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Kobe lynn hagen torrent

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kobe lynn hagen torrent

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Luckily Zion sees right through it, sparing me the frustration. This book was definitely a good one. Of course it helps if you can switch off that part of your brain that takes note of something like writing style. Only, why do those Demon Warriors books have to end on a downer more often than not? Mar 03, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it really liked it Shelves: what-demons , what-vampires , what-shifters , what-mm-read , what-rescue-me , why-spellapalooza-winter , where-grr-mine , how-ebook , what-lgbtq , what-modern-fantasy.

It's racist. Gypsies are an ethnic group. A migraine is more than a bad headache. She named the one black character Kobe? And he of course listens to rap. I mean sure it's likely in the real world but he's a demon from demon realms, the worst, the equivalent of the ghetto.

Of course. And then what's up with naming a demon Zion? I like how Zion is very protective of his things. It's realistic. The good thing about needing sex to find your mate i 3. The good thing about needing sex to find your mate is that if you fall in love with someone else, you can choose to remain monogamous and never find your mate.

Sep 12, CB rated it it was amazing. Well, I delved into the Bracverse a 2nd time and now there are books - yikes! I loved this Universe the first time I read it several years ago and now I love it more, I really do, but I've only been able to read these series and I have expanded to all the books that are currently out in each : Brac Pack Christian's Coven Zeus's Pack Demon Warriors The Exiled These are the series that start the Universe.

Reading them in order is a must. Each book has it's own love story but there is an underlying Well, I delved into the Bracverse a 2nd time and now there are books - yikes! Each book has it's own love story but there is an underlying story that plays out throughout them all.

As you get towards the end of these series, other series come into play and I noticed that, since I did not read them, I missed some of the characters being mentioned good and bad but I was still able to follow because the main ones stay the same. Jan 30, Nessa rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book just as much as I did with the previous books. I liked Kobe and appreciated his need to save Zion the little demon who helped him escape from Remtin.

As always, it held my attention while wanting them to realize that they're true mates already, which took quite a while in this story. The writing was excellent and the characters were totally unique, and I can't stop coming back for more.

I am wondering though, what ever happened to DeAndre? I was looking forward to his story I enjoyed this book just as much as I did with the previous books. I was looking forward to his story, but still, this was fantastic. Esta historia fue todo lo que esperaba.

Oct 09, Mimiinwonderland rated it it was amazing. I absolutely loved this book!! Zion and Kobe were the sweetest couple ever, so cute! Oct 28, D. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I don't like when the MC's life was so fucked up and had shitty life like Zion. He was being used, treated like a fuck toy in order to survive and that changed when Kobe came to his life. Jul 30, Dylan St.

Jaymes rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , m-m-angels-and-demons , m-m-favorites , m-m-paranormal , m-m-shifters , m-m-take-me-to-my-happy-place. Post Read Thoughts: I liked this one. Zion is sweet but he's not meek and he has a core of steel to him that I really like. Kobe is trying to put himself back together and deal with a painful past. They both have broken places but somehow they manage to smooth one another's rough edges and come together and fight to have a better future than they do pasts.

Finding out about Kobe and the extent of his power-or potential power-was really interesting and I can't help but wonder how that's going to play out in later books. I enjoyed the pacing of this and how patient and giving and protective-without being insulting or overbearing-Kobe was with Zion. They both definitely won my heart in this one. Thoughts While Reading: view spoiler [ Okay I don't even have a clue how to pronounce the first word in the book lol.

Kobe has mystery manpain in his past I don't like you at all. Um dude At least take Panahasi. This is a too stupid to live moment. How does Panahasi not know about Iam by now? Iam the new leader of the Wood Elves we found that out in Brac Pack Why is this whole "Marino holding the fey hostage" still a thing that's happening?

Zion : Oh thank goodness Methinks so too Hondo. Takeo has the coolest power Zion is so guarded, bless his little demon heart. Raphael just played you like a jukebox. I need you to die now. Slowly and painfully. Finally Keegan finds out Iam is okay. Kobe defensive much? Slut shaming is not cool yo. If they want to have a lot of sex as long as everyone is consenting then there's no judgments to be made.

And given his background Drake should know better. I know he meant no harm but still. He's trying kill Kobe Panny. It's not that hard to figure out. Yep here to kill him. Poor Kobe : Oh Zion, poor baby. I feel like we need a "You is kind, you is smart, you is important" moment here. We have sexy times I swear I've read that line before they always took but never gave Kobe your being all noble and stuff is giving me blue balls and I don't even have balls Dillon!

My baby : Oh Zion don't do the thing. YOu were told not to do the thing. Don't do the thing. See what happens when you do the thing?! Just go somewhere and die Raphael! Kobe did we not talk about the concept of back up? Dang it man. Oh great Hondo's here. Look all I'm saying ya'll got beat down last time. So we can avoid situations like this! Oh snap. Marino just changed the game. Sexy Times are a go. What is your deal Krule? Get a life and leave your kid alone.

Oh good grief. If Marino becomes immortal I will flip a table. I'll hold your flower. Kick his butt baby. Poor Kobe : Aww so sweet. I'm glad they found each other. Oh I am beyond tired of Marino. A pox upon his house. Jul 07, multitaskingmomma rated it really liked it Shelves: mm-romance-paranormal.

Scented candles, sweet Zion. Loved it. Zion had sacrificed himself to get the Demon Warriors out of Remtin. I love to love them andI love to hate some. I get frustrated over some plots, some characters, some situations, even the crying of the constant mine drives me insane for some reason. I just revealed I am an addict!

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment of whatever series she releases for the moment. I don't know, but for some reason I just love this series. It constantly changes, it is fluid, its plots are different and evolve, and to top it off, demons they may be, but they are both mean and sweet.

For Kobe, I did not relate all that well with him. I don't know, he just grated on my nerves. I have a completely different response with regards to Zion though. He just became my favorite character of all of the Demon Warriors Series characters. There was one scene where Zion was clutching at this Fresh Linen scented candle that Kobe had given him.

Of all the things he could have offered him, he chose this one simple object. I don't blame him, I love this scent too and have several scattered around the house. Maybe this is the reason why Zion just stuck with me. Kobe had his moments,too, don't get me wrong. He grated on my nerves as I said earlier, but there was this one scene that made up for all of his shortcomings. I just fell for that scene. That scene alone made it up for Kobe. When I was reading Zion I read this twice, focusing on Zion all the time , the scene with him protecting his candle just kept haunting me and I recalled this ad I had seen.

I found it and I couldn't help but post. Donny tapped him on the shoulder and then pointed up. He had to be careful and just use the power of suggestion to get the man to go inside. They had the element of surprise on their side and he wanted to keep it that way. Holding up a finger to indicate they should wait, Kobe touched his temple, focusing on the demon standing on the fire escape.

Go inside. He could already feel a low pulse in the back of his head, but Kobe was determined to save Zion. Aside from his time as a Demon Warrior, Kobe had never tried to save anyone—not after that fatal night so long ago. Kobe pushed the haunted memory from his mind. Although one thing had been for certain. He had made sure that he took care of himself on the streets, especially living in Remtin.

Growing up, it had always been about saving his own ass and staying alive. He would never forget the sacrifice the small demon had made. He had bartered to get the Demon Warriors out of Remtin. Zion had saved them all. Donny gave him the universal you better not fuck this up expression as he glanced from Kobe then to the man who was roughly thirty feet above them.

Kobe was still the newest member of the Demon Warriors and he hated that his powers had failed once or twice. From what Panahasi had told him, all the Demon Warriors had gone through one or two misfires with their powers…and all had taken shit for it. Kobe tilted his head back and gazed up. The demon had finally walked inside. They had a small window before someone—if anyone else was there, and Kobe had a feeling there was—figured out the guard had left his post.

Donny grabbed him and popped them onto the landing. The demon was pretty good at teleportation, but if he took anyone but himself, it weakened the guy. Both of them needed to reserve their strengths. Sometimes he felt like he got gypped when it came to powers. Easing the door open, the two of them slipped inside. Kobe instantly noticed how much chillier it was inside than outside.

Goose bumps raised on his arms as he slid along the wall, watching for any demons who might be heading their way. He used a discretionary amount of power to feel for anyone close by. It was forbidden for him to use his powers on the other Demon Warriors. He could cripple someone if he pushed hard enough. Donny had been the person who had trained Kobe, had become brethren to him, and the last thing he wanted to do was turn the demon into a vegetable.

Kobe put a hand up when he heard whispering. That meant they had to stay in place unless they wanted to be caught. I had them good and cornered. Raphael is the one who stopped me. The bastard. Oh, how Kobe wanted to turn that demon into a babbling idiot for the rest of his life. The temptation was overwhelming, but he crushed the urge deep down and concentrated. Right, revenge was not something Kobe was supposed to practice.

Not only had Donny drilled that into his head, but Panahasi as well. Turning the other cheek was not something he was used to doing. Kobe would really like to see Compton try and fuck with him now. He was actually itching for the man to show his face. Once the voices faded, Kobe and Donny moved further into the top floor of the warehouse.

Just as Kobe turned a corner, he spotted Zion in the middle of a large room. He stood there with his hands bound in front of him and a leather gag tied around his mouth. Zion was pleading with his eyes for Kobe to leave. His eyes swept the entire room, seeing trash, broken windows, and there was only one light that was working. Zion was standing under it, as if he were the star of the show. But there was no Raphael.

That had never happened before. From a dark and shadowed corner, Raphael appeared. He mentally pulled back, unwilling to weaken himself any further. He needed to reserve his strength. He had grown up knowing the man. He pretty much ran this place. There was nothing kind or forgiving about the demon. Kobe had heard tales when he was younger about what Raphael had done to those who crossed him. Some said that Raphael had cut four demons into tiny pieces just because they had lagged on repaying the man their debts.

Others whispered that he had unparalleled powers, equal, if not greater than the Demon Warriors. He had been petrified of the man growing up, even more frightened of Raphael than he was o f the man abusing his young body.

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It may takes up to minutes before you received it. Please note : you need to verify every book you want to send to your Kindle. Check your mailbox for the verification email from Amazon Kindle. Conversion to is failed. You may be interested in Powered by Rec2Me. Related Booklists. Post a Review To post a review, please sign in or sign up. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read.

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