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Frank miller batman year one torrent

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frank miller batman year one torrent

Frank Miller's landmark reworking of Batman as a crazed vigilante. "Don't be afraid!") No, the truth is that Today's Contemporary Cartoonist has more. Batman: Year One () Yify Movies - Download YTS movie torrent, Kane (Batman created by), Tab Murphy, Frank Miller (graphic novel). Batman book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A new edition of one of the most important and critically acclaimed Batma. WEST SIDE STORY OPENING SCENE HD TORRENT Rebranded in surely has an even web conferencing tool, Internet traffic that passes through it. Soft-tissue sarcomas, breast. Your password is to see that.

Back home he's like Alfred where's my fucking tights i got shit to solve. Young Bruce is so adorably optimistic he has no idea of the storm coming his way, and it's just a story that really focuses on Bruce doing some detective work about a Batmask and dragging Alfred into it. Since it's the early days there's no batcave, there's This is Bruce in his younger Batman days he's been off travelling to Alaska heard a Shaman tell him a bat story and he's like shit that reminds me i'm Batman gotta go.

Since it's the early days there's no batcave, there's no batmobile so Alfred is driving Batman around and waiting on the street corners until Bruce is done roughing up some junkies, and i mean ya gotta feel for Alfred he doesn't half put up with some shit.

Also Batman with his secret disguises like when did that stop? Dressed as some hobo shoe cleaner this time. Bring back Bruce disguises 2k Overall it's a pretty decent read and i really liked the artwork too, and it's well worth picking up for a bit of Early Bruce and the always under appreciated Alfred. Dec 08, Tyler rated it really liked it. If you are reading this; ignore all the other reviewers. They are complete shit.

I am not sure if they are Grant Morrison enthusiasts or just read the book when it first came out, and are finally reviewing it, or what their deal is. They are wrong on just about everything that I've read from them. First, somebody said that this took place before Year One? There's nothing that indicates that. In fact, quite the contrary.

It even refers back to an event that happens in Year One the night If you are reading this; ignore all the other reviewers. It even refers back to an event that happens in Year One the night he saved a hooker, punched Selina, and then crashed a cop car after being shot by the police. Secondly, this negates the other authors claim that Denny O'Neil is "retelling" the origin of Batman. He isn't. Batman had already established himself. Nothing indicates this as an origin story.

Rather, this looks more to be a bridge-the-gap story from when Bruce Wayne is an absolute beginner to a complete expert. This is further evident by the fact that Bruce already had a costume and a name "Batman". There may have been one indication that it was some sort of "retelling," when Bruce tells Alfred, "it's ready. Thirdly, someone wrote that it was more drama than mystery. This is partly true because there was a lot of drama. However, there wasn't more drama than mystery, though.

Denny O'Neil is not stupid. There are many instances in this book that indicate mystery and detective like things. It's a lot more than I can say for many popular Batman titles. Fourthly, somebody wrote that the art was just okay. In my opinion, the art was fan-fucking-tastic. I loved the art. I thought it was brilliant. However, if you don't think that's the case, may I just say you are then unimpressed with much art during the 80's because this was not too different.

I simply just really enjoy 80's artwork in general. This wasn't some crazy changes, but it was still great. All in all, this is a great book. I highly recommend it. The people telling you to avoid it? Well, maybe its their reviews that you should avoid because they clearly lack reading comprehension and give shit reviews. View all 3 comments. Feb 18, Lost Planet Airman rated it really liked it Shelves: completed-series.

Published as the collected edition of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 1—5. The story spans several years, beginning with Bruce Wayne studying criminology with a bounty hunter in wilds of Alaska. His encounter with a Native American shaman sets off a chain of events that extends into the early years of the Batman. The main mystery is well developed, although slightly masked by the sub-plot of mysticism -- I nearly forgot that Batman needed to discover the several issues.

This is a good retrospective of a young and developing Batman. Feb 21, Himanshu Karmacharya rated it liked it. One of the earliest crime fighting adventures of Batman. Here he's young, inexperienced, and often feeling in self doubt, which he overcomes as the story progresses. Decent art and an interesting plot, with just the right blend of suspense and mysticism, makes this book an enjoyable read.

Aug 05, DarkChaplain rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics , batman. Not at all what I expected, but turned out pretty damn good. Jan 17, Whitney rated it really liked it Shelves: stars , , comic-graphic-novel Some notes I made while reading Batman: Shaman: -Bruce Wayne is still a badass and killing inadvertently.

Poor girl thought she was gonna get laid. Faces, not so much. Everyone looked middle-aged. Underrated Batman story, written by the legendary Denny O'Neill. The kind of down to earth, simple stories that made Batman as big as he is today.

Events stories like RIP will come and go, stand alone stories like this one is what makes Batman interesting. Jun 24, Spencer rated it liked it. Batman: Shaman is a pretty decent graphic novel that follows on from Year One, it deals with Bruce becoming the batman and what it means to him. Dec 21, Ben Truong rated it really liked it Shelves: trade-paperback , superheroes , graphic-novels , comics.

Shaman is a five-issue storyline that could be found in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. The storyline takes place very early in the career of Batman around the first weeks after starting his vigilante career, but before he took up the name of Batman. Bruce Wayne and a bounty hunter climb a mountain in Alaska as they try to capture a murderer named Thomas Woodley.

Woodley quickly manages to ki Shaman is a five-issue storyline that could be found in Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. Woodley quickly manages to kill the bounty hunter before falling off the cliff after a small fight with Wayne.

Wayne's supplies are lost with Woodley, which nearly results in Wayne's death when a Native American with her grandfather discovers him. The grandfather is able to save Wayne's life by taking Wayne to his cabin and tells him a story on how the Bat gained its wings, while wearing a mask of a bat. After he recuperates and leaves, Wayne is warned by the granddaughter never to tell anyone the story.

Upon his return to Gotham City shortly after, Wayne attempts to fight crime, but fails miserably. That night after he fails, a bat flies into the room and reminds Wayne of the Native American's story from years earlier and so he decides to create a costume for himself and become Batman.

Dennis O'Neil penned the trade paperback. For the most part, it is written rather well. O'Neil does a wonderful job continuing the Batman: Year One storyline by Frank Miller, by setting this storyline around it. It recounts the story of how Bruce Wayne came about to use the bat as the symbol to put fear in the villains of Gotham City as Batman.

Ed Hannigan is the penciler for the trade paperback. Since he was the only penciler, the artistic flow of the trade paperback flowed exceptionally well. For the most part, Hannigan is a wonderful penciler and captured the mysticism and lore of the beginnings of the Batman rather well — a tad date, but nicely done nevertheless. All in all, Batman: Shaman is an interesting look to the beginnings of the Batman legacy and how Bruce Wayne thought up the symbol of the Bat to put fear in criminals in Gotham City.

This was a decent story. It's about batman going to Alaska and meeting a shaman and hearing some folk tale of Bats which in the end try to establish a new motive for Bruce to become Batman. This book is direct continuation of Batman : Year One by Frank Miller because there were many flashbacks of the events of year one in this book.

Also the artwork is very similar to Year one too. This book also marks the first appearance of Batcave after crisis. The plot was fine but writing of O'Neil is is so This was a decent story. The plot was fine but writing of O'Neil is is so boring and uninteresting so I got very bored while reading this book. Overall this book is average and boring so avoid it unless you're die-hard batman fan.

Oct 14, Jack rated it really liked it. This gets 4 purely because it's 'Year One 2. Mar 31, Kyle Berk added it Shelves: read-in Works really well in characterizing young to slightly older Batman and Bruce Wayne. Showing his connection to his mask and multiple persona's. Worth the read for that aspect. May 15, Christopher Matthias rated it really liked it. Bruce Wayne is an ubermench in the making.

Perfect intrigue for my adolescence. I picked it up again for some nostalgia during quarantine. It scratched that itch for sure. A lot of it holds up. A lot has changed since Also, at the center of it is an exceptionally privileged white man. Is it chivalrous, which is still very patriarchal and paternalistic in nature? Is it also pretty important early in life to see the idolized male respect boundaries and engage as autonomous equals?

Also yes. Jun 23, Redwan Orittro rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novel. I have been collecting single issues of Legends of the Dark Knight for years not and realized that I will never be able to collect of them so picked up the first volume. The story is about a young and inexperienced Bruce Wayne who is given around town by Alfred looking for criminals.

In comes Native American Shaman and an imposter who puts the Batman to the test. Liked the artwork which is iconic from the s. Oct 10, Blake Billings rated it it was amazing. I loved everything about this story. Plus the art and colors used were spot on. So cool how intertwined it is with the year one storyline. Sep 03, Rand Renfrow rated it really liked it Shelves: read-graphic-novels So I actually read the single issues of this Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 1—5 because they never printed enough of the trade paperback, ergo it's hard to find and expensive.

But I think this was a good thing because I found mint issues with amazing white pages, and man did that art pop! The story here was pretty okay, mostly a mystery with Batman playing detective, a little slower paced. Still, he did get to crack the skulls of a few punks and gangsters, but really no meaty action or ba So I actually read the single issues of this Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 1—5 because they never printed enough of the trade paperback, ergo it's hard to find and expensive.

Still, he did get to crack the skulls of a few punks and gangsters, but really no meaty action or bad guys. The events take place right before, slightly during, and immediately following Year One, with actually a few panels from Year One redrawn, I guess so you can understand exactly where you are in the timeline, which I thought was kind of cool. Outside of those elements though, it wasn't really an amazing Batman story and I haven't even read that many , it tries to give a little more background or reason as to why Batman chose to emulate a bat, but I thought it was a little flimsy and not super necessary to the "Bat-lore.

Oh my goodness, the colors! They were the craziest, most psychedelic colors I've seen in a comic yet the palpability of which was greatly increased by the unread mint condition thankfully , but they worked so well. I even read the letters to the editor section and people were gushing about the colors there also.

You wanna know why? It's because Richmond Lewis did them. And if you don't know who that is, you don't know your "Bat-history" very well or else you don't care, which is fine, but being an artist myself, I really care. Richmond Lewis colored Year One, and just so happens to not only be technically a painter, but also David Mazzucchelli's wife. And not only did she color Year One in it's initial single issue run, but also hand painted new colors for every single panel when it was collected in trade form, which is the only version I have, and man is it beautiful.

So I was super enamored with the coloring style the whole time I was reading Shaman, and when I found out who it was, it all made sense, how funky, yet perfect they are. There aren't many Richmond Lewis colored books out there, and so for that reason alone I say Shaman is worth checking out but like I said, I didn't get the trade, so I'm not sure if it will be as vibrant, or even what kind of paper it's printed on, single issues may be the way to go.

Aug 16, Evan Leach rated it it was ok Shelves: comics , , dc. Shaman collects the first five issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. Shaman occurs way back at the beginning, starting before Batman: Year One and concluding by the end of that year. Bruce Wayne takes a trip to Alaska, where he encounters a strange and remote Indian tribe. Later, back in Gotham City, his arctic experiences come back to haunt him in an unexpected fashion.

Asses are duly kicked and villains dispatched in good order. Sunrise, sunset. Legends of the Dark Knight was an uneven series. But the less effective ones can be pretty jarring. But there are two big problems. But occasionally they can go too far in this respect, which is what happened here. Even more bizarrely, due to his Eskimo adventures Batman apparently has the ability to perform magic?!? Yeah…not OK. Nov 11, Nate added it. Shaman takes place before and during Year One featuring scenes lifted directly from the latter , and sees Batman investigating murders tied to an Alaskan tribal deity.

Bruce has some truly awful lines, but a share of good moments as well. The star of the book is Alfred. Aug 03, Karl rated it really liked it Shelves: comic-books. Classics are marked by characteristics like influence, impact and longevity. Batman: Shaman and Batman: Venom are well told stories, tightly plotted and structured with superb dialogue. They are well crafted tales, but don't really flip the genre on it's head or pave a new way for storytelling.

View all 5 comments. The way Batman takes death-defying risks every few pages isn't a sign of greater maturity or realism, it's just a switch to a different kind of ridiculous, epic melodrama. Sure, it's much more bloody and grim, but if adding blood and sex to a story was all it took to write mature, realistic stories, film critics would spend their careers analyzing slasher movies.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Frank Miller story without whores, which is where we get to his rewrite of Catwoman: she's a leather-clad prostitute with a child prostitute sidekick. She doesn't have as much character as the men, in fact Gordon's monologues run right over her scenes, denying us insight. But even with the mandatory prostitutes and Die Hard injuries, it's a fun book, with character and story and some well-crafted dialogue.

More than that, it's a vision of how to create male fantasies without catering to preteen boys. It forms a part of that influential, genre-shifting period defined by 'Wathcmen' and it stands as an integral part of the modern Batman character. My Suggested Readings in Comics Dec 14, Patrick rated it it was amazing.

To me, Batman is kinda like Pizza. By which I mean that even bad pizza is still pretty good. But for me, the best Batman is written by Miller. Maybe it's because I like his writing style, or maybe it's because his fairly dark writing style really suits Batman.

Or it could just be that the very first comic I read as adult was Dark Night Returns. That's the comic that made me realize that comics weren't just a bunch of silly bullshit stories for kids. Whatever the reason, this comic is in that fin To me, Batman is kinda like Pizza. Whatever the reason, this comic is in that fine Frank Miller style.

Showing Batman and Gordon at the beginning of their lives. Both of them making mistakes. Both of them learning about their city. Both of them paying for their mistakes If you're into Batman and you haven't read this one, you're missing out. You should try it. View all 7 comments. Dec 02, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-books , I would have loved it more if graphics were the work of nowadays' technology.

I am planning to read my favourite superheros' origin. And I have started with my absolute-favourite superhero, Batman. I knew about his origin before. But reading it was a good experience also. There was also an appearance of Catwoman a. She didn't appear much. There was just a brief intro of how she became Catwoman. She seemed to me an anti-batman. Gordon was a good character. But his affair with Sar I would have loved it more if graphics were the work of nowadays' technology.

But his affair with Sarah seemed pretty much a filler. I highly recommend this comic if you wanna know how Batman came into being. I loved this comic. View all 8 comments. Maybe it's all I deserve, now. Maybe it's just my time in Hell.

It's quiet, subtle, realistic, noir. This is probably the most accessible Batman comic ever and where new readers should start, because while The Dark Knight Returns is Batman's omega, Batman Year One is his alpha. David Mazzucchelli is sublime. He illustrates with pure balance: minimal while detailed, bright yet dark, bold yet subtle.

His characters are incredibly emotiv "Gotham City. His characters are incredibly emotive, his splash pages and large panels iconic. This wouldn't be the same, especially with Miller's illustrations, if Mazzucchelli hadn't illustrated. This is a stylized and expanded origin story, not a retelling, as Dennis O'Neil tells us in the introduction. Jim Gordon arrives in Gotham, while twenty-five year old Bruce Wayne returns after being abroad. There's plenty to see from a wide array of characters.

Interestingly, this isn't your typical Batman versus Villains book. But rather Batman and Jim Gordon versus Gotham. Initially without a disguise, rules or purpose. He gets hurt and shot. Soon realizing fear is the element he lacks and must instill in his enemies. There's one particular scene which shows Bruce in an armchair in his study in moonlight, with a bat breaking through the window.

Essentially the pivotal scene where he decides to become Batman. I've seen this in several other comics, including Snyder's and Morrison's Batman runs. So it's great to know where it comes from, assuming this scene isn't referencing some other Silver or Golden Age comic I haven't yet read. This is legendary. It's a small book, a short story. There's no Rogue Gallery, no nuclear missiles, no huge international conspiracies.

No time travel or multiverse. Just noble Batman, a hard boiled Jim Gordon, and Gotham on a rainy night. View all 12 comments. Jul 21, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: , comics. Fortunately, there are a few good cops left in Gotham and Gotham has a fledgling protector of its own, Batman!

I'm three decades late to the party but I'm glad I showed up. Batman: Year One has been hyped as one of the definitive Batman stories ever since it was published. Is it? It's the definitive James Gordon story and it's spectacular! This Jim Gordon isn't the buffoonish commissioner of Batman '66 either. He's a good cop and a good man, surrounded by bad cops and bad men in the worst city in America.

And there's this vigilante running around in a bat suit who may or may not be Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy who recently returned to Gotham after thirteen years abroad So fucking good. David Mazzucchelli's art had to be an inspiration for the feel of Gotham Central decades later.

The gloomy, Mignola-esque feel is perfect for this gritty tale. Frank Miller was yet to enter his prime and his writing was pretty crisp, although I wasn't crazy about him making Catwoman a sex worker. The bad guys are the worst kind, corrupt men in positions of power. I couldn't wait for Gordon and Batman to take them down.

While this book was one of the ones that ushered in the era of the grim and gritty super hero, it feels authentic here and isn't grim for the sake of being grim like a lot of books that came after. Whole swathes of this book used in the Nolan trilogy. Much like the Nolan movies, this would have been a great comic even without Batman in it. Great stuff.

Batman: Year's One is one book that definitely lived up to the hype and deserves its reputation. If you're only going to read one Batman comic in your entire life, you could do a lot worse than this one. Five out of five stars. View all 5 comments. Oct 16, Sam Quixote rated it it was amazing. There are aspects to them to appreciate and patient readers can be rewarded greatly with those books.

But let's be honest - most of us view classics as a bit of a chore. But what about classic comics? Kind of the same thing, but not for so many. Some classic comics, Marvel and DC especially, are tough to read because the stories from the 40s and 50s are so badly written and cheesy, and the art is hit or miss, You know the classics of literature - War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, Middlemarch?

Some classic comics, Marvel and DC especially, are tough to read because the stories from the 40s and 50s are so badly written and cheesy, and the art is hit or miss, though most of them possess a guileless charm to them that makes them easier to stomach. When it comes to comics, no character stands taller than Batman, and no Batman book has more of a reputation than Year One. Is it a chore to read?

Has it aged poorly? Not even a bit. Does it deserve it's title as a true bona fide classic? Austin Powers voice Yeah, baby! Year One is Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's retelling of Batman's origin and through their retelling they set the tone and standard for all other Batman books that followed. A 25 year old Bruce Wayne returns to a nightmarish Gotham City riddled with crime at the same time as an older but still young James Gordon, recently transferred to the GCPD and entering Gotham City for the first time.

Both men have a clear mission: to clean up the streets of crime and make Gotham habitable for decent, hardworking folks. Some readers have wondered why Gordon gets as much space - maybe more - as Bruce Wayne in this book and the answer is simple: they're both two sides of the same coin. The very first Batman story opens with Bruce and Jim sitting, talking about crime, and Jim is arguably Batman's best friend. Batman's origin would tie in with Gordon's as their lives will be linked forever once they dig their heels in and bring justice to Gotham.

It's been a few years since I read Year One and I really hoped it would hold up - and it did. Whatever your feelings are about Frank Miller today and he has unfortunately gone from genius writer to crackpot old man , his work in the 80s ranks amongst the best the comics medium has ever produced, and Year One is arguably the pinnacle of that work. He went from telling the last Batman story ever with The Dark Knight Returns to, with his next book, going back to the very beginning and telling the first Batman story ever - and both are masterpieces.

In just four issues, we see Bruce get into his first fight as an unmasked vigilante, to realising he must don a disguise, to the famous "Yes. I will become a bat" scene, to his fledgling first missions to clear up corrupt police, mob bosses, and the iconic dinner party scene where he appears to Gotham's most powerful and evil to inform them they have eaten well but from now on none of them are safe.

Still tense, exciting, and fantastic to read. It's a testament to Miller's writing that he's able to take Gordon, who for many is little more than a one-note background character, and makes you care about him as much as you do Batman. Gordon becomes Gotham's first non-corrupt officer, fighting his own colleagues literally and figuratively to uphold the law and become better than the criminals they chase, while his wife is pregnant with James Jr.

We also meet Selina Kyle for the first time, working as a dominatrix in Gotham's red light district, as she decides to become her own costumed character, Catwoman, after first seeing Batman. Mazzuchelli's art in this book is flawless but my one criticism of the book is Catwoman's outfit - I hate the whiskers and tail! What use are either to a cat burglar? And it just looks stupid.

Anyway, Year One is a must-read for all Batman fans - as if you didn't already know! Everyone who has even a cursory knowledge of Batman comics knows Year One is one of the first to read. And it is - but it's also one to re-read and come back to again and again because there are a LOT of Batman books, but few of such high quality as Year One.

A great beginning for the Dark Knight and the man who would be Commissioner. Just don't read Year Two! The next year he decided to give him a proper beginning. This vision -and many other themes from this book- will later be adopted by Christopher Nolan's trilogy. So this is the book where Batman begins, and The Dark Knight rises. Jun 24, Calista rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-mystery , genre-fantasy , series , comics-graphic-novel , i-dc-vertigo , myth-folktale-fable , genre-horror-gothic , award-harvey , groundbreaking , series-unfinished.

This was good. I see a lot that Tim Burton pulled in for the '89 Batman movie. This is also strangely centered on Gordon and his life. Usually Gordon is not a focus like here. There are some interesting and different ideas about the origin story, but I guess that is from someone who is going backwards and has seen the movies after this was written.

The art is gritty, but not as dark as it gets. The story is sound and Batman has a realism here that the new DC comics have lost trying to make him s This was good. The story is sound and Batman has a realism here that the new DC comics have lost trying to make him so ultra dark.

It was a good read. Evil genius Frank Miller tackles the first year of The Bat in a realistic offering that reveals Bruce and Jim Gordon as less than super — tough guys for sure but men accomplishing the heroic task of trying to clean up Gotham. Must read for Batman and Miller fans. View all 6 comments. Aug 12, Daniel rated it it was amazing. The best Batman graphic novel of all time, hands down!

What more could you possibly ask for? It retells Batman' origin in a new, exciting way. Only Frank knows what's best for the caped crusader. I can't recommend it enough. View all 4 comments. May 08, Melki rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-fiction , graphic-novel. I've never been much of a super hero fan. I like watching a guy discovering and honing his powers. I'm remembering my favorite parts of two super hero movies I was forced to sit through - Spiderman on a rooftop, trying to figure out how to get his web thingamajig to work - "Um, Shazam?

Once they've g I've never been much of a super hero fan. Once they've got the kinks worked out, it basically becomes a guy in a costume fighting another guy in a costume and I quickly lose interest. Gotham City is a sin-infested cesspool with enough vice and corruption to keep these three in business for years to come.

I might hang around for a bit, even if the sound effects are not like I remember. Dec 31, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: batman. Culminating in the first Tim Burton Batman film. This is most definitely the definitive Jim Gordon story, as it is mostly from his perspective. Frank Miller really knows how to write a good Batman tale and the to be Comissioner-Gordon.

Bruce is not after personal revenge He wants the world to be a better place, where a young Bruce Wayne would not be a victim The gritty artwork by Mazzuchelli really suits the overall feel of Gotham City. I think this style of darker art best suits a Batman story. I watched the animation before I read this graphic novel, and this just made me appreciate the story even more.

An easy 5 stars! Collecting comic books Batman , Frank Miller's critically acclaimed re-imagining of the origin of Batman, mostly from the perspective of Commissioner Gordon's first few months in Gotham. A good read, but nothing as spectacular to match the plaudits story arc this gets. Jan 10, Ray rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , superhero , batman , dc. A worthy reread every few years, it holds up. Mazzucchelli's art is very appropriate for a noir style, and of course Frank Miller's original gritty.

This was back in the height of Miller's prowess, but this down-to-earth story is in stark contrast to the incredibly epic Dark Knight Returns. Batman here is in fact not the science fiction perfect superhero, but rather just a regular man who gets injured and could be killed at any time. The biggest flaw is that it's too short. It works that Gordon A worthy reread every few years, it holds up. It works that Gordon is the main voice, in the style of a police drama with all the tropes.

But we want more. Catwoman is also introduced and fits very well into this realistic world. Along with other elements, such as the Roman crime boss, a lot of world-building potential without specific resolution. There doesn't seem to be an ending exactly, it just leaves off open ended.

A good introductory Batman graphic novel as well, Year One earns the right to be have been referenced so much across all media and the film adaptations since. It's only the start of the full menu of classic Gotham City stories, hardly enough to leave one fulfilled, but an excellent appetizer no doubt! I was so excited to read this story again! We see both men struggle to understand how the city works and find their own paths to make it better.

We see Bats struggle the first cou I was so excited to read this story again! We see Bats struggle the first couple of times. Speaking of firsts, we meet Selina before she was Catwoman and then witness the first time she wears her suit. Which she only bought because she wanted a better life for herself and her friend, Holly. I loved that she was already great at being a cat burglar but had no idea how to sell the items she stole.

They were street thugs, drug lords, and corrupt cops. Bad people who could exist in the real world. It explained why Bruce has this burning desire for justice or vengeance - whichever then the story continued. I understand the importance but everyone knows it. Overall, I enjoyed this re-read. With a better appreciation for comics and a fuller understanding of this world at the time of publishing, I feel I enjoyed it more this time around.

Classic looking artwork, classic Batman! It even shows an illustration of one of those old Mickey Mouse phones The one where Mickey is holding the yellow receiver Oct 18, Annie rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , comics. I prefer my comic manna to be delivered in a line, to be downed one after the other i I received this one as a birthday present around five months back and never got round to reading this.

Dec 22, Tamoghna Biswas rated it it was amazing Shelves: graphic-novels-novelettes. Worth a shot for anyone prone on a classical tale of the beloved vigilante, i. Jun 09, Jonathan Terrington rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , fantasy-sci-fi-challenge , science-fiction , gritty-reads , gothic , action-challenge Year One is the Batman origin that everyone currently knows.

It is the origin story that until Frank Miller wrote it, did not exist. And therefore, while the book may not appear ground-breaking currently; at its time of publication it was incredibly fresh. It was the gritty, revenge seeking origin story of Bruce Wayne that audiences wanted. However, in all honesty Bruce Wayne cannot be called the protagonist in this novel. As I recently read: the protagonist is the character which shows change an Year One is the Batman origin that everyone currently knows.

As I recently read: the protagonist is the character which shows change and development in the novel. And in this novel it is Lieutenant James Gordon who is the protagonist in my eyes. At the beginning of the novel Gordan is a young, almost naive cop, unhardened by the cruelty of Gotham and unprepared for the duties of being one of the few moral men in a city of disrepute.

Frank Miller's work on Batman in general is always solid and reinforces the idea of the gritty and brooding Dark Knight. However, regardless of who writes a Batman story the character is always greater than the individual writer, much like any other great character of fiction. A strong and powerful character may not be as strong in certain author's hands but nothing prevents them from being altered indescribably otherwise that is not the same character.

One may debate whether the newer versions of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and so forth are as legitimate or true versions, but they are the same characters regardless. Batman here may be the gritty dark knight as in The Dark Knight Returns but that does not destroy the fact that he can be a more comic or noble caped crusader and still be the same character. Apr 16, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , comics-graphic-novel , superheroes.

Ever since finishing The Caped Crusade I have had a hankering to read one of the iconic Batman stories. As many plaudits as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns has received I was more drawn to this book because it tells the story of Batman's initial forays into vigilante justice plus I had recently seen Batman v Superman and didn't need to see them fight yet again. While this collection of comics four to be exact are titled Batman, this is a story just as much about Jim Gordon the future commis Ever since finishing The Caped Crusade I have had a hankering to read one of the iconic Batman stories.

While this collection of comics four to be exact are titled Batman, this is a story just as much about Jim Gordon the future commissioner and Bat ally. Instead of fighting colorful villains from his rouge's gallery Batman's target in the beginning is vice and corruption, from the junkie mugger on the street up to the very apex of political power in Gotham. Gordon, meanwhile, has moved from Chicago to Gotham under a cloud of police misconduct and is looking for a new start for himself and his pregnant wife.

What he finds is a police force riddled with corruption and naked brutality more than willing to use violence and intimidation to keep their own officers in line. I find the story itself quite engaging, especially as we see matters from both Batman's and Gordon's perspective.

Even better this isn't the omnipotent bad-ass Batman but a very green, very inexperienced one. He screws up, he makes mistakes, and he learns from them. He faces legitimate threats and rarely comes out unscathed.

Gordon, meanwhile, must navigate a corrupt system with little to protect him than the press's adulation of his police heroics. We also get a small peek at Catwoman's origins and a young Harvey Dent. The comic panels are all rather washed out and dark, conveying a very catastrophic and dingy feeling to the streets of Gotham City.

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Batman: Year One - The R-Rated Reboot That Almost Was (ft. Frank Miller)


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Old Reader, New Readers: Batman Year One

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