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south park 16x01 subtitles torrent

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And as I said, given the other love interests Bonnie's saddled with, Nora seemed like a perfectly good option, except it'd have ruined her and Mary Louise's year love story - except they did that anyway by killing them both off soon after they got engaged.

The most frustrating thing about this whole storyline is that Bonnie's sexuality is left up in the air in such a way that it seems like they're trying to go out of their way to make it clear she's straight without actually saying it, which is If Bonnie really were queer, it would be an example of a queer POC main character, which would be groundbreaking even in And if they'd actually explored the possibility of a relationship between Nora and Bonnie, it'd have been an interracial lesbian relationship, which, again, was still rare even in But, obviously, nothing happened - and Nora and Mary Louise were killed off for good measure, right in the middle of the Bury Your Gays epidemic in in which scores of queer characters were killed off across tens of shows.

See - I said these shows had a terrible track record with representation. On to The Originals. Something that stood out about this series was how the women tried to form mutually beneficial alliances even as the men tore up the city in their relentless pursuit of power.

Something that was exemplified by Rebekah's numerous attempts to strike up alliances with other women using the phrase "Us girls gotta stick together", typically with the kind of devilishly flirtatious smile that brooked no argument and basically ensured that the alliance would happen. But as I said, it wasn't just Rebekah, each woman on the show tried to build a bridge to, well, somewhere better, with other women - while the men would use just about anything as an excuse for more war.

Rebekah even complained about how men never held fast to an alliance, although her attempts to ally with other women were short-lived too. She even tried to ally with Davina, although that was before Klaus poisoned Davina's love interest, Tim, and she had to sacrifice herself so her Harvest magic wouldn't destroy the city. Her relationships with Hayley and Freya, though, were lasting. For her part, Hayley formed friendships with both Davina and Cami, although her strongest relationships were with Rebekah and Mary Jackson's mother.

Mary was in fact the only one Hayley trusted with Hope and everything else while on the run from Marcel with 5 unconscious Mikaelsons. Davina and Cami also formed an unusually strong friendship. But there's one more important character I haven't mentioned yet. The one thing that characterized Freya more than anything else was her desperation for a family. Specifically, her relationships with the male members of her family.

She clearly cared for Rebekah but when forced to choose, she chose to stay with Klaus and Elijah in New Orleans when Rebekah left. She didn't particularly care for Hayley, even, and there were few other women that were even on her radar. Just in case you forgot, Freya condemned Davina to an unknowable hell just so she could save Klaus and Elijah's sorry asses from Lucien. In that respect, Freya was cast in a similar light to the male characters on The Originals - cruel and uncaring, particularly towards female characters the only people she cared about being her family, particularly male members of her family, for whom she was willing and able to do just about anything.

Of course, Freya couldn't match Klaus and Elijah's cruelty even if she tried, but what she did to Davina was, possibly, the cruelest thing one female character ever did to another on The Originals. But there was another aspect to Freya's character - she was bisexual. Of course, the show tried to downplay and minimize that repeatedly up until about Season 4. Here are two of the most egregious examples, both from Season 3.

When the Mikaelsons first get to know of the prophecy from Lucien, he provides the visions of a seer named Alexis as evidence. At one point, Alexis leaves Lucien's penthouse and goes to the Strix's party, causing Lucien and Klaus to crash the party, allowing Freya to sneak away and find Alexis.

Freya and Alexis tangle briefly, before Alexis kisses Freya, hitting her with an aphasia spell in the process. Freya responds by knocking her out with a sucker punch. Seriously, can we just stop with these instances where a woman kisses another woman, and she responds by punching her a particularly extreme example is the Gotham Season 3 finale, in which Barbara kisses Tabitha in an effort to confuse her and get the upper hand as they struggle, and Tabitha kills her in response.

It's even more disgusting than having two straight women kiss as part of a threesome or whatever the hell was happening with Rick, Jenna and Lila in The Purge - honestly, at this point I'm convinced that having Lili Simmons kiss a girl was pure titillation for straight male viewers, and that what they'd actually prefer is to watch her have sex with Liev Schreiber, a man who's more than 20 years older than her.

This is the first instance where we get an inkling that Freya might not be straight - there was nothing before this to suggest anything of the sort. But nothing much comes of it. The next instance is later on in the season when Freya and Kol reminisce about the one time Freya came to a grand Mikaelson party in New Orleans and she proved "resistant" to Kol's "charms" - Kol then says he guessed that was because she was more into the women, and Freya suggests that maybe it was more because she was his sister.

The whole thing is cringey as hell and again, it's just more minimizing of Freya's bisexuality. What's interesting is the fact that Freya herself minimizes and downplays her bisexuality in both these instances, and both these instances are not about her bisexuality, rather they're about Freya's relationships with the brothers she loves so much. These character traits of Freya's - being cruel and uncaring towards other women, and her minimization and downplaying of her own bisexuality - come together in an odd way.

Essentially, while the straight female characters on the show - Davina, Cami, Rebekah and Hayley - did form relationships with other women even if those weren't always long-lasting or very close relationships , Freya, the only queer female character, had few relationships with other women - platonic or romantic. The straight women showed more caring for and solidarity with one another than the bisexual woman showed for any woman.

It's a disappointing way to portray a bisexual woman, and I haven't even gotten to the worst part yet. And then Keelin fell in love with her captor. I'm not kidding - the only two queer female characters on The Originals ended up in a Stockholm Syndrome relationship, where the captor is a white woman and the captive a black woman. Although I suppose it is par for the course for a show that showed us a gay man trying to "cure" his vampire daughter of her vampirism by using torturous aversion therapy, which, as Sparky says, "throws in a level of discrimiflip And Freya and Keelin are the only two queer characters on The Originals who survive, and then they get married and have a child, and Freya even appeared in a Legacies Season 2 episode where she mentions that she and Keelin are thinking of sending their son, Nik, to the Salvatore School when he's older.

Also, incidentally, Riley Voelkel Freya hasn't done a single queer role since then apparently - two of her recent roles were in Roswell, New Mexico in which her character was in a straight relationship , and Hightown which features, apparently, Voelkel's character in some graphic straight sex scenes - which, again, just Now, obviously, Legacies' attempts at queer or POC representation are nowhere near as bad as this it's not like they could be - both queer and POC viewers are demanding much better, and networks are at least responding to some extent , but some of the undercurrents of mistreatment of queer and POC characters continue.

Let's start with Rafael, and specifically the Hope and Rafael pairing, because even though there's only one pairing I've wanted to see throughout this series, and that's Hope and Josie, I feel for Hafael shippers. This show has screwed over Rafael both in general and in terms of a potential relationship with Hope.

At first, obviously, Raf was wary of Hope because she, um, tried to kill Landon, and he was obviously concerned about the health of his beloved foster brother. But when Penelope's meddling led to them ending up locked in a room together, Hope and Raf genuinely bonded, with Raf even coming back later to show Hope she'd taught him well when it came to dancing.

Raf doesn't realize his growing attraction towards Hope until Season 1 Episode 11, however, in which the slugs cause him to confess his feelings in front of the entire school. Afterwards, he tries to distance himself from Hope, but it doesn't work, with Raf ultimately confessing that he doesn't know how to be around her and not being able to talk about it with anyone and worrying about Landon just makes it worse. Hope encourages Raf to focus on himself rather than his brother for some time and do whatever he needs to do to get better, and gives him a reverse kyanite ring and the option to turn so he can work through his emotions as a wolf.

Raf takes it, but with Hope sacrificing herself to Malivore, he forgets Hope and stays a wolf until she turns him back after her return to Mystic Falls in Season 2. While Raf still doesn't remember Hope, he does remember his attraction to her and in Episode 6, while Hope is technically unattached, she does tell him she's not seeing anybody - but soon enough, Josie brings back everyone's memories and Raf again distances himself from Hope to protect Landon. In fact, he leaves to stay with his father and comes back some episodes later.

When she's struggling to choose between her friends and Landon, Hope turns to Raf for advice. Again, even though he's helped her through these dilemmas, and even though he clearly does love her, the show refuses to even consider the possibility of Hope and Raf being a couple. In Season 3, in fact, when Landon reads from a book about King Arthur's descendant, we see Raf as said descendant and Hope as a knight in the vision of the story that's shown to us, but immediately afterwards, Raf begins coughing up black sludge he's dying and in the end, with Hope's help, ends up with his family in the prison world, living out his version of heaven - spending his final day on earth with his family, over and over again.

I have some thoughts. First, it's interesting that in the central love triangle of this show, the white guy Landon wins, seemingly by default, every time while the black guy Raf has to go through the torture of not being able to be with the girl he loves and not even being able to say he wants to be with her out of fear of hurting the other guy in the triangle, his brother.

Landon has more romantic history with Hope, Hope is clearly in love with him and they get together before Raf realizes he has feelings for Hope, which creates a situation in which he loses out, every single time. This, when Raf actually recognizes some of Hope's issues and even tries to help her work through them, something Landon never does. This, when Raf repeatedly stands aside because he doesn't want to hurt either of the people in that relationship - and Landon never once even suggests doing the same.

This, when Raf doesn't actually get to be happy with anyone else either - his fledgling relationship with Josie ends when she votes that Landon should leave the school, Lizzie sleeps with him and expects that should be enough for them to have a relationship, Cassie dies - all over again - I mean, I forgot just how much shit Raf has gone through in terms of his relationships, even apart from the fact that he's clearly a better partner for Hope than Landon ever was and still, he doesn't get to be with her.

And then he has to leave, just after finding out something that makes him special beyond just being a wolf - he's King Arthur's descendant, for God's sake. Like I said, I really feel for Hafael shippers because Raf's a good potential partner for Hope and instead, he goes through enough crap on this damn show that it's enough to induce you to stop watching. Then there's MG, who's hopelessly in love with Lizzie. She gets to know this, and she strings him along all through Season 1 and even during her relationship with Sebastian, who, to put it mildly, turns out to be a bit of a jerk.

She never even admits to having feelings for him, even as she relies on him more and more to help her with all her issues. She does sort of admit to feeling something for him when she kisses him in Season 2 Episode 15, but even that doesn't last. And all the show does after that is play up the chemistry between them. MG's painful relationship with his father, his being a Ripper, his leaving the school because he doesn't know what his role is there, through all of that it's Kaleb, and later to some extent Ethan, who's there for him.

And it's not like his other relationships fare much better, either - Kym does have feelings for him and they kiss before she leaves, but she does leave and Kaleb initially throws a fit, almost forcing MG to choose between his best friend and the girl he loves , and Alyssa cheats on him with Jed, which Kaleb, for his part, is made out to be a troublemaker and a pain in the ass for Alaric and they only change that when his friendship with MG starts getting stronger - and he, again, is sidelined both in terms of storyline and relationships.

We know very little about his history, and he only opens up about how he became a vampire when he tries to be honest with Cleo although there is the fact that his sister - Kym -knew about the vampire he became vulnerable with who then turned him; and stuck with him anyway. Beyond that, we know precious little about him and his only storyline is that he's a readily available vampire for the "Squad".

His crush on Alyssa doesn't go anywhere because unlike Jed, he'd never hurt MG, and with Cleo, it seems like he's finally found someone he can be happy with, except that lasts for a hot minute before Cleo leaves too. Kym's storyline consists of these parts - she and MG fall for each other, Kaleb tries to dictate terms to her, Alyssa tries to kill her and then she leaves after kissing MG. As for Cleo, she seems to be a genuinely caring friend towards Hope, and even after her deception is revealed they at least don't turn her into a villain, letting her explain that she's not evil, she just wants Malivore gone - but she leaves too.

And that's just the black students at the school - other POC and queer characters go through a lot of shit too. The fact is, with the TVD and The Originals creative crew reprising their roles for Legacies, their mistreatment of queer and POC characters in this show was to be expected. It's horrible, and one'd hope it was better, but that's just the way it is.

Here we go again! Here's a fraction of the many many amazing fics out there that I've read lately. Versus by astroboots Shameless self promotion here. Dave is assigned to take out Frankie's ex wife — and it forces Frankie to tap into a dark part of him he had wished to leave behind him. Debrief by pumpkin-stars because holy fucking shit it's so well done? A brief wednesday challenge of poker night with Dave and his team that is hot as fire with the smut.

Also while you're here may I suggest to you, her whole damned masterlist???? Dave and Intern by frannyzooey A series of short asks and snippets with Dave and his intern and a relationship where he shares everything with her. Kelli is a fucking menace. Every day I try to live my life like an upright citizens with some semblance of morals.

Every day she sets out to destroy them and forces me to get down from my high horse and act like a thotty clown. Blueshift by corvueros Din pegging!!!!!! Meg is one of the most talented people I've ever read and on top of that she's also a fucking menace, so not only does she combine grand amazing adventures in her stories that reads like something out of a goddamned published adventure novel.

On top of that she writes smut so hot it feels like a physical assault. In all seriousness. This is absolutely amazing. The relationship with reader and Din - with reader being his travel companion, it has such an amazing dynamic. The plot is amazing. It's a perfectly woven story from the first to the last word. I know what you like by delusionsxfgrandeur So corvueros pulled me into her pit of depravity of Boba With the most sinful Boba watches Din eat out reader and then have sex with her. It was so hot, it had me sitting in front of the freezer to cool down so my brains would leak out from my ears.

The characterisation is on point, Din is soft and just ;alksjd;aksdj!! Boba is demanding even as he's tied up and rendered physically vulnerable. This is just Grenade by thirstworldproblemss A beautiful short little story where Din gets hurt. Hurt and comfort and me crying like a baby Have you ever had a person write emotions so well it makes your heart explode? That's TWP.

She writes yearning like no one else, and angst that will have you weeping on the floor. Here's her masterlist to prove it. But it is ok I promise, because there will always be a happy ending. A hydrospanner in the works by heatherbel A multi-chapter Din story where so far only the first chapter is out and I'm mad because I don't know how I am supposed to summarize this without giving anything away?

I can't describe the hot as fire first smutty scene and what happens. I can't describe that shocking revelation of the first scene. So let me just tell you, it's good duh , it's intriguing, duh and so well written DUH and dear god I cannot wait for the next part. Hummingbird by buttercup--bee SHIT. This is so ridiculously beautiful written it actually takes my breath away. A multi-chapter piece where reader finds herself trapped with Ezra after a prospect work gone wrong.

I don't even know where to start to describe it. Ava has an ethereal out of this world way with words, and in the hands of her Ezra we are all but mortals. In all seriousness though, she nails each and every emotion so well. Fear, attraction all shook up into a beautifully conflict of emotional work that is Hummingbird. Say it again by yespolkadotkitty A short and beautiful little Ezra snippet.

My Kitty writes emotions like no one else out there. This will make your heart squeeze so tightly. Masturbation yearning galore which is TWP's calling sign, no one writes yearning like her. No one writes like her period. This is one of the most on-fire things I've read in my life and I love this big brained clown so much with all her amazing writing.

Wet Work or how to lose your deposit in two easy steps by loversandantiheroes Frankie accidentally makes you squirt Medsie - this maniac ringleader started Feral Frankie Fridays. Ok guys I've recommended like a catalogue worth of Frankie but this one you just have to read if it's the last thing you do. This is a beautiful childhood friends to lovers stories that reads like the most perfect holiday Christmas season rom-com with so much heart and character depth written even in the few chapters we have so far.

It is absolutely breathtakingly sincere and heartwarming. All I ever Longed for by keeper0fthestars Cindy is the Frankie writer of my heart ok?!?! I honestly could and probably will list out every single one of her Frankie pieces on her masterlist and wander around the street like a drunk Jehova's witness walking up to strangers going READ THIS!! The tears I cried reading this is unreal. Fruit snacks by blueeyesatnight This is such a fun and hilarious slice of life look at Frankie taking his kids on an excursion with Santi?

The dialogue is hilarious and so much fun and I love the chaotic energy of the Morales family. I recommend this so so strongly. Home by charnelhouse The month of May is dangerously close to becoming a replication of Charnelhouse's entire masterlist. But her stuff is so bloody brilliant?! I cannot even?!?!! This is a gorgeous exploration of the trauma that Frankie had sustained through war, how he pieces himself together and allow himself to move on through his family and finding peace in it.

All under 1. It's a goddamned masterpiece. Peaceful living by pumpkin-stars A beautiful little snippet with hints of Will x Frankie that will have you dreaming and yearning for a farmhouse with Mr Morales. The answer by thosewickedlovelies Santi x reader x Frankie piece that is so beautiful, emotional and breathtaking. I cannot believe I have never encountered Rachael's work until now?!?! It's a travesty? I am a consumer of all threesome content but even moreso where Frankie is involved and this is so ridiculously good I'd urge everyone to read it now.

Salted by silksaddle The way this thing had me straight up frothing at the mouth. Can you believe this was written in a day for the Friday Feral Frankie Challenge? It is hot and feral and ;aslkdja;slkdj;aksjd! No words. Risk and Reward by loversandantiheroes Am I cheating because this is faaaar from the first time I've read this piece?

But do I think you should read it again even if you have read it before? This is one of the most perfect, pieces of Frankie you will ever read or ever need to read. It has everything: competence kink, praise kink, Frankie with a big [redacted] the most hot-fire-amazing description of an orgasm on this side of the planet? Yes all of those. Scenes from a Marriage by pedropascaldice I will recommend this piece always and forever. A beautiful multi-chapter story where each chapter can stand on its own.

It's beautiful, it's mesmerising, and it's a fucking masterpiece. This is an actual TV-Show in book format. Jay is an insane person. That is the only reason you can write something this brilliant, and encompassing with so many layers, character building and emotionally gripping plot that will leave you unable to breathe with adrenaline just pumping through your veins.

Jay's so prolific and the quality is never compromised Laredo by filthybookworm This is one of the most beautiful small snippets I've read of Javi period. A breakdown of his relationship with his hometown if he even sees it as such anymore , this is poetry pure and simple and it has my heart squeezing tight and painful, because it is one of the most accurate things I've read of his character.

Mary is one of the most masterful writers of smut, emotions and yearning that I've ever had the pleasure to read. And this!?! It had me frothing around the mouth that my husband thought I was developing rabies. Wrong numbers and cake emergencies by songsformonkeys My beloved swedish mafia boss writes the most beautiful emotional pieces and she plays your emotions like a fucking concert pianist.

Marcus needs to bake for his mom and accidentally texts you a stranger for a recipe and you oblige. It is something straight out of my rom-com fantasy. Frankie x reader x Marcus threesome—yeah you read that right. I don't even care it's not a complete thing yet. This thing wrecked my brain and I am very upset about it and Cindy can expect to hear from my lawyer about the pending lawsuit that awaits.

No one should be allowed to be THIS talented. The right thing by disgruntledspacedad Jay I love you but jesus christ sometimes it's like A fix it fic of Marcus Moreno and his dead wife. Jay fixes it. Big Broad Chunky Himbo by wyn-dixie Tiny snippet but holy shit yes Empty head, brain goes brrrrrrrrr. Fight or Flight by yespolkadotkitty The fact that this woman has me out here recommending Max Phillips fic is a testament to how fucking brilliant of a writer she is?

Like don't get me wrong I still hate this asshole and I always will. But no one writes humour, and heart like Kitty, and it is the kind of read that will leave you grinning and smiling long after. Under the moonlight by pumpkin-stars Remember when I said read her whole masterlist??

Girl is talented, have me here frothing over Tovar going all yeaaah. I too want him to fuck me in palatial Moroccan styled bath. Shelter in place by yespolkadotkitty A priest Tovar Kitty is the master of Tovar! And this is such a godly pun hehe piece. The sexual tension is visceral enough you could cut it with a knife and breathtaking imagery and atmosphere has me yeaaaaarning.

This is such a brilliant piece of fiction. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. It is so unique, the world building is detailed, rich and has such a strong sense of adventure and genre. Breathing living fully realized characters - check; gorgeous settings that feels like you're there? Beautiful hot smoking smut that leaves you reeling? It's an amazingly unique and brilliantly written piece that I couldn't recommend strongly enough.

Tell me lover are you lonely by charnelhouse Benny fic. This is one of the best character studies I've seen of Benny. It's written like a beautiful HBO limited series about what it's like to grow up in a small town and wanting to run away from it all. How two people who couldn't be further apart when they were young reconnect in adulthood and it is a thing of fucking beauty. The price of souls by ladytrashbird this beautiful masterpiece of the money itself from Triple Frontier being haunted.

Each chapter is a character study of the character's deepest fear. Her latest chapter is from the POV of Santi and her take on him is one of the most unique and heartwrenching things that is so accurate it's painful. Depression headcanon by littleferal So the lockdown has lasted officially for more than a year now, and things have been rough for everyone all around including myself.

I find myself constantly going back to Lissi's headcanon that are soft, loving and uplifting for emotional support. This is definitely very timely and I'd recommend so strongly for everyone who needs that extra little dose of serotonin to read this. In fact please go read all of her masterlist. You will be safe in her soft little feral heart with your emotions. Kelli is a master with words, emotion and the heartswelling torrent of what it is like to love and allow yourself to be loved and this piece is the proof of that.

Firstly, I am no one. My fifteen minutes of fame was years ago, when I had an instagram niche meme page. And my posts averaged six thousand likes! I am hardly literate and well hydrated and carry a small sephora-CVS-hybrid worth in my mini tote bag. Here is my guide on how to live like me, the intermediate kitsch-rat, aspiring influencer.

But like, in an apathetic, somewhat dissonant, ironic way. I like saying I live by dogmatic principles. But a lot of it, um, is just eating disorder rituals. New York, ideally. West Village, preferably. But I guess the kind of guide I can write is better suited to someone living in a suburb, in a house with the twelve-paned windows.

I always thought those were so chic. SO quaint, in a somewhat luxe way. Like, Connecticut vibes. My parents used to drive me up there as a child to buy books and ice cream. Because I popped a Vyvanse at like, 10pm, this next little bit could go one of two ways.

I will write the most articulate, brilliant piece of literature of my life. Magnum opus, if there was a skinnier word for it. Or, I will get wrapped up doing something like folding all my last-season knits which is part of my look, okay!

Nothing personal, just an observation. Also, I do have a biology final to study for. But I happen to also be teetering on the brink of an epiphany or a collapse. Hence the use of the word precarious. The first section seems only natural to be about hydration. And the whole idea of drinking things, really.

There was a section in The Chic Diet about Adderall dry-mouth, which deeply resonated with me. Once I bit off a chunk of a Nivea Strawberry Shine my favorite lip balm, more on that later and swished it around my mouth. Anyway, I suppose that even if it served no purpose for combatting my prevacatingly ingenious cottonmouth solution, I was able to milk a sentence or two out of the experience.

And wearing bananapapaya resin hoops too. Side note, that Etsy shop is a parasocial enemy of mine. Or something. Like, pretty sure almost every problem I have could be solved by a couple painful conversations taking place during a hurricane. Anyhow, I digress. Staying hydrated. Hydroflasks were some of the worst things to happen to society. I want to preface this claim with the fact that I wanted one in the same way a teenage girl wants a new iPhone so she can keep up appearances with her dermatologist-dad friends who still have the XR, by the way.

But I ended up spending the money on like, a minidress at Brandy Melville before it fled my city. Or maybe a Fresh Sugar tinted lipbalm. For the better, even though the dress has a busted zipper now and the lipbalm tube has inevitably gotten dinged and dented by the other contents of my mini-totebag. Unlike a car, though, a couple scuffs on your laptop or your luxury lipbalm tube looks kind of cool.

I literally drink several litres of water a day, and more tea on top of that. And sometimes an almond milk latte if I can budget it in. Drinking lukewarm on the cool side water is better than ice-cold. Plus, there is something so.. Trust me, I want to know why my thought process is like this too. My favorite tea is blueberry tea foraged in a side aisle at my local supermarket.

I love a good commercial, high-end steep or fruit infusion as much as the next girl. Maybe more. But there is a necessary glamor about drinking dirt-cheap tea on the daily. At a higher point with my, um, Adderall problem, I spent like several times that on pills.

This tea is sooo good because it has a strong fruit-reminiscent taste not as sweet as a fresh blueberry, but who wants that anyway? The latte, the third drink in my little trifecta, is nothing special. But necessary. The trick is to use a milk frother to whip up sugar free syrup with instant coffee and a little bit of hot water in a glass. Top it off with almond milk. Now, calling oneself a plebian is so unglamorous and teetering on self-deprecating territory, dangerously close to insecurity.

But I can use it here because I am at least posh enough to have a different pair of earrings for every outfit I could possibly come up with, and I only wear Patagonia if I am in a situation where I just have to wear fleece. Like I was saying. This is a lie, or at least an exaggeration. If you are loyal to Dior Lipglow, I have a couple questions. One; did you shoplift one tube, once, and refill it with cheaper stuff afterwards?

I did that. I consider it one of my better-kept secrets, but now you know. I digress. It smells like thin mints! But I could just never justify cell phone monthly installation payment money on something I will inevitably talk off. I do own three, but two I stole before I lost the nerve, somewhat unfortunately and one, a boy not friend bought for me.

This is not something I feel any remorse about, because his house was easily four thousand square feet and his sisters had a dedicated all-glass room for their shared peloton. Oil money. My personal favorite lip balm, and I have tried a frightening amount, has got to be the Nivea Fruit Shine collection.

The frosted one is shit-ugly. But the strawberry one is the love of my life. Only downside is it will always, hopefully not always, remind me of Charles. Kissing Charles, specifically. And him asking me what lipbalm it was, because he knew I was somewhat frivolous and definitive and would have a very long answer.

Not really sure why I said that, but it plagues me minorly to this day. Of all the things to make up.. The peach one is a perfectly demure spring classic shade. Cherry exists too, but the only tube I have ever had the fortune of owning was purchased in Costa Rica and lost somewhere on the way home. Honestly tragic, it was the juiciest shade. Blackberry is perfect too, but I have to layer it with either peach or untinted lipbalm to avoid what I imagine TooPoor would choose if she believed in tinted lipbalm.

Afraid to bore the reader, I have to move on now. Maybe at a later date I will release an addendum on my ultimate lipbalm buying guide. Here is a section I lifted out of my memoir document. It fits, because as enigmatic as I hope I am, I am also quite unchanging. I just pushed three hangers and two tiny strappy tops with the tags still on, off my bed. Most nights, all, these days, actually; I spend in my large but cluttered bedroom.

I never asked, and the previous owners were eager to sell so they could finally ditch this town and retire in Montreal for the bagels, or Hawaii for the monk seals. I vacuum every day. I would not say the room is a mess. Lived in, maybe. Chopsticks and mugs and gum wrappers. Single dangle earrings. Peering around the room you will see shopping bags strewn about the mouth of my walk-in closet. Every surface has something shiny or colorful stacked up on it. Cluttered, busy, but intentional.

Except for the walls, which are bare. Bare, pristine, no gumtack. I wait around a lot. It makes sense. I have other things on the ground to tend to, like post-email nausea, addressing envelopes, marrying wire and bead.

Writing a document I care about because I am determined and I am alive, alive, alive, goddammit. Excerpt over. The memoir is coming out when I get famous, or something earth shattering happens. I think that is pretty clever , heart breaking a little bit.

She had the books and the fame from it, and she wrote more memoirs than I think a single person should. That is admirable. Aspirational, even. But I do not want to be like her. Where was I? Your room should serve as the kind of place to watch a movie if you believe in film. Chatting with someone you are tepidly in love with is much more exciting. Not chic as the whole affair is so juvenile, but fun regardless.

I know I have a lot! Also, it is kind of thrilling to hide things in your room in little crevices only you know about. Now, unfortunately, everyone reading this will know too. But, like, I trust you not to really.. I keep my extra juul pods in the sliding box my apple pencil came in.

That box is almost more useful than the pencil itself. Whole culture is so embarrassing! I have a tea tin with an ounce of golden teacher shrums in it. This is tossed in my closet among tins filled with other things, like lace trim and buttons. Which makes it actually a pretty terrible hiding spot, I see now… Anyhow.

Keeping benign little secrets like that is so fun. I sort of wish I did, but it is easier to believe there is something aristocratic about being an only child. Not sure if older-sister me would be egalitarian enough to share things. I live in the now, in a room positively cluttered with meaningless things that mean the world to me, chewing on my lip because my mouth is just so dry and 5gum is just not an after-8 indulgence.

To live truly kitschly, you have to have somewhat hideous decor. The kitsch room has as many surfaces to look at as possible, while also shying away from too many shelving units. Then you risk your room looking like a storage unit or something. When my mom renovated re: paid someone to do it our New York house so we could sell it, all our stuff was stacked up in a Cubesmart self storage.

It was sort of horrifying, seeing my childhood home reduced to plastic storage tubs piled what felt like thirty feet high. The more fussy, tiny things you have out in the open, the better. Nail polish. Earring trees. Bowls full of rings and lighters and water color pans perched on your windowsill.

A rack with the tackiest assortment of knits and bucket hats and baguette bags. And so forth.. Sometimes, I wish I could have a shrine for all the cerebral media that I consumed, because it definitely is my favourite archetype. Death Note was a masterpiece that I hungrily binged in one day - similarly with Psycho Pass though I haven't watched the second season due to most of the reviews I have read.

Needless to say, throughout the whole trip, I was hooked, counting down days until the next episode came And so, before you start your cross-examination, allow me to present my findings first. This series popped up, and the moment I read the title, my sapiosexual senses were tingled. Overarching themes: murder mystery, law vs justice, intelligence as in, the characters are all really smart hahah. It could have been a high four, near five if it wasn't for the ending, frankly. The first episode started out with Professor Seo Byung-ju of Hankuk Law School dead, and the spotlight shines on Professor Yang Jong-hoon the man in the poster above , the first suspect.

But was it really him? From then, the mystery unfolds as our favourite study group who shall be very well elaborated on later in this review launches itself into investigation for true justice. The series started out extremely strong in my opinion, with its first few episodes filled with twists and sub-plots that were waiting to get wrapped up.

Every episode just leaves you gripping on the sides of your seat in suspense. It really makes you doubt every single person that appeared on-screen and watch out for anything that happens - the show uses the Chekhov's Gun trope really well. As the knots become unravelled, we gain more depth into the characters. However, as we near the end - about two-three episodes for me - the show started to lose its thrust, falling into a comfortable stereotype that made things rather frustrating. One of the major advantages of Law School, in my opinion, is its ability to twist and turn everything.

It prompts the viewers to realize that when the case is really examined in a whole different angle, with more and more evidence coming to light, everything changes. The use of different suspects' stories being told in each episode is a pleasure to watch - the viewers feel like an omniscient judge, overseeing the motives and evidence to draw out a conclusion for themselves on who might be the murderer.

The series prompts the viewers to think, which is a trend I really like. It's also interesting to question why characters do certain things they do. Professor Yang Jong-hoon my favourite character! Thus, it is extremely satisfying when everything falls into place as Yangcrates a nickname he earned due to his Socratic teaching explains everything that led up to a particular tense moment where the truth was unveiled.

The murderer was so heavily shadowed on in the beginning that the viewers would have expected the murderer to be someone else completely unexpected, a mastermind that pulled the strings behind all the proceedings. Yet, the murderer and the mastermind behind the murder were someone so I dare say, unimpressive. I mean, this particular 'mastermind' behind the murder fell into so many traps! The last, final twist that was supposed to be the most glamorous of them all, completely knocking the viewers off their feet, fell completely flat.

Secondly, whilst having a lot of sub-plots still remains a favourite trope of mine as I'd expect everything to wrap up nicely near the end Overall, the plot was breathtaking in the beginning. It lost momentum very near the end, and wrapped everything up with an anticlimactic last episode. Definitely the strongest set of characters I've seen in a Korean drama, frankly. All characters were so well utilised, each having their own quirks and flaws which were delightful to watch. Everyone was so, so intelligent, that they honestly were the main fuel to the series, our main stars.

Allow me to first start off with my favourite character, Professor Yang Jong-hoon. Stoic, yet with an extremely savage side that he does not hesitate to show to anyone of any ranks or social standings, Yangcrates carefully plots everything, always thinks, questions, and then thinks even more. Intelligence-wise, this man is most definitely the smartest on-screen persona I've seen in the Korean drama franchise - able to see miles ahead and figure out all the answers down to their root, he is someone that definitely earns all the respect he has, from both his students and viewers alike.

Personality-wise, this man is equally interesting as he is smart. With a cold exterior, Yangcrates does not take any bullshit cue a particularly funny water spitting scene , and does not hold back harsh words to point it out. Yet, underneath this cold exterior is a burning desire to find the absolute truth, which would in turn bring justice to ones who have been wronged refer to a particular lecture-like speech he made in episode 10 , and a passion for teaching his students.

He secretly cares for his students a lot, and expresses it in his own way. Next, our favourite study group - a group of capable, enticing individuals. Firstly, we have Han Joon-hwi, a complex character that always pursues justice and fairness. His intelligence shines through with the way he, firstly, is able to take advantage of his sharp understanding of law into the case, and his careful processing of the evidence he gathers during investigation.

Whilst he always keeps a cold head when needed, he has an equally warm heart, genuinely caring for wronged and innocent people. His expressions were all extremely raw and did not feel fake at all - really, props to his actor. More on this later. Don't be fooled by their names - they are very much polar opposites. Whilst Kang Sol A is excitable and wears her heart on her sleeve sometimes a bit too much , Kang Sol B always keeps a cool head, sometimes taking it to the extreme.

I do admit that if I had to pick out of the two, though I love both of them very, very much, I'd probably lean a bit more towards Kang Sol A - even though she definitely gets on my nerves sometimes because of her overload of emotions that could be disruptive, she has her frequent bouts of creativity and "a-ha! She is also an extremely loyal friend and a very generous individual that isn't afraid to place herself in danger just to help others - overall, a very warm person.

Kang Sol B, on the other hand - perhaps due to her family environment - does not really taking other people's emotions into consideration, though I really, really admire her for her intelligence, her ability to always keep a calm head making her the blue counterpart to Kang Sol A's red , as well as her straightforwardness which has proven many times to be necessary to push the case forward.

She does have a soft spot, though - a very adorable one at that. These two make an extremely adorable pair of friends. My favourite student of the study group must be Seo Ji-ho. I'd say he's a less intimidating version of Kang Sol B hahah - cool and composed, Ji-ho is a reliable member who always pursues logic and reason first. He is also driven to achieve his goal and, like Joon-hwi, utilizes his deep understanding about law very well to solve his own case, his sub-plot.

Though his sub-plot eventually was wrapped up as an open ending, it was a nice sub-plot to watch. Not to mention his dynamic with Joon-hwi is very adorable as well - the two really balance each other out. Other students also have their own quirks and flaws, but for the sake of this review's length, I won't elaborate them as much - but I will say they are all a delight to watch, adding their own personal elements to the overall study group.

I will definitely miss this set of characters so, so much. Frankly, perhaps because of some K-drama series I have watched, I had a problem with acting in some K-drama series - the actors and actresses did not feel genuine, and they either overacted, pushing their expressions to the extreme, or underacted, simply being way too This series, however, is a definite favourite of mine in terms of acting. Firstly, Kim Myung-min is a veteran actor that deserves so much respect - he basically morphed into Yangcrates.

I absolutely loved the way he delivered his dialogues - very long ones! Kim Beom also became one of my favourite actors after this series - the way he handled his role was so good, his expressions, actions, everything. It's a top-notch skill, really, and I'm glad to have seen him on-screen. Similarly, Ryu Hye-young impressed me so, so much that I shall add her to my list of favourite actresses as well - I can't spoil, but she is really able at She seems to have studied her character really carefully too, being able to bring all Sol A's quirks to real life.

Other actors and actresses were amazing, but for me, these three definitely shone. Definitely some between Sol A and Joon-hwi, as a lot of other people have commented. From the way they tease each other to the way he cares about her every little thing, the way he stares at her, the way his whole demeanor just changes around her and the way she unknowingly influences him so much - they do balance each other out really well, Joonhwi being the cool to Sol A's warm.

I do find myself thinking Sol B and Ji-ho would be rather compatible as well also, them being study rivals in high school? My rivals-to-lovers side is ready. Again, could have been higher if it wasn't for the ending! But yes, overall, a whole trip worth embarking on. Really, could have been higher I just hope they could have had more episodes to really wrap everything up nicely and maybe throw us one final, absolutely ground-breaking twist.

We closed the poll with 3, responses. Thank you as always for supporting the chapter polls! The additional pages for chapter were not particularly well received, at least according to the slice of fandom who took our poll. Three of the four new major moments were voted more disliked than liked, with the one favourable moment being the returning spectre of war oof.

Sadly for Mikasa, her moments were the least divisive, with low numbers of like votes compared to neutral or dislike. The moment where the child finds the tree was more disliked than those, but the likes were a little higher compared to neutral.

TLDR: these pages did little to quell the salt brought out by the first version of chapter To show her that it can be done. Or maybe that unconditional love ends the Titan curse. Or she just needed to inflict that pain onto others. From the way the tree grows throughout the panels and how the buildings at the time Mikasa was at the end of her life looked so different compared to the modern looking buildings which were present during the war, we know that our characters, like eren wanted, lived their lives peacefully.

It like looks around a hundred years passed after Mikasa died that this war is taking place. Human conflict never ending has been a big part of the story since the beginning. Even eren has shown thinking this all the way back in season 1. This is a very fitting ending to the series. I found it acceptable, but I think there should have been more between them during the work from the beginning, so we were left with a question like "who is this girl that Mikasa always sees in her dreams or when she has headaches?

I loved it. Mikasa showed Ymir that love is not akin to slavery and they helped each other let go. It felt very human. Everything is meaningless and the author did it on purpose imo. Well I thought that the extra pages made the chapter more poetic, of course it doesn't fix the fundamental flaws I had with the chapter to begin with. Well the art isn't shit. And I like the ominous feeling the final pages gave instead of that tragic love story bullshit with Mikasa talking to a fucking bird.

The conversation had aura of sadness. Ymir realized that her life would has been happier if she allowed the king to die and focused on her daughters. Yet, when Mikasa thanked her, Ymir understood that even while sacrificing her life to save him was wrong and her afterlife was full of pain, her choice opened a chance for Mikasa and other people to be born. I felt nothing about Mikasa and Ymir's convo because Ymir is severely underdeveloped by Isayama.

I don't understand her. Neither do I feel anything for her. Further butchers the Eren-Ymir dynamic. Mikasa didn't care abouy the titan curse and had no knowledge of the events that led to the year cycle, yet she's thrust into the spoltlight? She had no clue about who Ymir was, but somehow the final conservation of the series is between them two. Aside from Mikasa and ymir conversation, the last chapter satisfied most of my questions, and ended as I believed it would, what hold me from saying it's a masterpiece is the huge plot holes that isayama putted, but these plot holes doesn't make the Manga less of a masterpiece.

These pages cement that either isayama has no clue what people enjoyed about his manga I don't know which of the two I'd prefer. Before, the fanbase was divided on whether to like or hate the ending. Now, Isayama has united us all to hate on the hot mess that is Absolutely terrible conversation that makes little sense - love that Mikasa magically learned Ymir's backstory offscreen and I love seeing her so passive and kind to the person who is the reason why she had to kill the love of her life as well as Ymir also being the one who enabled 2, years of suffering under Titans and then eventually the Rumbling - really adds to the vibe that Mikasa lost every hard edge she used to have in favor of being reduced to being nothing but gentle, kind, and of course in love with Eren.

I think it was also nice to see the development of modern technology and buildings, Shiganshina as a sprawling metropolis and Mikasa living a long life with a family. Maybe it's just me, but I find simple stuff like that impactful; when you're so attached to a world and its characters for so long, only to witness years of growth in the span of a few pages. It's like watching your kids grow up or something idk, I don't have kids. Honestly one of the only parts I liked about was the fate of Paradis being left open ended and then this happens.

Don't get me wrong, I still loathe the ending, feels like a part of me is incomplete. I do love the additional pages wherein Paradis is nuked and Mikasa kinda moved on, as it invalidates the reason why some fans still liked the ending. Funny if you ask me.

Boy am I salty that we get more Ymir being silent while others talk over her. But there is some sense of catharsis over seeing Paradis get destroyed, and the little kid finding the tree. Answered Mikasa's headaches, established the connection between Ymir and Mikasa more clearly, stayed true to the central theme of how conflict never ends and is part of human nature world is cruel but there is joy and meaning to be found but also beautiful.

Also liked the final panel going back to the Titan tree, never really answering the mystery of the Titans. Some of the ending fits the themes of the story like conflict always existing as long as there are two or more people alive, and the cycle of hatred continuing with the Eren tree. I can understand Isayama writing a depressive ending, since the whole series has a lot of depressive moments, but it doesn't feel impactful because we don't know how anyone's life continued.

We know a little bit about how Mikasa lived on, but what about all the other characters? Do they still live in Paradis? Do they experience the destruction? Have they tried to stop it? It's just a little too vague, but then again there's not a lot you can do in 8 pages. While very flawed, the actual ending pages—I thought— were actually quite sweet. I liked how the story ended at the tree, just as it began, with Mikasa's hopeful path to moving on having just begun.

It was a hopeful, yet sad, note to end on—fitting with the rest of the story. The new epilogue is far too nihilistic, and while realistic, ends the series on a thematically confusing note. While I preferred the open ending, I'd be lying if I said the new ending didn't intrigue me.

I love the imagery of the kid approaching the tree. The final panels focusing on Ymir were interesting for sure, but did little to settle any of the longtime mysteries. Mikasa's headaches are left up to interpretation. It seems to be implied that Ymir caused them.

There's no context with the Fritz panel and the dialogue has nothing to do with it. Just really confusing. However, to your shock, you find that seven very different hybrids are included with both the house - and the business. Seven hybrids you never even met before - even less agreed to take care of. You had never liked hybrids. You disagreed with their very existence, and you never wanted to have anything to do with them. And then one day, you discovered a hybrid who was more scared of you than you were of him, and everything changed as you realised you were the only hope he had….

Jimin, Barista! YN is a young girl, bright and ambitious, but due to her busy schedule, she's been unable to make any real friends. When an ad for Saint Mary's Sanctuary catches her attention, she never expected her life to be changed by a certain hybrid named Jimin. A freak weather anomaly leads to a chance encounter with a rabbit-hybrid, and your kind nature results in you gaining a small, fluffy lodger, who questions your taste in television shows.

You are the single mother of a beautiful 6-year-old golden retriever hybrid who you named Yunho. Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share. Reader, Psychologist! Reader, imagines fluff. For 15 years, Park Jimin has been in your life in some form.

Interesting huh. The pretty little sand cat hybrid Jimin has been in love with for the past year experiences her first heat and Jimin would love nothing more than to be the one to guide her through it and breed her with his kittens. With your mother hounding on you no pun intended , you decided to get a little help from a hybrid, who was also in need of assistance. They have an ongoing series called Enchanted to Meet You which you might want to check out if you like Soulmate AUs too!

I recently reblogged a Jungkook two-shot comfort fic hybrid au too so I recommend going through their masterlist! You can try the others:. They have great fics with supernatural themes too. Check their masterlist for ongoing hybrid fic Abundance - OT7 but these are completed ones:. Access it here. Other fics:. So they have tumblr but their works are on AO3. But good luck with your modules and I hope these help! This list is probably gonna have more fics, so buckle up.

Parental Woes by DarkNymfa - Very nice premise! Danny is embarrassed. Flickering Yellow and Green by dragonrayy - Danny gets hit with something by Technus that messes up his eyes, so he goes to a ghost optometrist.

Also has Jewish Sam! Or, in this case, a dream ship in the Ghost Zone. Boi gets messed up by a solar flare. Danny finally has some adults on his side! Fashion Flame War - Uniforms are only convenient for schools, and are a crime against expression of self.

Casper High can never do things the easy way, though. Nip Trips Nips - Ah, ghost nip. Ellie is my preferred name for her because Dani and Danny is just so confusing. Or let your insane ghost-hunting parents make an anti-ecto fog machine for the school dance. Warnings: SMUT!! Yeah this is just It starts with a bunch more plot, then I blacked out and my inner whore wrote the other half of this bye, Daniel loving dirty talk is canon in this fic so be prepared , fluff, swearing.

Summary: Friends to lovers, you know how it izzz, also renault Dan for no other reason than he really does it for me yk. Every little comment means so much to me so I appreciate it. Really happy with how this turned out so hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it! Acted like what? There it was. Out in the open. Despite the circumstances of your confession being less than ideal, it still felt like a weight was lifted from your shoulders.

Daniel finally loosened his grip on your wrist, and you took a few steps back from him, like you wanted to give him ample space to somehow digest your words. You half expected him to start apologizing for leading you on, for giving you the wrong impression, to tell you that the two of you were just having fun and you should temper your expectations.

He should just get it over with, you thought, so that you can pick up the pieces and somehow move on. Instead, he laughed, he actually…laughed? What do you think that kiss meant? I would never throw away years of friendship for one meaningless hook-up, you know me better than that. The kiss was different from the first one you had shared on the dance floor.

Now, there was no risk involved, because he wanted you just like you wanted him. The words echoed in your head while his soft lips explored your own and one of his hand moves from your shoulder to the back of your neck, pulling you in even closer than you thought possible. Now, Daniel was next to you, and whatever this place was, it was exactly where the two of you belonged.

Eventually, Daniel pulled away, but he kept his forehead attached to yours when he spoke up. The tone of your voice implied that the moment was in fact far from over. Daniel nodded before taking your hand and leading you back to his car. He opened the passenger side door for you, but he stopped you before you could get in.

I mean, you looked pretty determined about walking back, I could just meet you back there in T-minus 2 hours? You grinned back in satisfaction as you got in the car and thought to yourself that there was no one you would rather be stuck with.

When Daniel and you entered the elevator of the hotel you were both staying at, it had been silent for a little while. There was a certain tension in the air, and you knew that both of you were waiting on the other to make the next move. Daniel pressed the nr. You were staying at the third floor, but instead of pressing the button, you let your body lean back against the wall of the elevator and turned your head to look at him.

He was watching your every move, and when it dawned on him that this was you letting him know that you had no intention of going back to your own room right now, you could tell he was trying to hold in a smile that was tugging at the corners of his mouth. It was the smile he had when he won in China two years ago. You remembered watching him on tv getting on that top step, looking down and pinching the bridge of his nose while trying not to let his emotions get the better of him.

It was adrenaline, disbelief, but most of all, it was happiness. Knowing that in that moment, he was exactly where he wanted to be. The knowledge that this time it was you giving him this feeling was almost too much to handle. It made a warmth blossom inside of you that expanded across your entire body. You felt it in your chest, your stomach, stretching out to the very end of your fingertips.

You were suddenly overcome with a need to touch him, to have him close again. The elevator came to a standstill and the doors opened. Like a true gentleman, Daniel motioned for you to get out first, so you did. When he held up his keycard and opened the door to let you in, you swore you saw his hands shaking a bit. You entered his room, dropped your bag on the couch and took a moment to take in your surroundings. On the surface, it seemed like a standard hotel room not much different from the one you were staying at, but the more you looked, the more traces of Daniel you could see everywhere.

His beats headphones on the coffee table, his open suitcase messily strewn about on the floor, the picture of him and his family that he always took with him on the nightstand. You walked over the picture frame and picked it up to examine it closer while Daniel slowly trailed after you. It was then that you noticed something else on the nightstand next to the picture. It was…a rock? You picked it up curiously and turned around so you were facing Daniel.

He looked almost…embarrassed? I went back to the trail after dropping you off home and… took a rock with me as a keepsake. You felt the familiar sensation of tears threatening to spill from your eyes, but luckily you managed to keep them at bay.

Your left hand formed a fist, and you pressed your thumb down on the scar in your palm. It had always served as a reminder of Daniel, and when you missed him, you would often find yourself staring at the scar and fondly thinking back to that day. You leant your forehead against his and leaned in to give him a chaste kiss while your hands found his shoulders and slowly pressed down so that he was sitting on the bed. With you still standing up in front of him, you used the tips of your fingers to trail over the side of his face once again, down to his lips as he looked up at you in awe.

One of his hands clasped over yours on his face, and it was him that spoke up this time. He opened the button and the zipper, all while still staring up at your face instead of his own hands. You were growing increasingly impatient at his slow pace, but at the same time the anticipation was turning you on more than you had ever been.

You helped him by quickly kicking off your shoes and finally stepping out of your jeans completely, silently thanking yourself for wearing a cute set of black lingerie. You nodded and quickly pulled your shirt over your head and dropped it to the ground, now only in your underwear while he was kneeled in front of you still fully clothed. The heat that had been building deep inside of you for the better part of the night was now pooling between your legs, and even when standing still, you felt how wet you already were.

That was all he needed before he hooked his fingers in the waistband of your underwear and slowly dragged them down your legs. His hand trailed back up your legs, from your calves to the back of your thighs before he was at face level with your pussy.

Before this moment, being this exposed for somebody would have horrified you, but the way Daniel was looking with such admiration was enough to let all your worries be thrown aside. You had to keep yourself from letting out a moan at his question and subsequent pet name. Gonna let me taste that sweet pussy. You walked around him and laid down on the bed on your back. Daniel turned himself around to face you, still on his knees, and pulled you closer by your calves before hooking your legs over his shoulders.

Your eyes closed in anticipation of what was about to happen. Then, as if he had somehow read your thoughts, you felt his hot breath fan over your core. Before you could let out the strangled moan that was tugging at the back of your throat, his nose brushed against your clit and finally, he got to work.

At this point, you had given up on trying to suppress the obscene moans that you were letting out, but your eyes remained tightly shut as you tangled your hand in Daniels curls. You obeyed and propped yourself up on your elbows to finally look at Daniel. The sight of him still in his clothes, out of breath and looking up at you from between your legs, was enough to make the familiar feeling in your lower abdomen start to build.

Does it feel that good? How long have you wanted this, huh? All it took was another finger added and his tongue brushing over your clit once more before you were engulfed by the best orgasm your life. Your toes curled against Daniels back, and he did his best to hold you down while you rode out your high.

His praise made you feel even more lightheaded than was already the case after your orgasm. Looking at him, you wanted nothing more than to finally get him out of his clothes as well. He seemed to understand what you meant, and stood up so he could unbuckle his belt and step out of his jeans. You could see how hard he was through his boxer briefs, and you were basically salivating at the sight. The thigh tattoos that had been the subject of so many of your daydreams, now finally yours to explore.

His shirt was the next to go and before you had the chance to brace yourself, his underwear followed suit. Daniel always carried himself with confidence, just the right amount and never to the point of arrogance. It had always been so sexy to you, and as he stood totally naked in front of you it was no different. After regaining your composure, you answered with a question of your own.

He swiftly joined you on the bed and took advantage of being face to face again by kissing you passionately. The two of you made out like that for a while before you pressed against his chest so he was lying flat on his back. Deciding to not waste any more time, you threw your leg over his waist and sat on his lap, just below his dick that was flush against his abdomen and already leaking with pre-cum. Please, put it in. Having him pleading below you made you feel a little powerful, and you had to admit you were enjoying it.

You decided to have mercy on him, so you lifted your hips and used your hand to guide him to your entrance. Slowly sinking down, the feeling of him stretching you out made you flinch slightly. He noticed and tried his best to muster up a worried tone while clearly drowning in bliss himself. His hands moved to your back and expertly opened your bra with just a single motion, letting it fall to the side of the bed. The added sensation of his wet tongue on one of your nipples, and his hand carefully tugging and pinching at the other made you even more wet.

With a final downward motion, your hips met each other, and he was fully inside of you. His words made you pick up your pace, and before long you were using his hand as leverage to bounce up and down his cock. The way his eyes were trained on your face made you feel enticing, but somewhat vulnerable at the same take. None of your previous boyfriends, if you could even call them that, had ever looked at you like that, and it made you feel seen in a way you had never been seen before.

You slowed your tempo down enough so you were slowly and intimately grinding down on him, and you let your upper body lean back while putting your hand on his knees to support your weight. The new angle gave you both a whole new feeling, and the slew of curse words coming from Daniel let you know it was as good for him as it was for you. You have no idea how long you stayed like that, moving against one another while Daniels hands explored your neck and breasts, but you could have stayed there for hours longer if it was up to you.

You gave him a quick nod and he moved the two of you so that he could stay inside of you while switching positions. Once on your back, Daniel was right back to his confident demeanor and made quick work of finding a delicious rhythm for the both of you.

His words paired with the feeling of him sliding in and out of your slick heat made the coil in your abdomen tense for the second time that night, and your moans became more desperate. I could listen to you all day. Gonna cum again, baby? Gonna cum around my cock this time? Daniel lifted one of the hands that were planted on either side of your head and trailed down to rub your clit. It was all you needed to tip you over the edge, and you dug your nails in his back while your second orgasm rolled through your body.

He fucked you through your orgasm, and once you had somewhat recovered from it, it was suddenly too much as you were so sensitive. Despite how sensitive you were, the inherent need to keep him inside of you while he came was just too big. Want me to fill this pussy right up, huh? Want me to make it mine?

Your words seemed to be the final push he needed to get him over the edge, and with a groan of your name, Daniel spilled himself inside of you. Your legs clasped tightly around his waist kept him there until he had nothing left to give. He collapsed onto you and buried his head in the crook of your neck. You stayed like that for a while, only the sound of your heavy breaths filling the room. Now laying next to each other in the bed, Daniel took one of your hands in his between the two of you.

You felt so loved that you wanted to scream, but instead you had to somehow hoist yourself from the comfort of the bed and Daniel to go to the bathroom. When you came back, he had crawled underneath the covers and motioned for you to join. You got in with your back facing him, and he immediately got closer so he could be the big spoon and wrap his arm around you. It earned him another playful punch to the arm, and it felt good to know that despite all the feelings and confessions that were now out in the open, he was still your best friend all the same.

He was still Daniel. Your Daniel. Before the thought had even fully formed in your mind, a question made its way out of your mouth. This is purely a fic rec blog, always reblogging fics I enjoy. He left behind the girl he was going to marry, a girl he never stopped loving. Decades later, Bucky continued to search for her, only to find out that she had disappeared without a trace in But when Steve hands over the shield to Sam Wilson, he also has something for his childhood friend—a redacted S.

Bucky x teacher! Sam and Bucky are roommates, so reader spends a lot of time with them. She is just where she wants to be in life. It seems the universe has a different idea though. One called James Barnes. But instead of becoming a threat, his instinct is to protect. Bucky does what he can to make you feel safe. In the aftermath of that final battle, you discover that time waited for no one least of all you , and those you loved marched forward into it without you. Sam suggests you volunteer at the local retirement community to keep you busy, keep your mind from lingering on what—and who—you lost.

In giving back, you find that time can be just as generous as it is cruel. A non-canon compliant, friends-to-lovers fic. Bucky x reader, New Girl au. Come to the realization that you will be sharing it with four guys. Four guys, one of them who is extremely hot and zero brain cells between any of them. What else could you ask for? Things go awry when you fall ill. Cue caretaker! Bucky to the rescue. Dad Biker! Bucky x reader. You happen to have Yelena in your class this school year.

Bucky x single mom! Character B is terribly allergic to flowers. His world used to be colourful once and then he lost that. And it seemed to happen more and more as Bucky spends time with you. So, yeah, thank you so much for the amazing writing that you share in here and for your hard work, creativity and ingenuity!

You boggle my mind. Summary: Sequel to Holding Your Breath. Eddie has graduated from college and made his Olympic dreams come true. He returns home from the Summer Games a gold medalist, and he only wants one thing when he arrives: you. Warnings: SMUT, age gap 21 to 38, but no one is underage , PIV sex, creampie, oral f receiving , nipple play, hints at mommy kink, Eddie has a torrid affair with the milf of his dreams, let me know if I missed anything.

A few of you have been so sweet and supportive of this little fic that I wanted to explore more of Eddie's story. But if you do, it just might surprise you. Special thanks to just-here-for-the-moment for her thots, cheers and support of Eddie and his best girl! Your son, Nicky, hollers from the living room, his excitement sending a bolt of lightning through you. Your night of passion with Nicky out of town, following one disastrous date with a Tinder match had brought you back to life, sexually.

Hell, it could have sustained you for years, had Eddie decided to move on with his life. It was simple and honest. Just like Eddie. So you kept the relationship under wraps, figuring Eddie would tire of you eventually. What could long-term look like with him, anyway? You pushed all the thoughts to the back of your mind as you made your way to the sofa, a bowl of popcorn in your hands.

You handed him the bowl and settled on the sofa next to him, eyes on the screen where the commentators were announcing the meter freestyle, and a list of names appeared on screen. Near the middle you spotted one next to a tiny American flag that made your heart leap into your throat. Sure enough, as the lanes of the Olympic pool came into view, you spotted him; all broad shoulders and narrow hips, his muscles taut and shining from the water.

A jealous little lick of fire shot through you at the thought of women all over the world seeing that much of Eddie. Your Eddie. The buzzer jolted you back into focus, and Eddie shot off the platform into the water with one powerful explosion of strength; his body rising and falling through the water with ease.

Nicky was bouncing excitedly in his seat, but you were motionless, your entire body clenched in concentration, as though you could somehow will your strength to him thousands of miles away at the summer games. He was neck and neck with another swimmer, the pair of them trading the lead for one length of the pool, then a second. It was a photo finish - the swimmers ripping off their goggles and squinting at the screens for the replay, and then the names appeared, with one at the top: E.

Harlow, U. Eddie beamed into the camera, climbing out of the pool and hugging his coach, then making his way to the bench as the commentators praised his form and technique, replaying the highlights of his swim - a personal best, an Olympic record, and-. You were dazed then, the commentary washing over you as you knelt and picked up the popcorn before it could get stomped into the rug. Your Eddie was an Olympic gold medalist.

The medal ceremony was a sight to behold, the Star Spangled Banner playing as Eddie stood on the podium, grinning broadly. You wiped a stray tear away, keen to hide it from Nicky as you stretched both arms overhead. You sat back down, the bowl in your lap, as one of the reporters stood next to Eddie. You made a lot of people back home very proud tonight, I bet!

How does it feel to win the gold? Eddie grinned at the reporter, who tossed her hair a little too flirtatiously for your liking. Well, you heard it here, folks. Eddie Harlow is off the market. Sorry ladies! You climbed into bed after a quick shower, grabbing your phone from its charger on your nightstand and tapping it to life. Your face felt hot again, picturing him with that gold medal around his neck; his years of training having paid off at last. All that physical effort with some very enjoyable side benefits.

You made a face, snapping a quick selfie in bed - and if the arrangement of the sheets made it look like you could be naked beneath them, so be it. You sent a pair of kiss emojis, which Eddie responded to in kind. It was evident, though, in his every word, every touch. He seemed to be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, but it was also starting to wear on him; the victory tour added an extra couple of weeks to his time away, and you could see the dark circles under his eyes hidden by a little makeup in an interview or two.

At last, his celebratory reception complete, he got to return home - and life quickly became alarmingly normal. No more sneaking around, you thought excitedly, pulling your phone from your pocket as soon as Nicky drove away. Eddie followed that up with a winky emoji with its tongue sticking out and you snorted. About 20 minutes later, he pulled into the driveway, and you made your way to the door, peering through the peephole before opening it. Eddie was beaming. You were wearing a black silk-and-lace set, complete with thigh-high stockings and garters, and a sheer robe on top.

The pair of you flopped onto the bed and Eddie leaned down to kiss you. You shook your head, fingers brushing over the spot on your neck. Eddie looked into your eyes, his gaze sultry before he lifted your fingertips to kiss your neck, right where his medal had crashed into your skin.

You could almost feel your eyes roll back in delight as he spread one broad hand behind your shoulders. Eddie shook his head, and the beaming smile was back. You carefully lifted the medal off the bed, sliding it around his neck and tracing over it with your fingers. Your legs tangled with his, and you whimpered as he slid one thigh between yours, humming with pleasure at the way it made your breath hitch.

Pulling back slightly, you reclined on the bed, spread out before him. He reached for the silky ribbon on your bodice, untying it and tugging on the lace until it loosened, the fabric parting and revealing your breasts. Eddie leaned in, closing his lips around one peaked nipple and sucking on it until you could feel wetness smearing the tops of your thighs.

You watched as Eddie shucked his clothes and crawled back up the bed, brushing light kisses over your skin. Love- love you so much. He thrusted in and out, hips working furiously faster and faster until he buried his face in your neck and hit his peak - hot cum emptying inside your body. Waves of heat washed over you, and he shuddered, his release trickling out as he gently slid free.

You held him close, rubbing his back as he drifted off, feeling safe and warm and loved. He had a habit of waking you up with his tongue that put you in the most transcendent mood for the rest of the morning. Eager to avoid bankrupting you with his still voracious appetite, Eddie often came home from his lessons with a bulging bag of groceries, freshly showered and smelling only faintly of chlorine from the pool. You put him to work occasionally, and he was only too happy to help chop onions and fresh garlic for your spaghetti sauce, hovering nearby to taste the mixture as you prepared it.

What worries you about telling him? You shrugged. He loves you and supports you. He genuinely wants you to be happy. You rose from your chair and Eddie pulled you into his lap, kissing you tenderly as you sank into his arms. Throwing a robe on, you wrapped your arms around yourself and tiptoed out to the living room. Of course I noticed you were happy. He set down an honest-to-god picnic basket near the door.

But I wanna make something clear. When you came out a few minutes later, Eddie beamed at you, his mouth dropping open. A few rose gold bangles clinked over one wrist as you smoothed down the front of the outfit. Eddie walked up next to you, putting an arm around your shoulders and kissing your temple, the sweet gesture making you laugh, your eyes crinkling with the expression.

Once you left the edge of the trees, a soft patch of grass came into view, stretching right to the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking a lake. It warmed your bare skin, and you felt wild and free as he joined you, pulling his own shirt over his head and sliding off his shorts, then taking your hand.

You splashed loudly into the clear, blue lake, kicking and breaking the surface moments apart. You wrapped your limbs around him as he kept the pair of you afloat like it was nothing; an effortless bob in the water. You leaned in, pressing your lips to his, and before long he was struggling between touching you and staying afloat, so the pair of you reluctantly swam ashore. You giggled as you raced him up a rocky set of steps carved into the cliff, glancing around but finding the area deserted.

Still naked, Eddie carefully spread out the blanket and took your hand, helping you down to rest in the sunshine. He plucked tenderly at your nipples with his lips and teeth, enjoying the small whimpers that pulled from your throat, before licking his way lower, nudging your thighs apart and opening you to the bright sunshine.

Eddie looked up with you, lips shining and parted with need as he panted for breath. How long can you hold your breath? And then he was back between your legs, licking and sucking until your back arched in delight and you screamed out your release, the cry echoing against the cliff walls. Still buzzing pleasantly, you pulled Eddie up to kiss you, aligning your bodies just right and wrapping your ankles around his slim waist.

He sank deep, his hips thrusting into you, his strong arms holding his upper body aloft as he rocked in over and over again. Each time he sank fully inside you, he prodded a spot that made you whimper and moan, both of you nearing your peak. Eddie looked lost for a moment before grinning and plunging his hand into the nearby picnic basket, emerging with the shiny gold medal in his grip.

The medal slapped against his chest, a syncopated beat with the sound of your flesh smacking together as he fucked you from behind, drops of sweat raining down onto your body as he sped up, faster and faster, unfettered power on display as he gripped your hips in both hands. When he tapped the screen to post, you squeezed his hand, realizing once and for all - this was real. I've recently finished When it is said some say and the thing i liked the most was sirius slowly processing his feelings for remus for the first time.

So i was wondering if you know any other fic with a similar theme. Have a nice day! Nineteen seventy-eight: there's beginnings and there's endings and there's love and elsewhere, there's war, and when you're seventeen and you're eighteen and you're Remus and you're Sirius, only some of these things are important. Nobody writes Sirius slowly processing his feelings for Remus like Ridi nobody writes like ridi, full stop. The first Hogsmeade weekend of sixth year. A fic of misunderstandings, Remus pining, James being a good friend, and Sirius being an oblivious idiot!

This fic really gave me some SKAM vibes a la Hogwarts , which might tell you something about the beautiful way it captures Sirius figuring out his feelings. A wonderful ravenclaw! He smiles triumphantly. So we should kiss. Instead, he merely looks at him for what feels like an awfully long time.

And forgive him for being big-headed, but this is an unexpected development, Sirius must admit. Another perfect bloody example of a Sirius-realises-some-feelings-fic. Oh how I love it! Of pub quizzes, old films, Chinese takeaways, broken arms, and impassioned discussions of literature: Remus is confusing, and Sirius is just trying to figure him out.

A sorta enemies-to-lovers. So pretty!!! For the record, it took Sirius a little over four years to understand how he felt about Remus. It took James Potter about 15 minutes. An old favourite! And as you may gather from the summary, this is a fic in which Sirius has some revelations… A classic Hogwarts era, friends to lovers fic.

When the students of Beauxbatons Academy and Ilvermorny School arrive, the champions are in for three unprecedented challenges. Meanwhile, Remus still has feelings, James is still trying to get the Head girl, and Sirius has revelations. If want a fic on the longer and plottier side with this theme, then definitely give this fic a read. Remus and Sirius are both applying to graduate school. Whenever they cross paths at program visits, they inevitably hook up.

This situation would make more sense to their friends if they weren't supposed to be enemies. In which both our boys figure out their feelings. Unlike the other fics in this rec, this is definitely not innocent though. There are no sweet first kisses in this one, no sir. Instead: smut. Yes, this is a sex and THEN feelings kind of fic. Yes, this is a soulmate! Summer, With the full moon approaching, Sirius heads up to the Lupins' countryside cottage to make himself useful.

Or to make a complete and utter arse out of himself, because really, that's all he can seem to do around Remus these days. As you might guess, this fic is focused on Sirius figuring out and coming to terms with his sexuality and thus, his feelings for Remus.

But there IS a lot of that too. So if you liked atyd, give this a go! This rec list is for my sister, who in a few short weeks days will have a tiny human keeping her up all hours of the night and asked me for "something to read, God knows I will have time for something long".

Honestly, the only thing these fics have in common are their length. Some romantic and light, some dark and tense, some dramatic and angsty, all filled with the beautiful richess that only a longfic can provide! Ben Solo Journalist! Rey Drama Multi POV "After hooking up with a stranger on her flight, Rey considers his sudden request that she pretend to be his girlfriend for the holidays.

Hotels are expensive, and he seems nice enough. Great premise and well written! With a great story! Love all the characterizations Rey, Ben, Hux, Phasma! Lots of steamy and satisfying smut. They tentatively join together to shake their world to its foundations.

Movie quality story! Unbelievably cool world building! A prank war escalates into a fake engagement. Now they are playing chicken with a marriage. Who will back down first? A perfect rom com. God I love the prank they pull on leia and phasma at the end.

After years of associating with them and corresponding with even more, he fails to find a potential partner in any of the women he's met. In need of and desperately wanting for a wife, someone to care for and adore, he publishes an advertisement in the paper. Miss Rey Jackson, a woman of low social standing and no family of her own, decides to take a chance and inquire.

At the very least, if he refuses her for a wife, she can see if there's a scullery maid position, right? So soft and romantic! Rey viral YouTube sensation Rey Musician! Five years ago, Ben Solo was a lonely American musician on extended holiday in the West Midlands without a working car, new material, or a friend in the world. Just a brilliant story.

Emotional and raw with fantastic smut!

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Cartman's Incredible Gift. Woodland Critter Christmas. Season 9. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina. Die Hippie, Die. Best Friends Forever. The Losing Edge. The Death of Eric Cartman. Erection Day. Follow That Egg. Ginger Kids. Trapped in the Closet. Free Willzyx. Bloody Mary. Season The Return of Chef.

Smug Alert! Cartoon Wars: Part 1. Cartoon Wars: Part 2. A Million Little Fibers. Make Love, Not Warcraft. Mystery of the Urinal Deuce. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy. Hell on Earth Go God Go. Stanley's Cup. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson. Cartman Sucks. Lice Capades. The Snuke. Fantastic Easter Special. Night of the Living Homeless. Le Petit Tourette. More Crap. Imaginationland: Episode II.

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Best Friends Forever. The Losing Edge. The Death of Eric Cartman. Erection Day. Follow That Egg. Ginger Kids. Trapped in the Closet. Free Willzyx. Bloody Mary. Season The Return of Chef. Smug Alert! Cartoon Wars: Part 1.

Cartoon Wars: Part 2. A Million Little Fibers. Make Love, Not Warcraft. Mystery of the Urinal Deuce. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy. Hell on Earth Go God Go. Stanley's Cup. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson. Cartman Sucks. Lice Capades. The Snuke. Fantastic Easter Special. Night of the Living Homeless. Le Petit Tourette.

More Crap. Imaginationland: Episode II. Imaginationland: Episode III. Guitar Queer-o. The List. Tonsil Trouble. Britney's New Look. Major Boobage. Canada on Strike. Eek, a Penis! Over Logging. Super Fun Time. The China Probrem.

Breast Cancer Show Ever. Pandemic 2: The Startling. About Last Night Elementary School Musical. The Ungroundable. The Ring. The Coon. Eat, Pray, Queef. Pinewood Derby. Dead Celebrities. Butters' Bottom Bitch. Whale Whores. The F Word. Dances with Smurfs. Sexual Healing. The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs. Medicinal Fried Chicken. You Have 0 Friends. Crippled Summer. Poor and Stupid. It's a Jersey Thing. Coon 2: Hindsight. Mysterion Rises. Coon vs.

Coon and Friends. Royal Pudding. Crack Baby Athletic Association. City Sushi. You're Getting Old. Ass Burgers. The Last of the Meheecans. Bass to Mouth. Broadway Bro Down. A History Channel Thanksgiving. The Poor Kid. Reverse Cowgirl. Cash for Gold. Faith Hilling.

Cartman Finds Love. Raising the Bar. Going Native. A Nightmare on FaceTime. A Scause for Applause. Obama Wins! Let Go, Let Gov. Informative Murder Porn. World War Zimmerman. Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers. Taming Strange. Ginger Cow.

Black Friday. A Song of Ass and Fire. Titties and Dragons. The Hobbit. Go Fund Yourself. Gluten Free Ebola. The Cissy. The Magic Bush. Freemium Isn't Free. Grounded Vindaloop. Cock Magic. Stunning and Brave. Where My Country Gone? The City Part of Town.

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