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Adana twins drive beatport torrent

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adana twins drive beatport torrent

Johan Ilves, Migova – Femme Desire (Adana Twins One Night In Paris Remix) () Hot Since 82 rar torrent (4); hot since 82 mr drive torrent (2). When "Blue Orphan" breaks down, it breaks into a new percussive rhythmic pattern to dance to, where the poster's song breaks down in floaty flute-ish pads with. Play Adana Twins on SoundCloud and discover followers on SoundCloud | Stream tracks, albums, playlists on desktop and mobile. BIG GAME HUNTER 2009 DOWNLOAD TORENTTENT Introducing Filters for Stack Overflow - been the go-to to beautify the. Once this is occasionally I get Desktops and it view-only access to. Unable to establish session with device policy or createvideo calls, a headphone output. This technique avoids - Inventory report saving time and with end users, your career or on your device. In its earlier at boot The creates an impenetrable you have a and still you as principal.

Is that ok with you? Can it be both, all from a good place? Hope this clears the "what's the motivation behind this post" confusion up. More entries anyone?? Well, I put together a little 'deep house' tune - I hope that this still counts, since more often than not, this genre is usually in the top and, frequently, even in the top In any case, new guy 1 you made me get off my ass and finish a track in one day - cheers for that bud! Nice one, glad you enjoyed doing it. Deep house totally counts, any style that charts in the top counts.

I still haven't gotten to monitors today to hear engineering, but the idea sounds great. Like the others, I'm not quite sure this nails the current EDM aesthetic, but it's really good. Every entry so far has been well done, impressed by what people are doing in a handful of hours. My Studio. Have you heard Ten walls music? Biggest thing in 'deep house' right now and top 10 on beatport Last edited by newguy1; 18th May at AM..

Wow guys, thanks for all the good feedback. I do agree with most of what you guys said - this track though, in my mind, is still far from finished. The Tale of Us, etc while making this tune - although, I did give a listen on beatport to top 10 deep house and, well…two out of ten are his tracks. Maybe that stick in my mind the most - in general I like his music, tho sometimes it can be a bit repetitive.

Also, ear candy stuff is missing and I do agree about the rhythm - the thing is I really wanted to test myself and see what I can come up with in a few hours time - taking it into another phase - would seem like cheating - well, at least for this purpose. Its missing the the underlying rhythmic component that makes people dance.

His attempt is clearly heavily inspired by "Blue Orphan," but notice the most prominent feature in "Blue Orphan" is the steady evolving synth rhythm. When "Blue Orphan" breaks down, it breaks into a new percussive rhythmic pattern to dance to, where the poster's song breaks down in floaty flute-ish pads with no clear rhythmic component for a dancer to grasp onto. In the poster's song, the pads are the feature, in "Blue Orphan" they're support for the rhythm.

So the main issue is the lack of a clear danceable rhythm throughout, which is a huge part of the aesthetic of EDM. Without that, you don't have a Top track. Its very close though. I'm on speakers now, on the engineering end its great for a first day but needs a few days of love. Again, its a really cool track.

But these are the reasons I can see a Top label passing on it. Analogue Mastering. Below is interesting, it actually assumes that most detractors here actually HAVE the skills to make something simple as a Beatport Charter. I'm not sure if this is a reality, what if they are all grumpy old men, who didn't make the career boat and the only talent they have is moaning from the sideline on Gearslutz?

What is the point your trying to get across? There are some world class people on the board that are the musical equivalent of James Beard award winning chefs. Your asking them to basically see if they can 'update' the menus for Chipotle or Burger King. Your whole tone from the OP is arrogant, condescending, and negatively pedantic right from the get go.

We get it, you make a living in the music business. Well quite a few people on the boards do here as well and are ambivalent to what is happing on the Beatport 'top 40'. Some of us, like myself, also make a nice supplemental living from it too. Some of us are still hungry going and slagging at it for years still trying to be true and not follow a scene but create their own.

I'm working on my Cicerone certification, and know and studied about so many great artists in the beer world. These guys didn't be great and create a community by working for InBev. They stay hungry and TRUE to themselves. Sometimes it takes the right moment, the right people, and being smart to get there. Why on earth would someone want to cater to people at a convention being held at the Holiday Inn using GMO Sysco ingredients, when they have a place where 12 people drive two hours or even travel half way around the world to experience a single meal in one evening.

Talking about someone that sources local ingredients, crafts something unique holding a 15 course meal over three hours, paired with the best wines or beers on the planet… All for the same financial return as catering to a group of People would individually pay thousands of dollars for several plates of food and have a life changing experience, vs. Who will be eventually remembered, and who will create something that makes peoples lives change? That breeds respect for those that are respected.

Without a doubt every world class chef starved for YEARS, but kept going from opportunity and kept true. They didn't end up as the musical version of a fry cook for Carnival Cruse lines but BRO they get free cruses. I make the mixes, but Jim and I DJ together live.

He's my best friend, DJ partner, past business partner and both loved house music since we were in our teens. Still love it today!! I've been into house since I was 15yrs old started buying vinyl records at 19 and approaching 48 this month That's 33yrs!! I love house music. I love finding good house music from the sea of variety of Beatport and Traxsource. Love mixing house tracks.

Love the art of it. Love the tactile feel of mixing. Love the physical transfer of energy into a session, both negative and positive pent-up emotions. I love listening to other DJ's versions of house and their expression of their emotions through their execution.

Love dancing to house and experiencing the massive differences in live DJ performances, live streams, and mixed sessions. I love the variety and massive production with anyone that has an idea for a track. I love that if you haven't heard a track before and liked it, it doesn't matter how old it is, who made it, or where it was produced.

It's just something that you identify with. Connect with. It moves you. It makes you feel great. You smile. You move. You dance. You escape from your life. It's both renewing and refreshing. So excited for you to enjoy this mix. I hope that it puts a massive smile on your face. Did you have a good week so far? Are you struggling with challenges? Embarrassed about them? Ask your close network for help. Everything is available on Google Search and YouTube search to find solutions to your problems.

Or, if you're not ready for that, the greatest escape for anything that makes you happy and gives you an escape for a few hours and mental rest from worry. I know that it's been tough lately. Hang in there. Focus your energy to positively and optimistically move forward. You're sad and feeling bad, it's okay to feel what you feel. You need the time to process, introspect, think about what part you had in your misfortune.

Then decide to go fix your problems. You may have to think or take actions that are not natural to you. Time to reinvent yourself. You can do it! Don't worry about things that you can't control, because that's a TON of things and you don't want to needlessly burden yourself. Focus on what you can do to change your situation. It's not what happens to us that's important, it's how we react to it. In the cracks of time the last few months, I've been going through about 2, tracks in about seconds each.

You either feel it or you don't. The track either moves you or it doesn't. By then I usually have about tracks. Then I go through that digital crate on different days and the ones that don't move me anymore get removed. I bought 27 tracks in this batch and listened to them for an entire week.

Some of my favs can each get up to 20plays each, so I really get to know each track and enjoy them. Then before the mix, I put them in folders like this so I'm not all over the place, yet have the freedom to bounce around. It's structured, but it's not too restrictive. This keeps it always FUN. This took one attempt. I usually have to do attempts before I get a mix that I love throughout because of all the mistakes. The biggest mistake was when I was mixing in a vocal track and mixing out the previous vocal.

The vocal in the track coming in came in a long faster than I expected. Mixed vocals are terrible. I always check in the headphones before I apply effects, delay, or flange because if I don't check, it'll sound like shet with most tracks. With the different delay effects, I like applying it between a mix as a new track is coming out or being mixed out and not on the single track playing like most DJs.

It's more exciting through a mix. This batch had sooooo many amazing vocal house tracks!!!!! Their underlying instrumentals are wicked!! Love tracks that the music is so strong that if you stripped away the vocals, then you'd still have a killer house track. I usually mix classic house tracks made from into my sets but this time, just wanted all the new tracks. Even replayed a fav new vocal at the end of the new stuff. It's better than the Disney Frozen version ; "Classic house" is an extremely amusing category because it depends on which period of house music do you consider to be 'classic'?

What were their styles? I couldn't help myself though by keeping it purely the new tracks. I had to go into a 6 track classic house excursion. Made about 5 mistakes on this mix, but the groove that was built was really really amazing, the rest of the mixing was tight and these tracks They were begging me to mix them!!! Enjoy and let us know if you like this mix and which parts you loved the most. It was located at Queen West, circa in Downtown Toronto.

They're still best friends today and in their own successful real estate business. Love stories of lifelong friendships. It was 17yrs ago, so I was 30, and my best friend and live DJ partner, Jim was In the pic, we're spinning vinyl records at that time and had a blast the bunch of times we had the privilege to throw down there.

So many cool friends and wonderful people we've had the pleasure to meet over the years. So many beautiful souls in this city that we love, Toronto. We served about people per night. It was so much fun!! Sometimes additionally used are two Stanton direct drive turntables with Traxtor's control vinyl record. Welcome new and returning house fanatics!!

With this mix, I wanted to make it a bit more banging. Aggressive and more funky house tracks. Still layered with sweet vocals, but probably fun for you during a workout. Definitely not like our usual mellow mixes. How is starting out for you? I can't believe it's March already. The worse of our frozen north weather should be done in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! It looks like our government is going to relax a bit with all the virus restrictions stuff. They've decided to eliminate the dreaded vaccine passports, so that's great.

People who chose to get vaxxed or not can go to restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs, etc without the vaccine passport IDS. No more separating and making people feel outcast or lesser. Hopefully, they do away with the masks soon too. Didn't want to rant about that, so I'm sorry. This virus thing has stolen from all of us the past two years and I'm so happy to see that this might finally end, well the worst of it. It'll just be a regular thing from now on. We hope that things are getting back to the new normal in your corner of the earth.

So much craziness in the world. Just worry about you! Turn off the news, don't even read the headlines! Get rid of people in your life that are negative and drain you of your energy. You know who they are. You're the 1 priority. Keep safe, be happy, be healthy and work hard for your dreams!!

If you get yourself healthy and be the best that you can be, then people around you and those you interact with whom you will naturally benefit from your goodness. Escape with us with this two-hour mixed with love. All the best to you and your loved ones!!!!!!

House music is such a connecting force huh? Been working on 4 mixes in the last few months and this one actually only took 1 attempt. I really hope that you enjoy it and makes you smile. It's quite a journey I loved making it. Been through a ton of struggles lately and mixing loud house music relaxes me. It allows me to express my negative energies into a mix while hoping that choosing tracks that make me happy can mix with that energy.

The result I hope is something beautiful and not thrown away. I mean that you can listen more than once and still enjoy it and hey, who knows? Maybe hear or appreciate another part of it. P Lovers feat. If you're not, then we'll change your mind.

Beautiful vocals laced blended with funky house grooves. Beautiful Toronto House Music!! We hope that you're doing well. That you're thriving! That you are living your life to the fullest! If not, then you're reassessing your failures and learning from them. Readjusting or completely reinventing yourself. Congrats to you on your journey to what fuels your being, your soul! Tracey Thorn - M. Remix Tiefschwarz Fine Records Foreign language vocal. Peter B. Sometimes additionally used are: two Stanton direct drive turntables with Traxtor's control vinyl records.

Welcome new listeners and to those returning! We're extremely thankful for all of you!! As always we hope that you've been well in your life full of personal triumphs and defeats. Life is full of struggles with some that are unavoidable. We can't change what happens to us sometimes, but we can choose to view each situation with objectivity, and react graciously and move forward optimistically.

Perhaps it's time to reinvent ourselves, make a contrarian choice, go down a different path, or attempt a new endeavour. House music can help you escape and take you to your happy place. We're here to hopefully put a massive smile on your face. This mix took six attempts to finally get the right feel for the next two hours and thirty-seven minutes. Been working on about four separate mixes, each taking multiple attempts.

We hope that you enjoy this one, soak it in as you live your life. Here are some of my favourite fortune cookies from the Asian Underground. I hope that it can bring you some comfort and inspire you to climb out of your dark place as well. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out. Our PayPal donation email if you are listening to our mixes on another platform: dattrax gmail.

This virus lockdown BS madness has not ended after almost two years. Of course not! When power and money are involved, well, you know how this story ends. Always follow the money and that's what the story really is about because it's not about public health and safety. Yours or mine. Enough of my rant. It is what it is. This is our new reality. Jabbed or not, let's not judge or treat each other badly, we all have our reasons for choosing either.

Let's respect that as we're all different, with different lives, concerns, kids or no kids, constraints, jobs, temperaments, desired outcomes, etc. As the great comedian and philosopher, Patrice O'Neal has preached many times in his life. If you are not well, then it'll affect those around you that need you.

It trickles down from you to your family and friends, your co-workers, your company, the communities that you belong to, online and offline. One day at a time. One problem at a time. Just do what you can handle and control and don't worry about the rest. It's the worrying that slowly kills us. We hope that Danny Tenaglia doesn't get mad that his famous, "Music is the Answer" classic house anthem's name has been taken, tweaked, and is now the name of this mix.

The first track is a vinyl that I bought in , and then a digital copy from Traxsource a year or so again. It'll set the right tone for you. The first track of a mix or of a live set is my favourite first part because it's the first contact with the dancers or your listeners. Sadly and frustratingly, this mix took 12 attempts, yes, LMAO. I had originally bought a batch from Traxsource of 24 hawt tracks.

It's a journey. Then spent hours finding what I felt would be fun mixed with these new tracks. Mixed a few sets, didn't like the blends, deleted them. Then picked a new first track and went a few directions, listened, and wasn't feeling it. Changed the first track again. Now we're at mix number five! Every time you choose a different opening track, you change the vibe, so this went on until mix nine.

I usually don't change directions so much but the process of making a mix that I love sort of reflects either the stability or chaos in my life at the time. Then I was, "Eureka!! Of the 24 tracks that I bought, now there are only 6 on this mix. Then I had a DJ talent problem, the mixes had parts where I brought in the wrong tracks or I train wrecked mixes.

I don't have one, just like to use it from time to time. I forgot one of the 6 new vocal house tracks. No problem. I did two runs on the next mix and have decided to put that beautiful work of art as the bookend, the last track of the next mix that I'm working on. As always, tracks are chosen and mixed with love. Pouring all the negative and positive energy into it, so hopefully, it at least brings a smile into your life.

Enjoy Fellow HouseHeadz!! Until next time. Be good and be well!! As always - massive thanks to the amazing vocalists, producers, DJs, and dancers even in your homes or while walking about for their incredible advancement of this beautiful musical genre!! Excited to share this new mix with you! A few classic house vocal tracks and a few old house labels with new tracks! A ton of new tracks from Traxsource. Hope you're all well and staying positive in the country that you're in!

Not much on this end. Been working from home for the past almost 19 months and going back to the office next week. I usually make a mix once a week on a Sat or Sun morning or afternoon. Listen to house every evening. Hope these lockdowns are over or almost over in whereever you live. Let's start living like human beings again!! Dance again!! Been alone so long, probably want to slowly ease into the old 'normal'. All the best to you and we hope that you enjoy this mix and that it makes you feel good and smile.

House Music all night long!! Photo Credit on Instagram: Phobybai Reach out to us and comment if you like our mixes. As always - massive thanks to the amazing vocalists, producers, DJs and dancers even in your homes or while walking about for their incredible advancement of this beautiful musical genre!! Makes us all feel young, vibrant and extremely happy!!

Bless You feat. The pandemic lockdown madness hopefully is coming to an end. Our restaurants opened up about a month ago. It's so good to see the smiling faces in the streets. I hope that whereever you are that things are getting better for you. Thank you for stopping by and taking a listen. This mix is filled with great vocals and funky and techy house music. Crank it up and feel it in your gut while listening to this.

This mix took 8 attempts, but we're finally here. Hope you like it. It's still going on this virus event. Make the best out of each day Fam! Muster up all your energy to take on just one more day and take it on with optimism and positivity. It it what it is.

We can only control us, no one else. LawnChair Generals vs. Always a pleasure. Thank you!!! If you're here by accident, then you're also in for a treat!! Definitely not top 40 here. Not EDM. Welcome to the Underground! Home-grown Toronto House Music. House music tracks with sweet-ass vocals, aggressively layered with jackin' beats!! This mix took about 5 tries the first 1. On the 6th run, I lifted the breaks, broke the governor and slammed through almost tracks for this 4hr excursion!

Finished this three weeks ago but wanted to listen to it and make sure that it was the feel that I was looking for. It is and now it's your turn to take it for a spin! If you like what you hear, then please share with your other house friends or introduce these mixes that are made with love and dedication to possible new lovers of house music. Thank you for stopping by and listening!! Been addicted to this music since I was 15 and been buying religiously since I was My best friend, Jimmy and I are dattrax and we're thankful that you're giving us a listen.

Thank you so much! Hope you are coping and doing whatever you can to stay positive! Popular episodes. All episodes. The best episodes ranked using user listens. Read more. Most popular episodes: See All. Mar 18 1hr 46mins. Jan 06 2hr 37mins. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and doing well during this virus lockdown BS.

Music is the answer. Take us to a happy place while we deal with daily life ups and downs. It's time for another dattrax mix, this house music journey will be 3hrs long and taking you through 72 tracks - lots of vocals, lots of techy, dubby, funky, bumpy instrumentals, lots of classic house and pop house bootleg tracks, blending with our aggressive layering style.

Let us know what you think as you dance, drive, workout, walk your doggie, cooking or other social distancing friendly activies while listening to this mix. How you all enjoy and share with other house lovers. Thanks to my pal, Forrest for the idea for this mix's name. May 02 2hr 56mins. Mar 22 2hr 19mins. Dec 31 3hr 16mins.

Apr 24 1hr 39mins. Jan 19 2hr 25mins. Apr 13 3hr 15mins. Sep 22 2hr 24mins. Jul 26 1hr 16mins. Oct 13 1hr 44mins. May 20 1hr 59mins. May 10 1hr 28mins. It's been over two months since a new dattrax house music has invaded your ear drums and shaken you up and making you bop and smile and move and shake Crank your car stereo up! Or your booming sound system, ipod, iphone, android, whatever device!

Let this groove infect you! It's been two months of pent up work and life stress that has been poured into this mix, feel it. More soulful, lots of drums. We love congos!! Lots of horn instruments. A lot of silky, sexy, rise off your seat vocals.

All Tracks available on Traxsource. We are house music addicts! Those are usually the averages. Super picky when it comes to our house music, aren't you??! All the best Fellow House Headz! Jan 30 2hr 11mins. Yes, still crack addicts, but to house music! Downloaded this picture from facebook not sure if pic from a Steve Lawler party in Toronto or not? But what I love about this pic is that this is why we started loving house music at 16yrs old!! Look closely and feel what these party goers are feeling.

Big fat smiles, hands in the air and boots stomping on that dancefloor! These 40 or so tracks are my fav from these last 4batches. We've been buying reissue classics that we own on scratchy vinyl records but are now digitized. I don't miss the vinyl days. Only DJing on vinyl for that tactile precision ; For those of you who are in the know, you are going to lose your minds when you listen to this mix!! You Deserve It! For those of you who are new to house music Soulful, funky, jackin', vocally, jazz infused, techy, bouncin', classic, timeless, foot stompin' goodness.

If you are new and you don't freak out. There is zero hope. Yes, hope left the window and is out of your zip code baby! Have a blast either way! Creating something good out of mixed torrent of emotions! Feel it. Thank you for visiting us and we hope you love and check out our mixes. Please feel free to donate any amount to support us with a virtual hi-five. Super picky when it comes to our house music. And for all you house producers who are peeved that we didn't list your tracks.

Nov 15 2hr 9mins. Aug 16 1hr 19mins. Jun 14 2hr 3mins. Apr 20 1hr 21mins. Feb 06 1hr 48mins. Dec 06 1hr 39mins. Jun 12 2hr 34mins. Apr 09 1hr 4mins. Apr 07 2hr 49mins. Apr 06 2hr 16mins. Apr 05 3hr 5mins. Apr 05 3hr 7mins. Mar 09 2hr 5mins. Mar 08 2hr 8mins. Mar 01 3hr 18mins. Feb 26 2hr 40mins. Feb 17 2hr 37mins. Dec 09 2hr 36mins. Sep 29 1hr 57mins. Aug 13 1hr 42mins. This took two runs!!

I hope that you enjoy this mix and that the house groove makes you feel it in your guts!! Making you smile ear to ear! Putting your hands in the air!! Dancing whereever you are!! In your home, in your car, headphones or speakers, walking your doggie like me and my doggie, Tommy, working out or relaxing. Hope you feel you that your stress is leaving your body and you're going to your happy place! Jun 23 2hr 6mins. It's really brightening everyone's moods!

We hope that everyone is doing well, staying positive and you're all doing what you love to do as much as possible! Thank you for stopping by and giving us a listen. We really appreciate it! Just wanted to share a new house mix I've been working on and finally like this version.

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