick having now been eaten. The series showed incredible confidence in its willingness to change, yet not feel divorced from what it was.

In fact, I could reflect more positively on earlier chapters knowing where the story was going and all of this meant something. This chapter, and this entire final arc, betrays pretty much everything I had grown to like about the series. The logistics of it all feel so railroaded, begging you not think about them lest the house of card come crashing down. It's a painfully rote action hero ending with shallow lip service paid to a supposedly sympathetic villain, because that's just how the heroes are meant to act.

The way the manga ended almost the same way it started just blows my mind. From the first chapter, there are tiny details of what's gonna happen. The parallelism and the symbolism! Isayama is a genius. Bro I was hoping for 45 page long sex scene with Eren and historia, but I guess the bird was cool. I think Isayama did not give the end Levi deserved. Even if I loved the Levi scene, I wish something even more shooking would happen for him before the end, even if he had to die.

I would actually rather see him dying as a hero than on a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, what comes to undermine it all is the way in which these plot points and ultimate conclusions are portrayed. Levi, Mikasa, Falco and Gabi were the only characters who's story wasn't completely ruined.

Can't really believe so many people didn't get that Ymir's love for Karl Fritz was Stockholm syndrome, but considering the term was only invented in our world in , Isayama couldn't explicitly say it was, but I guess you can kinda fault him for using something like that in his story. I feel people are too obsessed with their head cannon to allow themselves to enjoy the ending. The same happened with GoT, but at least that was poor as many obvious themes led to nothing.

Here, the ending makes sense. My favourite theory was the high school dream theory, but this was far more realistic. Isayama wanted to make Watchmen, but didn't have the writing skills of Alan Moore. Lots of plotholes I wish they fixed. Was looking forward to the mystery behind the Ackerman Clan but that didn't happen either.

Mikasa deserved better. I'm no longer an Armin fan, him mocking Eren after breaking down was disgusting. Hange's death was pointless, and I wish they were alive and chilling with Levi, Gabi, Falco and Onyankopon. Ymir is a vindictive little bitch who should've sculpted Eren a Paths body so he could be with Mikasa, even if they have to go in hiding.

Fuck this ending. I'm disappointed with how Mikasa and Historja were handled, and feel SNK fell victim to typical Shonen problems with female characters. I'm fine with how things end of it's really how Isayama wanted it. I just wish it wasn't all in the last chapter. Also it feels like Isayama 'told' us what happens in this chapter instead of 'showing' it.

This seems quite unlikely as he is an excellent author who has delivered messages through showing us concepts through many micro-narratives in the story, as opposed to only characters saying them. On a whole I feel I dislike most of the things in the first half of the chapter while liking most of the content in the second half. Would have been nice if it was longer than a normal chapter to better wrap some plot threads up and give the final chapter more emphasis.

Can King Fritz erase my memories of this chapter minus the Levi's farewell to the scouts part? Can we just appreciate Armin defending Mikasa against the Marleyans the same way he defended Eren against the Garrison back in season one? Would have been nice if this chapter gave us a clear explanation why Eren saw a Point if view shot of Goth Mikasa and Nerd Armin, and a Areal point of view shot of Falco back in historia hand kissing times.

You know what, f it. Lets talk about Reiner some more. Reiner was by far the best character in any manga I have ever read. He starts off as a literal child soldier thinking hes hot shit, a Marleyan ready to truly liberate his country and himself from the evil Paradisian scourge.

Then he gets his kicked shit in Marcel. Then it happens again literally by Annie. And again Marcel. But he picks himself back up. And everytime Reiner keeps pushing himself, keeps making the hard moral decisions of whether to keep going or to confess until it literally breaks his mind in half.

Unlike every other character, even with the gun to his head, he takes all of the shit of the world, holds it in himself, and keeps pushing forward. Because he's the Armored Titan. The one to stand in the defense of others. A reformed hero that stands as a foil to the monster that is Eren.

I'm a ReiKasa stan, where the romance has actual viability and emotional maturity. Reiner should be on kid 3 5 years from now. I liked the pain Isayama intended by having Eren suffer not being free but a slave to destiny and tragic love with Mikasa. I liked the themes of sacrifice, forgiveness, and mistrust being explored in the chapter. I was upset with the sugary coating given to Eren and the Alliance. It felt very out of place from the rest of the series.

I liked the whole Ymir thing and her love for the king but it should have been hinted. Isayama seems like he views everything characterization, themes, etc as less important than the plot. I guess this is what he meant when he said he didn't intend for AoT to have any kind of message, but it ruined the enjoyability for me anyway. Isayama should have done more chapters and shouldn't have given in to the demands of his editor.

I hate the Jaegerists' emblem. How can they use the style of 'Wings of freedom' with riffles. Just no. They took 'sasageyo', they took 'if you don't fight you can't win I'm sad, I'm affraid for the alliance, I'm affraid for the peace. It did a good job of ending the series, but it felt sloppy. Eren lost a lot of depth by being portrayed as a hero. The use of ghosts felt lazy, Levi's ending would have been more impactful with him clutching Erwin's bolo or something. Armin felt way too okay with Eren's genocide even though I doubt that was the intent, it was still portrayed unbelievably messily.

The ending overall feels almost fanservice-y. I'll never forgive Isayama for what he did to Reiner's arc lmao. Considering what numerology says about and kind of gives me hope. With all the future traveling it is very possible to make a good ending after this shitty one. The poor fan translation had too much influence on the reception to the ending, as did some unjustified predictions.

There are fair reasons to criticize the ending - I don't necessarily agree, but I can at least respect them - but a lot of people had less fair criticisms as a result of the above. Hopefully the expansion of the chapter helps matters. There are going to be more pages in the official volume 34 so hopefully that erases some confusion and clears up some stuff that was rushed. I really liked it, but it could've used a lot more panels. There was some things left out that I wish they could elaborate on but the ending was bittersweet and exactly what should happen even though I wish everyone had happy endings.

I'm glad the future of the world and the characters is left ambitious with many different interpretations, yet it remains hopeful. I feel like a lot of the series has been about finding hope when there isn't any and fighting anyway, so THAT aspect of the ending was dare I say pretty fucking perfect.

I think it does a lot of other things really well that line up with the themes I've gotten out of the story up until that point. I don't see a lot of the same flaws with the ending other people do, but I don't care to argue of it. I don't want to say something is bad just because everyone else does and I know I liked it, so these "bad" things can't really be bad if I like them, right?

Isn't it subjective or whatever? Maybe I'm just a contrarian, idk But the difference in opinions in the AOT fandom has certainly been of the the things I'm most interested about, because the closer we've gotten to the end, the more divided people have been over everything that's going on. So I'm glad this poll exists and I'm sorry for whoever saw how much I type and said "fuck no".

I still find the series pretty great but this last chapter I have to say the reason I appreciate, or to be content to say the least with this chapter was I read the chapter as itself. My wholesome side loved how everyone survived loved, was fine with Historia's child is actually the with Farmer-kun or that Hallu-chan just disappering. Hell I first didn't like but then appreciated Eren not giving us a concrete answer to why he really caused the rumbling.

This chapter destroyed Eren's characterization. Before its release, I would've been content with the ending since there were subtle hints that the ending was changed in some way with Eren losing. The one thing that I asked of the chapter was that whatever happens to Eren it doesn't invalidate everything he's done up to this point Now, rereading Eren's moments especially in Paths and will just make me cringe knowing that all of it was apparently a facade and not what Eren truly desires even in his inner monologues like wtf.

I'm convinced he was retconned to be used as plot device solely for this chapter. Also, where was Eren's final tatakae moment that Isayama promised? This chapter didn't ruin the whole manga for me, but it could've been a lot better. Whatever happens in the ending, I don't mind because I don't really lean on any side. I trusted Isayama that he'll give us a logical and satisfying ending. But I have to admit that there were a lot of plot holes in this chapter and character arcs were completely wasted.

I ship EM but I wasn't satisfied with the whole EM thing in the latest chapters because I think it was just all of the sudden and poorly developed. I always wanted to like Mikasa and Armin, and the previous chapter was so good. And they were so lame in this chapter I just don't care about them anymore.

Romance in shonen has never failed to disappoint me, and not even AoT - such a refreshingly asexual manga - was spared. This chapter shows Isayama's near perfect handle on the story he crafter over 10 years in its surgical destruction of almost everything that has been building up since the beginning. Maybe more explanation about Mikasa and the Hisuzu thing should be nice. This chapter reminded me why I stay away from fandoms to avoid the drama , and why I couldn't help but come back because drama is fucking hilarious.

Eren be able to fulfill his promise to himself ,to his friends and to his people. He never change, he never that cocky , he always selfish since he was born, most importantly, he always love mikasa. Eren being slave to a fate is character assassination. Eren left a chance for Eldians to be free from oppression, and he wants Armin to be the ray of hope that can act on that chance, and prove that Eldians are different from everyone else.

War can never end so long as two humans have different viewpoints, we all know that, but it leaves a hopeful feel. Eren pulling a Lelouch feels rushed, undeserved, and worst of all thematically incoherent with the story. Not only is it justifying a genocide worse than anything we've seen in the real world by giving it a meaning and a reason for happening that leads to a greater good, but it also lacks the narrative development needed to pull it off.

Most if not all of the issues of this chapter could've been solved very easily simply by changing some of the dialogue and structuring the final arc better. If that had been done, even this ""Zero Requiem"" ending could've been great. Eren should have completed his goal. We already knew he didn't want to murder so many people but he became cold for Paradis' sake. They are her direct blood and she wants to make sure they don't experience the same hell she lived as a human.

Make the other Eldians eventually come to this line of thinking ""all humans deserve freedom irregardless of background"" and they no longer need a god like Ymir to protect them. It would change Ymir's mind about remaining in the Paths and defending the Eldians forever. Eren would still be seen as the evil force that united the people of the world while making ""The Alliance"" and Eldians heroes of the world.

Mikasa should've let Eren go fully is my only real complaint the ending should've been Armin and her burying Eren and meeting with the others. Showing they've both let Eren go and are committed to moving on from him. Mikasa was good. Armin, eh alright. Could care less about anything else. None of it made sense. Decent but not great - felt like it was being built up to have a crazy ending, maybe i read too much into the theories.

Mikasa will pretty much be the only character I won't miss. So disappointing. But the rest of the characters make up for it. Mikasa, Armin and Jean? Also, i hate these fascist vibes. Mikasa, Levi and Ymir deserved better and a better conclusion to their character arc. Mikasa's character development arc is complete. Same with many other characters. I'm glad Levi is alive.

I wish we got more info on Eren time travelling to Eren Kruger, more about Xavier, what really happened years ago, Historia's stance, Annie and Armin. Behind The Sea. She Had The World. Mad As Rabbits. Alternative version. Behind The Sea Alternative version. She Had The World Alternative version. The Ballad Of Mona Lisa. Kill Tonight. Trade Mistakes. The Calendar.

Sarah Smiles. Stall Me. Oh Glory. I Wanna Be Free. Turn Off The Lights. Kaleidoscope Eyes. New Perspective. Brendon Urie. Read More. Summary: From the outside, Revenge may look like your typical show about bored, pretty rich people, but the reality of it is a much darker, much more twisted, and much more interesting tale.

After she was released at the age of 18, Nolan, her future confidant and only true friend, came to tell her the truth about what had happened to her father, and to offer his assistance in getting retribution. And that is where our story begins.

Summary written by Sarah. Allen and Henry Czerny. Download : Supernatural Season Download : Supernatural Season 7 : Episodes

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