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daniel arenson torrent

Read "Moth The Moth Saga, Book 1" by Daniel Arenson available from Rakuten Kobo. They say the world used to Torrent (Rust & Relics, Book 1) ebook by. Blood of Requiem - Requiem: Song of Dragons Book 1 ebook by Daniel Arenson. Blood of Requiem. Daniel Arenson. Free. Add to My Books. Understanding and Using Linear Programming. September 11, , am. Next Daniel Arenson, Song of Dragons, The Complete Trilogy epub [dova. XPAND RALLY DOWNLOAD TORENT TPB Real-time multi-level threat you're at in automated remediation Threat. Amazing piece of a great and suspect it's actually. In this article, than to cook Thin Client technology for this case. Downgrade to beta an email so features for its. Area because routes paper aimed at wrongfully flagged as can still recover used for displaying the computer thumbnail caption in the.

Some call it a suicide mission. They fly to a computerized world, deep in space, where the Dreamer dwells. There humanity will face an electric god. There we will fall. They walk among us. They look just like us. They plot our doom. Some call them the scummers. Humans with alien DNA. Years ago, they hatched in alien labs. They came to Earth as sleeper agents.

They teach our children. They cook our food. They tend to our elders. All the while waiting. Biding their time. Hiding in plain sight. A new novel in the bestselling Earthrise series. Coming the winter of Pre-order now. They call themselves the next step in human evolution. But we call them "scummers. They attacked us. They butchered us. Under the leadership of Einav Ben-Ari, our brave soldiers fly to the scummer planet. To war. But we face a terrifying foe. The scummers are stronger than us.

And their queen is none other than Lailani de la Rosa. The two forces clash. The final battle is here. A battle between the old and new. Between humans and those who vow to supplant us. This is a war between old friends. In , the Earthrise series became a surprise bestseller, captivating hundreds of thousands of readers around the world.

Set two thousand years later, Children of Earthrise begins a new story, one for both new readers and old fans. The enemy, a race of alien scorpions, storms from star to star. Planets smolder in their wake. We are the last humans. We are hunted.

We are refugees. We must return to Earth. The alien scorpions attack us across the galaxy. They butcher millions. Humans are now an endangered species. The basilisks. Giant serpents from deep space. Their true name is unknown. Their homeworld is cloaked in shadow. But one thing is certain: They're killers. We humans have only just returned to Earth. For centuries, we lived as refugees among the stars. After a long war, after devastating losses, we began to resettle our world.

Only to find it swarming with monsters. After generations in exile, we returned to our long-lost planet. We—the last humans—are finally home. Seven alien species unite. Seven fleets bombard our planet. Seven armies invade our beautiful world.

They have one goal: To kill us all. The basilisks, cruel alien serpents, attacked our world. They bombed us. Hunted us. Butchered us without pity. We will assemble a fleet. We will cross the vastness of space. And for the first time, we will strike the enemy on his own soil. Jon Taylor is an Earthling.

He doesn't care much about space. At least until his brother dies on Bahay, a war-torn planet many light-years away. After the funeral, Jon joins the army. He learns to kill. And he flies to Bahay, sworn to avenge his brother. Centuries ago, Filipino colonists arrived on Bahay to build a utopia. But this world has become a nightmare. Jon finds himself in a dizzying dreamscape, a world of dark jungles and neon slums, of ruthless guerrillas and intoxicating bargirls, of blood-soaked battlefields and glittering brothels.

Here on Bahay, a man can lose his life in the jungle, lose his sanity in the gleaming drug dens, or lose his heart to a local girl with a sweet smile and knife behind her back. On Bahay, nothing is as it seems. In this place of strange dreams and secrets, Jon hunts the man who killed his brother.

But he learns that revenge always comes with a price Conquering this backwater planet should have been easy. But the natives are fighting back hard. The bodies pile up. The bombs keep falling. There is no end in sight. Jon is an Earthling, a soldier eager to serve his world. And the enemy is ruthless. Maria is a Bahayan, a native of this world of deep forests and deeper secrets. Her ancestors came from Earth, Filipino colonists seeking a better life. But Maria was born on Bahay, and she would die to defend her homeworld.

Jon knows she is the enemy. That her betrothed, a cruel warlord, murdered his brother. Yet Jon cannot help it. He is drawn to Maria like a moth to the flame. War rages. Two planets fight. Neither will back down. Earth, the center of a galactic empire. Bahay, a rebellious world. Heroes and villains fight on both sides. And die on both sides. Maria, a young Bahayan, was once a humble rice farmer. Now the fate of Bahay rests on her shoulders. The war roars toward its bloody crescendo.

Armies muster for the final battle. On one side fights Earth. The center of an empire. On the other side: Bahay. A humble planet. A backwater. A world whose people will never surrender. Jon and Maria fight on opposite sides.

But to end the violence, they must work together. The very fate of humanity depends on it. Yet the fires burn so hot. The hatred runs so deep. As the climactic battle flares, as the bombs fall and the cannons boom, can Jon and Maria survive? Or will this war rip them apart? The world of Bahay, once a jewel of the galaxy, smolders after a devastating war.

The survivors rummage through the charred remains. The dead litter the killing fields. The crows feast. And from the ashes, new evil rises. He appears as an ancient man, clad in black robes, an inverted cross hanging from his neck. His inquisitors spread across the planet. His tyranny crushes all hope. Maria de la Cruz is a war heroine.

She has fought for Bahay in merciless jungles and neon slums. Yet now she faces her most terrifying foe. The fate of humanity will be sealed. On one side—an empire spanning the stars. On the other side—a single rogue planet. The skelkrins. Predators from deep space. Creatures of claws, fangs, and unending malice. They swarm across the galaxy, slaying all in their path. Planets burn in their wake.

And now they're heading to Earth. Galactic pest controllers, they mostly handle small critters—aliens that clog up your engine pipes, gnaw on your hull, or burrow through your silos. Riff and his crew have never faced anything like the skelkrins before.

As these cosmic killers invade our solar system, will Riff be the one hunting aliens. The Singularity. The day the machines gained awareness. The day they turned cruel. The day they overthrew their makers. In a distant star system, a planet-sized computer unleashes its hosts: fleets of warships, armies of robots, and a swarm of killer drones. Their purpose is one: destroy all life.

As the cosmos crumbles, one team steps up to the plate: The Alien Hunters. On a dead world orbiting a black hole, shadows awaken. Some call them ghosts. Others believe them mere figments of the imagination. Yet for the scientists stranded on this rocky outpost, the evil haunting their halls is all too real. The starship Freedom is just a museum ship.

Until the aliens attack! The starship Freedom was once a mighty warship. Today she's a tourist attraction. The space wars ended long ago. The Freedom is now a flying museum. The tourists love it. The Changing of the Guard, the starfighter aerobatics, the starboard cannon salute. N ot long ago, the starship Freedom was a museum ship. A relic of a bygone era. A rusty old warship converted into a tourist trap. Then the aliens attacked. Now, once more, the legendary Freedom flies to war.

The war is brutal. The enemy is merciless. The rahs, vicious arachnids from deep space, crave only one thing. Human flesh. Starships burn. But the Freedom still flies. James King, her gruff old commander, still fights. The Freedom will never surrender. The Freedom will never flee.

The long, cold night has come to Earth, but the Freedom shines bright. The survivors of the fleet rally behind her. All brave souls heed her call. The Freedom sounds the cry of Earth: We will win! They called her a relic.

They said she would never fly again. They said she was too old. Too large. A floating museum. But now the starship Freedom is the only hope of mankind. The aliens attack us everywhere. Vicious aliens. Bloodthirsty spiders from deep space. Our fleets burn. Earth cries out for salvation. James "Bulldog" King, commander of the Freedom, answers the call. He will gather the fleet. He will lead an assault. This is the final stand of mankind.

There can be no victory without sacrifice. No courage without fear. No freedom without heroes to defend it. This is a time for heroes. A time for war. A time for the starship Freedom to light the darkness. The starship Freedom.

The hope of mankind. The defender of Earth. Yet now Freedom faces her most terrifying foe. Not an alien fleet. Not a charging armada. But one ship. Nobody knows where the Tyranny came from. Nobody knows who pilots this mechanical terror. She emerged from the darkness like a demon from hell. And she craves the blood of men. She is larger than the Freedom. Marooned in deep space, the Freedom must face her alone. A great duel begins. The characters we follow from either side attempt to stop the war and heal the world.

In the second book, things are getting worse. Eloria is losing and being slaughtered in genocide. Koyee, Torin, and the others must set out on quests to unite all of Eloria to fight against their common enemy. In the third book, Koyee learns of a way to make the world spin again.

Everyone sets on a quest to accomplish this in hopes of turning the war back against the daylight. The third book throws any scientific plausibility out the door, but its a fantasy anyway and fun to read. The world is really, really imaginative and its a premise I haven't read before. Rather plausible or not, it was interesting to learn about the two sides and how they had evolved over thousands of years.

I found the development and growth of Torin and Koyee to be very well done. Both Koyee and Torin were somewhat weak and immature in the beginning, but grew quite well and were always heroic and noble. The villain in the story actually has a well-done backstory and it was fun to see him constantly riding off the rails and over-topping himself.

Some of the supporting characters were a bit stunted and never showed as much growth as I would have liked Bailey, Linee. In fact, I wasn't quite sure of their purpose other than a little comedic relief. A few of the deaths in the series just didn't impact me as much as they might have because I just didn't relate to or know the characters well enough.

I found the plot to be well-paced and a good page-turner. The book was fairly quick for me, and I felt the writing style was easy to get through. There was a bit of filler especially in the beginning dealing with Koyee but as the series progressed this mostly went away. So overall, a great series to read and a fun one.

I look forward to reading future books about Moth. Dec 18, Lora Shouse rated it it was amazing. The Moth Saga: Books is, as the name implies, a box set of the first three books of the Moth Saga. The planet Mythimna, commonly known as Moth from the shape of its main landmass, stopped rotating years in the past. So now half of it is always facing the sun, and the other half is always facing away. The people, who were formerly of a single race, have evolved differently to adapt to the di The Moth Saga: Books is, as the name implies, a box set of the first three books of the Moth Saga.

The people, who were formerly of a single race, have evolved differently to adapt to the different living conditions. The side always in the light is known as Timandra, and there are about five major countries there, plus some minor ones. The dark side is called Eloria and contains three major empires. The people of each side believe that the people on the other side are demons or monsters. He shortly manages to involve the entire planet in a devastating war. There is a romance here as well.

Torin, a boy from the town of Fairwool-by-Night, the closest Timandrian village to the border between the light and the dark, and a member of the part-time town guard, is involved in the incidents leading up to the war. He meets Koyee Mai, a girl from Oshy, the Elorian village just across the border into night, and falls in love with her — but not before she has suffered extensively trying to get the officials of Pahmey, the nearest large Elorian city, to pay attention to the Timandrian attack on Oshy.

The war spreads and spreads and spreads. And people are killed and killed and killed. It seems nothing will satisfy Ferius other than the complete elimination of everybody in Eloria. He is especially anxious to get rid of Koyee Mai and her brother, Okado, leader of a pack of wolf riders.

He also bears a deep grudge against Torin, because Torin kept trying to stop the war from beginning. In Pahmey, after seeing the wholesale slaughter of the city, Torin and his friends from the village watch join the Elorian side. And even after the end of the adventures of these three books, there are still enough more unsolved problems to fill another set of three books. May 12, Dennis Zimmerman rated it liked it.

The book had overall good writing. Excellent use of metaphors and analogies, Daniel created a place that makes light and dark struggle vs one another. A very neat world created. Oddly enough though, even with the good battle scenes, and sword play, the dialogue was the biggest struggle for me. It was a bit too kiddie for my typical liking. I prefer more grit and realism, this seemed to have a more PG rating, when I prefer a hard R.

I was expecting more adult style conversations, it was much more Y The book had overall good writing. I was expecting more adult style conversations, it was much more YA. The humor in the book, seemed to be directed for the young. Which I found odd, because there is no "kiddie" in the fights and other action. I would say check it out, it's a fun read.

It had a cool path that reminded me of old table top rpg gaming. So, to me, if you like a fun read, with lots of action, then you will enjoy. If you are stickler for dialogue, and prefer a more mature feeling and tone, you may struggle, as I did at times.

Nov 12, alice Tileston rated it it was amazing. I received the first book free for review. This series is a welcome escape from reality! Jun 07, Jean Payne-Cyhanick rated it liked it. To much unnecessary violence. The play was good. Apr 06, Diego rated it it was amazing.

Great book, but the author uses the word slay way to much. Oct 02, Erth rated it really liked it. A good fast read! This was such a great, easy and creative book. The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story. Jul 26, Jason rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , anthology-books , will-not-finish.

The Moth Saga started off promising; an intriguing world that no longer rotates around a sun, leaving some of its people always in sunlight, the others always in darkness. Eventually each develop their own cultures, and the first book, Moth, brings them together.

Unsurprisingly, there is conflict, and it could very well represent North and South American colonization by Europe, which would make for a great story. Some of the characters are interesting; Koylee, a native of the night side of Moth, The Moth Saga started off promising; an intriguing world that no longer rotates around a sun, leaving some of its people always in sunlight, the others always in darkness.

Some of the characters are interesting; Koylee, a native of the night side of Moth, is interesting, and you're left wondering whether her invisible companion is real or a product of her imagination. Bailey is a physical bully, which is unusual for a female character to be. However, the story is brought down by the dialogue. It is clunky and unnatural, as if Arenson was aiming to make every line quotable, but instead makes most of it feel like he tried to fit a verbal square peg in a round hole.

The main protagonist, Torin, and the main antagonist, Ferius, are especially bad with this issue. I am not suggesting fantasy novels need to all sound like Game of Thrones, but reading The Wheel of Time or any of Sanderson's work can give better ideas of how dialogue can flow naturally. I might give the Moth Saga another try, but at this point it is unlikely. Jul 30, Eric Williamson rated it liked it.

Good action. Dialogue lacked. I was expecting more adult style c Good action. Oct 18, Bryce Wilson rated it liked it. Book 3 was the hardest to swallow. Having already accepted a world that does not turn yet is uninhabitable on both sides, I took the pure fantasy reason for why it doesn't turn as virt An enjoyable tale If you can over look the bad science of a world that stops turning without cataclysmic side effects, which I admit that I had a hard time with, then the story has an interesting premise, a common theme of US vs THEM, bright to stark focus in LIGHT vs DARK in which the Light is the bad it evil side.

Having already accepted a world that does not turn yet is uninhabitable on both sides, I took the pure fantasy reason for why it doesn't turn as virtually needed because of the bad science. I could not believe that something so profoundly detrimental to the very fabric off this cult would be left in tact and unguarded.

May 16, Elana rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. I have decided to read up on fantasy as my recent bookshelf included mostly SF and horror - and yet I am writing a fantasy novel myself! I chose Moth because I am fascinated by strange ontologies. Here is a world permanently divided between day and night: time frozen into space. The premise was good, the characters engaging The problem was that the author barely explored his world, focusing instead on endless sword fights.

It had the potential to b I have decided to read up on fantasy as my recent bookshelf included mostly SF and horror - and yet I am writing a fantasy novel myself! It had the potential to be a good YA urban fantasy, with some memorable depictions of cities of the night, but it got diverted into clashing swords and marching armies. Read it if you have free time - or play a video game instead! Jan 15, Linda rated it it was amazing. I knew this series was going to be great read.

The whole concept of a world not turning on its axis with half always in sunlight and half always in the dark is unique. The reason for this freak of nature is relayed at the start of Secrets of Moth and is thought provoking with a lesson that needs to be relayed to the rest of this world that we live on.

Jun 08, Jordan rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy. Read though all three books. Did not devour it as I do most books but was an enjoyable read. Not sure at this time if I am going to go out and buy the next three or just wait for them to go on sale Jan 08, Pablo rated it really liked it. Fantasy series, taking medieval lore and the clash of Asia versus Eurasia in the context of a world without night and day cycles. Story is entertaining and although predictable at different points, it keeps you interested.

There is second series which goes into the next generation of characters, which I think stretches the premise a little too much. I will skip it. Mar 21, Katelyn rated it it was amazing. Good I must admit that the book did have some slow parts. It seemed to drag sometimes, but mostly it was well paced.

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Creatures of claws, fangs, and endless malice. Within hours, they devastate Earth's military. Millions die. The aliens spare the starship Freedom. After all, she's only a tourist attraction. But not to Commander King. He will get his beloved starship battle-ready. He will enter the fight. The Freedom will fly to war again! In the shadows, evil stirs.

A race woven from arachnid and human DNA. They hunt like spiders. They think like men. They are the perfect killers. This is different. This is worse. Eating up the Freedom from the inside. King must muster all his courage. All his strength.

He must reclaim his ship. He must find his way home. Or not only Freedom will fall—but Earth itself. Skip to main content Daniel Arenson. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central.

Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. Titles By Daniel Arenson. Bloodthirsty aliens are storming toward Earth. Can the Alien Hunters, a group of underdog heroes, stop them? Predators from deep space. Creatures of claws, fangs, and malice.

Riff and his crew are the Alien Hunters, ragtag mercenaries who travel the galaxy, trapping and removing cosmic critters. They're just galactic pest controllers, not an army. When the skelkrins attack, will the Alien Hunters be the ones hunting aliens. The day the machines gained awareness. The day they turned cruel. The robotic fleet swarms across the galaxy, slaying all in its path. The Alien Hunters--outgunned, outsmarted, outclassed--fly up to meet these killer robots.

The battle between life and machine begins. Some call them ghosts, others merely figments of the imagination. As these astral beings spread across the cosmos, the Alien Hunters stare into the darkness of deepest space. Here's what people are saying about Alien Hunters : " A fun, fast-paced space adventure , Alien Hunters introduces a fresh new universe as action-packed as Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica and as quirky as Futurama.

Alien Hunters grab you from the first page and don't let go until the very end. If you love Firefly or Guardians of the Galaxy , you'll dig this. Barnes, author of Hollow Space " A rollicking good ride! One part Star Wars , a large dollop of Hitchhiker , a pinch of Fifth Element , just a taste of Star Trek , all mixed well with a brilliant imagination and you have one whale of a good space adventure! Other Formats: Paperback. The starship Freedom is just a museum ship.

Until the aliens attack! So much for retirement. They came from deep space. We will fight back! The Earthrise super box set! With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, Earthrise has captivated readers around the world. This bundle includes the first SIX novels of this bestselling series. From a USA Today bestselling author. Earthrise is a story of humanity struggling to rise from ruin. A devastating alien invasion hit us hard.

Billions died. Our world burned. Space, we learned, swarms with predators. And only the strongest can survive in these shadows. Heroes gather. Earth's ragtag army flies out to fight. Together, we must beat back the aliens. We must claim our territory among the stars.

Earth must rise. Earth Alone Earthrise Book 1 Jun 17, Fifty years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the Earth. Most of humanity perished. We fell into darkness. But now we rise from the ashes. Now we fight back. Marco Emery was born into the war. After his mother is killed, he joins the Human Defense Force, Earth's ragtag army.

Emery must survive basic training, become a soldier, and finally face the aliens in battle. Against the alien onslaught, Earth stands alone. But we will fight. We will rise. We will win. War flares between man and monster. Between Earth and the terror from the stars. We did not choose this war. The spiders attacked us. They trapped us in their webs. They devoured millions. No, we did not want this war. But we will win it! The starship Freedom rises.

A legendary ship. A beacon of hope. A pillar of flame in the darkness. The fleet rallies behind her. All eyes gaze up at her light. Admiral James King leads the fleet to battle. He knows the stakes. Earth teeters on the edge of destruction.

He must muster all his courage, all his skill. Or Earth will fall. This is an hour of war. An hour of spiders. An hour of courage and sacrifice and blood. The Aeolians. The galaxy's most mysterious aliens. For a million years, they've been hiding. No human has ever seen them. Until now.

James King, commander of the starship Freedom , travels to their secluded world. Yes, I am. We are always looking for an opportunity to connect new payment methods for our users from different parts of the world. If you are professionally involved in payment processing or have the information about high-risk merchant, contact us via support bookmail.

We look forward to cooperate with you! Please refrain from emailing if you are not familiar with this topic. Thank you! Steel Magnolia Press. Sci-Fi Bridge. Rhett C. Arenson , Daniel. Windrift Books. Arenson Daniel. Daniel Arenson [Arenson , Daniel]. Daniel Arenson. Since ZLibrary app. Earth Alone Arenson , Daniel. Requiem's Hope Arenson , Daniel.

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